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Six Degrees of Big Wolf
by Adam; orginally posted August 25th, 2000

For whatever reason, I've been a big fan of the 'six degrees of Kevin Bacon' game since it first came to my attention in 1995. I was originally planning on writing a goofy little article linking the Big Wolf cast to Kevin Bacon, but since Richard Jutras has a Bacon degree of 1 (he was in the 1988 film "Criminal Law" with Kevin Bacon), that sorta made the prospect less interesting. I did notice a few projects where cast members and guest stars had worked with each other, so I decided to develop an article based around that. I've tried to focus more on the cast than guest stars, although I did list a couple of the prominent ones. I'm probably missing a few here and there, and I'm not sure how motivated I'm going to be to keep this list updated, goes!

"36 Hours To Die"

Richard Jutras (Hugo) is featured as Cosler, Richard Zeman (Mr. Dunleavy from "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow") appears briefly as a reception guard, and Jane Gilchrist plays a waitress (not a stretch from her appearance as a lunch lady on Big Wolf) in the TV movie "36 Hours To Die". Funny title though...seemed closer to an hour and a half plus commercials to me.

"Alfred Hitchcock Presents"

Three Big Wolf villains in three different episodes in the update of the classic anthology series -- Eric Peterson (Mr. Tock from "Time And Again") as Hank Stewart in "Hippocratic Oath", Harvey Atkin (Dr. Laszlo from "Faltered States") as Sam Wickes in "Don't Sell Yourself Short", and Andrew Jackson (Boris from "Commie Dawkins") as Parks in "The Initiation".

"Anne of Green Gables"

This television production that aired in February 1986 features both the young and old incarnations of Violet Thorne (from "Interview With A Werewolf"). Megan Follows stars as Anne Shirley (as she has in the sequels, as well), and Dawn Greenhalgh also has a role as Mrs. Cadbury.

"Are You Afraid Of The Dark?"

Although none of the main actors from "Big Wolf On Campus" have appeared together in an episode of "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?", keep your eyes open and you might notice a familiar face popping up from time to time... Jane Wheeler (Sally Dawkins) has been on the series twice, in the episodes "Tale of C7" and "Tale of the Final Wish". Richard Jutras delivered pizza in "Tale of the Phone Police", and look for Aimée Castle (Lori Baxter) in "Tale of the Dead Man's Float". Guest star Neil Kroestch, who had a Big Wolf episode named for his character, the Pleasantville Strangler, also was the spectral title character in an episode of Are You Afraid Of The Dark? entitled "Tale of the Ghastly Grinner". Tyrone Benskin, who played the witch doctor in "Voodoo Child", can be seen as Jack Palmer in "Tale of the Night Shift". Another Big Wolf villain, Harry Standjofski, the Soul Sucker in the "Muffy the Werewolf Slayer" episode, played Mr. Kristoph in "Tale of the Midnight Madness". Jacob Tierney, Brother Ambrose from "The Wolf Is Out There", had a starring role as Eric for the first two seasons.

"The Assignment"

Two Big Wolf villains, Vlasta Vrana (Professor Flugelhoff) and Neil Kroestch, were given acting 'assignments' (see? I'm witty!) in this film.

"Atlantic City"

Louis Del Grande (the mad scientist from "Frank Stein") plays Mr. Shapiro alongside bus-driver Harvey Atkin and the immortal Robert Goulet (I mean 'immortal' literally; I don't think he can die) in this cinematic jaunt towards everyone's second favorite haven of gambling and other assorted vices.

"The Audrey Hepburn Story"

The ever-popular Adam MacDonald (Butch Jenkins) is featured as Nick Dana, appearing with Vlasta Vrana, who plays Uncle Willem, Howard Rosenstein (the quizmaster from "Frank Stein"), who plays Mario Zompi, and Richard Jutras' Jerome Robbins.

"Barney's Great Adventure"

Before teaming up as Tommy's parents on Big Wolf On Campus, Jane Wheeler and Alan Fawcett played parents (Christine and David, respectively) in Barney's silver screen debut.


Although as I write this (and will probably forget to update), a couple of folks behind-the-scenes at "Big Wolf On Campus" team up again for this TV movie in the same action/comedy/horror vein as the series we all know and love. As on Big Wolf, Eric Canuel directs, with cinematographer John Dyers...uh...cinematographing.

"Bonnano: A Godfather's Story"

Wow. I believe this TV movie features more appearances from prominent Big Wolf guest stars than any other. Jessica Welch (Carole "Cat Woman" Lefevre) appears as a young Fanny Labruzzo, and Jessica Paré (who played Tanya, Merton's girlfriend in "Time And Again") appears as Rosalie Profaci. Several Big Wolf vilains also show up; Neil Kroetsch has a brief role as an admissions officer, Harry Standjofski turns up as Joe Stabile, Philip Le Maistre (Damien from "Fangs for the Memories") plays Gaspar's bookie, and Vlasta Vrana is no less than Franklin Roosevelt. Howard Rosenstein, whose character was too dumb to really be considered a Big Wolf villain, I guess, played David Weinstock, and Bonfield Marcoux (the teacher who put Lori in detention in "Butch Is Back") played Robert Wagner. Lou Vani, the referee from "Apocalypse Soon", turned up as Al Capone himself. Nice.

"Cagney And Lacey: The View Through The Glass Ceiling"

In a massive departure from the original "Cagney And Lacey" series, Dawn Greenhalgh stars as Christine Cagney and Tyrone Benskin stars as Mary Beth Lacey, and Vlasta Vrana appears as...oh, wait. This is one of the few movies without an appearance by good ol' Vlasta, and Dawn really appears as Simone, with Tyrone as Dr. Nasser.

"The Carpenter"

Richard Jutras works both in front of and behind the camera in "The Carpenter". You can see him in the movie as Mr. Mort, and he was also second assistant director. Eric Canuel, one of the Big Wolf On Campus directors, worked second unit as an assistant cameraman.

"Conspiracy Of Silence"

Lawrence "Death" Bayne stars as Jordan with Dawn Greenhalgh's Joyce Colgan in this successful and well-liked mini-series.

"Criminal Law"

As mentioned way, way at the top of this page, Kevin Bacon stars in "Criminal Law", and appearances by Tyrone Benskin as Jackson and Richard Jutras as a reporter give Big Wolf its low low Bacon factor.

"Day One"

Yeah, yeah...I know...another one with Vlasta Vrana, who pops up as Hans Bethe. Harry Standjofski also has a small role as Robert Wilson.

"Deadly Surveillance"

Although this TV movie doesn't feature any of the regular cast of Big Wolf, both Vlasta Vrana and Richard Zeman appear in it.

"Due South"

Due South didn't feature (as far as I know) more than one Big Wolf actor, but John Dyer, Big Wolf's cinematograper, worked as second unit director of photography. Tyrone Benskin starred in two episodes -- "Easy Money" as Jeff Storey, and "Hawk And A Handsaw" as Mr. Shawl -- and Harvey Atkin popped up as Tex Markles along with Patrick McKenna (Mr. Geiger from "Mr. Roboto") in "Pizzas and Promises". Greg Kramer (Edgar from "Frank Stein") played Adolph Kuzma in "Dead Guy Running", and Andrew Jackson played Hogan in "North". Louis Del Grande appeared as Lyndon Buxley in "We Are The Eggmen", years before playing a deranged egghead on Big Wolf.

"Earth: Final Conflict"

Andrew Jackson's voice can be heard throughout the series as the narrator, but he also played Jaridian in the episode "Gauntlet". Lindy Booth, Charlotte from "Pleased To Eat You", appeared as Gina Richardson in "The Fields".

"Eddie And The Cruisers II: Eddie Lives!"

The greatest musical sequel since "Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo" features Harvey Atkin as Lew and Vlasta Vrana as Frank.

"The Education of Little Tree"

Little Tree, little parts...but keep your eyes peeled for Howard Rosenstein as a calf's owner and Richard Jutras as an Indian.

"Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension"

Lindy Booth stars as Carrie Taylor in this second series about the appropriately-titled town of Eerie, which also starred Patrick McKenna as Todd McLaughlin in the episode "Mr. Lucky".


Although they didn't appear on-screen together, early episodes of E.N.G. starred Alan Fawcett (Cauldwell in the pilot) and Harvey Atkin (Kilgour in "False Fire"). Also, Danny Smith's co-star in "Senior Trip", Nicole de Boer, appeared in "Baby It's You" as Brenda and "The Play's The Thing" as Nancy Bergman.

"Eye of the Beholder"

Vlasta Vrana has a pretty prominent role as Hugo, but if you look closely you'll notice some Big Wolf guest stars. Philip Le Maistre plays a gas station attendant, Maria Bircher (who has a recurring role as a teacher on Big Wolf) plays a waitress, Howard Bilerman (the 'dumb guy' from "The Girl Who Spied Wolf") as a waiter, and Erik Johnson (Mel's partner in "She Will, She Will Rock You) can be seen as a local.

"Falling Over Backwards"

Another pairing of Harry Standjofski and Vlasta Vrana, Harry is a club manager and Vlasta plays a drunk.

"The Famous Jett Jackson"

Two Big Wolf villains, Lindy Booth and Jeffrey Douglas (Vince from "Imaginary Fiend"), can be seen pretty regularly on "The Famous Jett Jackson". Since the Disney Channel keeps this series in uber-rotation, it shouldn't take long for an episode with one/both of 'em to show up.

"The Final Heist"

A TV movie about a heist (presumably a final heist; just a guess here) stars Vlasta Vrana as Lariviére and Tyrone Benskin as the much-easier-to-pronounce Juan.

"For Hire"

This film proves that at the right price, any man is for hire, and apparently someone came up with enough money to hire Howard Rosenstein as Richard, Howard Bilerman as a technician, Richard Jutras as a cop at a motel, and Neil Kroestch as the only character with a name, Dr. Shepard.

"For Love Alone: The Ivana Trump Story"

Jane Wheeler appears as Lisa, Vlasta Vrana as Dr. Zimmerman, Richard Zeman as Otto, and Maria Bircher has a more prominent role, playing the role of Ilona.

"Forever Knight"

No Big Wolf actors starred in this vampiric TV series, but Patrick McKenna appeared in "Dance by the Light of the Moon" and "Spin Doctor", and Tyrone Benskin starred as Jonah in "The Fire Inside". Greg Kramer had a recurring role as Screed in "Fever" and "Blind Faith".

"F/X: The Series"

John Dyer contributed to the cinematography in this spin-off television series, which also featured Andrew Jackson as Blade in the episode "Eye of the Dragon".

"Friday the 13th: The Series"

Vlasta Vrana appeared twice in this series -- as Webster Eby with Andrew Jackson as General Lafayette in "The Charnal Pit" and as a sheriff in "Hate On Your Dial".


Another somewhat-kinda-sorta-horror series airing on the Fox Family Channel, while waiting for Big Wolf, you might see Eric Peterson as Mr Wright in "Shocked On Shock Street" or Louis Del Grande as Mr. Saur in "Say Cheese And Die...Again!" Those titles remind me why I don't watch Goosebumps.

"Grey Owl"

Hey! Another one with Richard Jutras! He plays a reporter from Halifax this time around, and if you keep your eyes peeled, you'll also catch Neil Kroetsch and Vlasta Vrana, who appears as Harry Champlin.

"Happy Birthday To Me" of my favorite horror movies! I was surprised to years later learn that Louis Del Grande played a surgeon and that Vlasta Vrana was that bartender...

"Heavy Metal"

Two Big Wolf villains provide some voices for this animated classic. Listen for Vlasta Vrana as the Barbarian Leader and Harvey Atkin as an alien and a henchman. A sequel was later released featuring some voice work by Alan Fawcett as well.

"Highlander III: The Sorceror"

Vlasta Vrana stars as Vorisek in the third installment of the Highlander series, along with Richard Jutras.

"Hollow Point"

Of all the main actors on Big Wolf, none have been more prolific than Richard Jutras, and pretty much the same goes for guest stars Vlasta Vrana and Richard Zeman. They all appear together in "Hollow Point", with Jutras as a Russian hearst driver, Vrana as an FBI agent, and Zeman as a police officer.

"The Hunger"

This horror anthology series, which is a bit more grown up than the previously-mentioned "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?", featured appearances by Maria Bircher as Abby Travis in "I'm Dangerous Tonight", Rachelle Lefevre in "Double", and Richard Jutras as Nardo in "Necros".

"The Jackal"

Philip Le Maistre appears as a bored teenage clerk, and Maggie Castle pops up as a 13-year-old girl. (Hey, that's what the credits say!)

"Katts and Dog"

Otherwise known as "Rin Tin Tin: K-9 Kop", Richard Zeman appeared in the episode "Dogged Pursuit", and Lawrence Bayne played in "A Family Affair". As an aside, Catriona MacColl, star of several great Lucio Fulci films, also turned up on this series, playing Lydia in "The Grand Hotel Caper".

"The Kid"

Jane Wheeler stars as Doreen Albright in this boxing film that has nothing to do with that awful, wretched, terrible Disney schlock-release starring Bruce Willis. Natalie Vansier turns up as Daisy Harmon.

"King of Kensington"

Harvey Atkin had a variety of roles in this series, including a starring role as Bernie in the episode "Bunny of Kensington", as Jerry "The PMO", as Pressler in "Movin' On", and he also appeared in "The Boiler". Louis Del Grande also had some eclectic performances, appearing as Fred in "King's Brave New World", along with another performance in "Kensington Achievement Award". Dawn Greenhalgh had a recurring role as Florence Montgomery, appearing in "The Rivals", "Catch 23", and "The Spirit of Joy".

"The Kiss"

Wow...a bunch of stuff with really short titles, all in a row. Vlasta Vrana appears (naturally) as a bishop, and Tyrone Benskin plays a train doctor, and perhaps this previous medical experience is what helped land the gig on Big Wolf as a witch doctor. Right.

"The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow"

No, no...not the Tim Burton film. This TV movie stars Rachelle Lefevre as Katrina Van Tassel and Vlasta Vrana as the patriarch of the Van Tassel family. (Hey, it sounds better than saying "Mr. Van Tassel. I probably misspelled it though. Oh well.) Richard Jutras appears briefly as the unpleasantly-named Mr. Van Ecke.

"Little Men"

Little man Mickey Toft (the young Merton from "Commie Dawkins") as Teddy Bhaer and Richard Azimov, who had a cameo as a counter boy in "The Wolf Is Out There", as a newspaper boy.

"The Littlest Hobo"

The two versions of Violet Thorne appeared together for the first time in three episodes of "The Littlest Hobo" entitled "The Spirit of Thunder Rock", which just happened to be directed by "Big Wolf On Campus producer" Peter Pearson. Could this have led to their casting as Violet Thorne? I dunno, but Dawn Greenhalgh played Denise Kendall and Megan Follows played Marti Kendall in these episodes of the show about Canada's favorite puppy. Harvey Atkin appeared in 5 episodes of the series, as different characters -- first as Vince in "Willy and Kate" and "The Further Adventures of Willy and Kate", then Carmen in "Ghost Rig", and finally a three-time-turn as Neiderhoff in "The Good Shepard" and both "Scavenger Hunt" episodes. Louis Del Grande played two different roles in two different episodes -- Kent in "Hidden Room" and a police lieutenant in "Escape". If you're interested in learning more about the series, hop over to The Littlest Hobo website.

"Love & Human Remains"

Aimée Castle and Harry Standjofski both have brief roles in this popular 1993 dark comedy.


Two Big Wolf guest stars contribute their voices to this critically acclaimed animated feature. Listen for Maria Bircher as Candy and Vlasta Vrana as Mr. Gatto.

"The Maharaja's Daughter"

Richard Jutras has had a lot of experience playing cops, and this is yet another notch on his résumé. Harry Standjofski also appears as Provenzano and Jane Gilchrist is featured as Blanche.

"Marked Man"

Although "Marked Man" doesn't sport a very original plot (the usual wrongly-accused man has to find the real murderers, etc.), it does feature Jane Wheeler (Kate Gallagher), Tyrone Benskin (Boyd), and Richard Zeman (Watters).


Richard Jutras plays a policeman in this psychological thriller, in which Maggie Castle appears as a little girl during a shootout. (The film incorrectly credits Aimée, however.) Those were pretty small roles, but Jacob Tierney and Harvey Atkin have more prominent turns as Jacob and Bob Champlain, respectively.


The ubiquitous Vlasta Vrana and Richard Jutras (who play Mel Glatzman and Sussman, respectively) join stockbroker Tyrone Benskin in this film about money, as the title suggests.

"Mother Night"

Yup, another movie featuring Richard Jutras, Vlasta Vrana, and Richard Zeman. Jutras appears briefly as a G-Man, and Vrana and Zeman have pretty prominent roles as August Krapptauer and Rudolph Hoess, respectively.

"Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle"

Another set of brief appearances -- look for Harry Standjofski as a home movie director, Richard Jutras as a cab driver, and Howard Rosenstein as an actor.

"Natural Enemy"

Despite their very interesting names in real life, "Natural Enemy" features Vlasta Vrana as Stanley and Richard Zeman as Bob. Oh well...what can you do?

"The Neighbor

This 1993 shocker features two Big Wolf actors in prominent roles. Jane Wheeler appears as Dr. Wayburn, and Harry Standjofski plays Morrie.

"Night of the Demons III"

Just when you thought there couldn't possibly be another movie featuring Richard Jutras, Vlasta Vrana, and Richard Zeman, "Night of the Demons III" comes along and knocks you for a loop. Both Jutras and Zeman appear as cops, and Vrana stars as Dewhurst.


Another pairing of Big Wolf villains -- this time, Jacob Tierney as David Hughes and Vlasta Vrana as Phil Grande. Colleen Dewhurst, who passed away before Big Wolf was a glimmer in anyone's eye, but did appear in several "Anne of Green Gable" specials with Megan Follows and Dawn Greenhalgh, won a Genie for her supporting role as a judge.

"One Man"

Hopping all the way back the mid-'70s, "One Man" was co-written by Big Wolf producer Peter Pearson and featured the prolific Vlasta Vrana.

"P.T. Barnum"

This miniseries that aired in 1999 stars Victoria Sanchez (Medusa) as Helen Barnum and Harry Standjofski as Duncan.

"Perpetrators of the Crime"

An overlooked black comedy gem about a bungled kidnapping, "Perpetrators of the Crime" features Richard Jutras as Johnny Cannetti and Victoria Sanchez as Pauline.

"Psi-Factor: Chronicles Of The Paranormal"

Corey Haim played a research project intern in "The Egress", Lawrence Bayne starred as Olavo Lopez in "Chango", Greg Kramer played Stuey Polin in "Harlequin", and Lindy Booth starred as Gloria in "School of Thought".


This movie features brief appearances by a slew of Big Wolf actors. Jacob Tierney stars as Steven Bailey, Richard Jutras appears as a deputy sheriff, Jessica Welch appears as a Tigerette, Jane Gilchrist has a cameo as a grocery store customer, and Richard Zeman pops up as a track coach.

"Red Earth, White Earth"

Two Big Wolf villains, Harry Standjofski and Vlasta Vrana, appear in this TV movie. Everyone's favorite soul sucker appears briefly as a farmer, and the ubiquitous Vlasta appears as William.

"Relative Fear"

I'm afraid to say this again (see, I'm witty because I use the title of the movie as a segue into the description, and...nevermind), but Vlasta Vrana shows up for the 532nd time on this list, this time as Mr. Schulman, and Tyrone Benskin adds yet another cop role to his impressive résumé.


This 1999 film, bearing no relation to the, like, 400 other movies of the same name, features the revenge of Anthony Michael Hall, who has nothing to do with Big Wolf, but hey...Mickey Toft, typecast as 'young boy', and Dan McCartney, played by Vlasta Vrana, sure do...

"Robocop: The Series"

Although not appearing in the series together, Harvey Atkin played a lawyer in the episode "Zone Five", and Lawrence Bayne appeared in "Midnight Minus One".

"Rowing Through"

Jeremy Hill, a guard from "Commie Dawkins", appeared as Stan with Richard Jutras' Adam here.

"Satan's School For Girls"

Another TV movie featuring a slew of Big Wolf actors and guest stars... Actually, I started to notice that so many guest stars had appeared that I stopped keeping track. The only ones I wrote down were Mandy Schaffer (Jennifer from "Witch College"), Adam McDonald, and Victoria Sanchez, but...hey! The regular actors are the ones who really count (right?), and Aimée Castle appears as Courtney and Alan Fawcett appears as Ruben.

"Scanners II: The New Order"

Vlasta Vrana has a very prominent role as Lt. Gelson, who I'm guessing by the title has to confront the new order of Scanners. Tyrone Benskin plays a store owner, so maybe he sells stuff to the new order of Scanners. Or maybe to the people confronting the new order of Scanners. He sells something related to the new order of Scanners. I'm sure of it.

"Scanners III: The Takeover"

This second Scanners sequel also has some brief appearances by Big Wolf favorites, particularly Richard Jutras as a lobby guard and Bonfield Marcoux as a pathologist.


One of Big Wolf On Campus' directors, Peter Svatek, directed this futuristic sci-fi/action movie starring Roddy Piper, which coincidentally also has Richard Jutras as a cop (look for him on a rooftop), Tyrone Benskin as Washington, Richard Zeman as Desine, Howard Rosenstein as a young doctor, and Alan Fawcett as an FBI agent. Besides, what other movie can claim to have two cast members from "Zombie Nightmare"?

"Seeing Things"

Some of the things you'd see on this series during its run (golly, I'm witty) are Dawn Greenhalgh as Mrs. Otherby in "The Eyes of Ra", Alan Fawcett as Miles Milhouse in "Look At Me, Look At Me" and "Eye In The Sky: Part 2", Harvey Atkin as Morrie in "Bull's Eye", and (gasp) Louis Del Grande as King Stefan in "Here's Looking At You" and as Louis Ciccone in numerous other episodes.


Another in a series of Big Wolf villains pairing up -- Andrew Jackson plays the title of the title characters...or something...and Lawrence Bayne plays Quinlan.


Another television series also produced by Telescene, "Sirens" has a couple of appearances from future Big Wolf On Campus superstars Jane Wheeler as Sheila in the episode "The Abduction" and Richard Jutras as Officer Loeb with Andrew Jackson as Chris Joworski in "Gun Play". Some guest stars have shown up there too, including Richard Zeman as a deputy in "Chasing A Ghost", Neil Kroestch as an A.A. man in "The Witness", and Harry Standjofski as Harold in "The Passenger".

"The Sleep Room"

Another team-up of Big Wolf villains, this time featuring Eric Peterson and Neil Kroetsch, who appears as Sal Rothenberg.

"Snake Eater II: The Drug Buster"

Wow, the title alone makes me want to run out and see it. Keep an eye out for Richard Jutras as Joey Garcia, Richard Zeman as Trevor, and Harvey Atkin as Sidney.

"S.O.F. (Special Ops Force)"

Two Howards had brief roles in a couple episodes of this series. Bilerman played Taylor in "The Lord Is My Shepherd", and Rosenstein briefly appeared as an EMT in "Critical List".

"Someone Is Watching"

Someone watching this suspenseful TV movie might notice Mickey Toft as Cory and Alan Fawcett as Everett.

"Speed Zone!"

Just two small roles -- Louis Del Grande as a salesman and Harvey Atkin as Gus Gold, who sounds more like a cheap beer than a character. Hmmm....


You can catch Jane Wheeler as an executive, Vlasta Vrana as Sanders, and a cameo by Jane Gilchrist. I'm not sure which one of them, if any, was stalked. (That was probably the worst 'witty use of a movie title' so far.)


Relief for those of you who have missed Stacey's presence on the series! Rachelle Lefevre turns up in "Stardom" as Leslie Bloor, which also features Domenic Di Rosa as a security guard. Harry Standjofski appears on television, criticizing the fashion industry, and Richard Jutras guides Jessica Paré, Tanya from "Time And Again", through a non-existent fashion stage.

"Stranger In The House"

Vlasta Vrana, maintaining alliteration, stars as Alex Alexander, and Tyrone Benskin plays Slovitz. I guess you'll just have to watch the movie if you want to find out if either of them plays the stranger in the house.

"Student Bodies"

Yup, yet another television series from Telescene! Catch Richard Jutras as Mr. Fishbaum and Jennifer Finnigan (Vesper/Muffy from "Muffy the Werewolf Slayer") as Kim. Richard Azimov is a regular on "Student Bodies", playing Stevie Blum. Philip Le Maistre played Horace in a handful of episodes of the first season, and Victoria Sanchez spent a few years on the series as Grace Vasquez. Mandy Schaffer appears as Paula in one episode, "New Friends", Aimée Castle has a cameo in "Babe Magnet", and Jane Wheeler stars as a robber in "The Holdup".


This TV movie is one of the few times Danny Smith has worked with a Big Wolf guest star outside of the series. Danny plays a stagehand, and Louis Del Grande appears as Chuckie English.

"Terror On Track 9"

Lawrence Bayne and Harvey Atkin both appear in this thriller. Harvey plays Verona and Lawrence plays Zachary Dent. I'm not really sure what the titular terror is, or I'd make some witty remark.

"This Is My Father"

Victoria Sanchez makes a cameo as a female student, but Jacob Tierney has a very prominent role as James Caan's nephew Jack. Well, I mean, the nephew of James Caan's character, although wouldn't it be great to have James Caan as an uncle? Really!

"Vendetta II: The New Mafia"

This sequel to "Vendetta: Secrets of a Mafia Bride" aired in November 1993, and if you keep your eyes peeled, you'll see Richard Jutras as a capo (that, of course, meaning "head of a branch of an organized crime syndicate"; thank Gord for and Jane Wheeler as a reporter. Vlasta Vrana and Harry Standjofski also make appearances.

"Waking The Dead"

I don't have too much information on this movie, but I do know that Vlasta Vrana and Alan Fawcett appear in it, however briefly.

"Warrior Spirit"

Another 'guest stars only' entry, with Jessica Welch appearing as Minnetaki and Richard Zeman as McKenna in this TV movie.


Hey, three more Big Wolf villains together! Harry Standjofski appears as Chandler, and keep your eyes open for Vlasta Vrana as Mr. Parker and Richard Zeman as Willard.

"Where The Money Is"

In their quadraseptazillionth film together, Richard Jutras appears as a manager and Vlasta Vrana pops up as a jewelry store employee.

"The Whole Nine Yards"

Howard Bilerman plays Dave Martin, and Richard Jutras plays another role o' authority as Agent Morrissey. Some screen captures of Agent Morrissey can be found elsewhere on this site.

"Wild Thing"

Look for a trio of Big Wolf villains in this guilty pleasure from 1987 -- look for Neil Kroetsch as a photographer, Harry Standjofski as Sergeant Matty, and Tyrone Benskin as Detective Maury.

"Wind At My Back"

Dawn Greenhalgh appeared as Rose Pritchard in one episode of this series, "The Foolish Heart", and Andrew Jackson turned up once as the Dynamite Kid in "The Champ" and repeatedly as Vanaver Mainwairing.

"The Witness Files"

Jane Gilchrist again appears as a waitress in this very well-done mystery, which stars Alan Fawcett as Richard Sanderson and Neil Kroetsch as Bonner.

"The Wrong Woman"

Alan Fawcett appears as Melanie's boyfriend and Dawn Greenhalgh (Ms. Thorne from "Interview With A Werewolf") appears as Helen Slide in this 1995 thriller, which also features Richard Jutras as a hotel clerk, Tyrone Benskin as Mitchum, Richard Zeman as an office security guard, and Harry Standjofski as a department store security guard.