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There are plenty of other Big Wolf sites out there. Be sure to take a look at some of what other fans have to offer, and if you know of a site I'm missing, tell me about it!
Big Wolf Fan Pages
A Big Wolf on Campus page   
Bios, episode guide, character descriptions, and more to come!
A Pocketful of Pleasantville   
A brand new (as of Jan, 2006) RPG site!
Anne Marie Dingle's Danny Smith Page   
An under-construction fan site
Big Wolf on Campus   
Character images and descriptions, an episode list, articles, and fan-fic.
Big Wolf on Campus   
The site dedicated to my fave TV show ever-BWOC!
Big Wolf on Campus Fans   
Includes captures from the series, info, and some links
Big Wolf on Campus RPG   
A new RPG-based site.
Pics, quiz,information, and more to come...
BWOC lair   
A recently revived site with polls, forums, and the like.
Eminem3456's Big Wolf On Campus Page   
Links and assorted information
Everybody Loves Brandon! & Big Wolf!   
New site still under construction. If you love Brandon or Big Wolf you'll like the site, when it's finished! Be sure to sign the guestbook!
Highschool Wolf wo mederu-kai   
Japanese fan site
Kathy's page   
A new site in both French and English.
Kendra's Bwoc Site   
This site has polls, links, and exclusive interviews and letters!
Magster Big Wolf On Campus   
Tommy Dawkings is a werewolf now who fights evils and monsters with sidekick Merton. Can you take off old Magster Big Wolf off link page or just replace over it please with thanks.
Magster Big Wolf On Campus   
Tommy Dawkins is a werewolf now who fights evils and monsters with sidekick Merton
Magster Big Wolf On Campus   
A football player gets bitten by a werwolf. Every full moon he changes into one. Merton found out and has to find a cure. In the meantime they fight evils and monsters in their not so quiet little town of Pleasantville.
Merton's Lair   
Characters, bios, pictures, quotes, b-day countdowns, and a guide to let you know if you watch too much Big Wolf
The Big Wolf on Campus Fan Page   
All kinds of stuff here: Quotes, an episode guide, sounds, characters, and more.
The Big Wolf on Campus Web Site   
An under-construction site with images, cast bios, and a monthly TV Schedule to come.
The UnOfficial Merton Jenius Dingle/Danny Arthur Smith Web Site!!!   
The site has tons of stuff and pictures of an autograph from Danny.
Tobiwulf's Lair   
Fan-fic and character profiles.
Victoria' s Big Wolf on Campus page   
Another new and exciting fan site
Werewolf Den   
fanart, fanfiction, character bios, and pictures
Wolfsone's Little Big Wolf On Campus Site   
A Brandon Quinn section, quotes, fan-fics, and quite a bit more.
Cast Sites
A Danny Smith Fan Page   
A basic site
Addicted to Danny   
For the poor souls who, like us all, are addicted to Danny Smith.
Aimée Castle Fan Site   
The best Aimée Castle fan site on the web!
Allison's Other Merton Dingle Page   
Includes a great interview with Danny Smith.
An Unofficial Nathalie Vansier Site   
A comprehensive Nathalie Vansier site, with pictures, multimedia, and quite a bit more.
Brandon Quinn 4ever   
Biography, pictures, and interviews
Brandon Quinn Online   
A website dedicated to Brandon Quinn.
The very first site on the 'net for Brandon Quinn!
Danny Fanatics   
Another Danny site by a rabid fan.
Danny Rocky My World   
Two pages full of Danny pics, a biography, and assorted random stuff.
Danny Smith Is A Hottie   
Hey, I didn't come up with the title! A site for the Danny Smith devoted.
Danny Smith On Big Wolf On Campus   
A Danny shrine complete with evolution, interviews, haikus, banners, and oodles more!
Danny Smith/TCD   
A Danny-centric site slowly evolving into a site for The City Drive
DGP - A Danny Fanlisting   
A list of Danny fans
La vie de Natalie Vansier   
A nicely designed fansite.
mas belle photos de Danny Smith   
A French website about Danny Smith.
The Danny Smith Fan Page   
this site is mostly based on Danny Smith, There is some pretty cool stuff on it right now, but it is still kind of not finished yet.
The Unofficial Jeff Roop Web Site   
A fan site for Jeff Roop, who appeared in two episodes of Big Wolf.
Character Sites
Another Merton Page   
Yet another page dedicated to Merton J. Dingle
This site has a lot of pics and a chatroom. And more.
Merton Fanatics   
Cast bios, tons of screen grabs, an episode guide, a message board, and oodles more!
Shrine to Merton Dingle and Danny Smith   
Another new site, under construction
The Unofficial Jeff Douglas Site   
A site for fans of Jeff Douglas, who played Vince in "Imaginary Fiend"
The Wonderful Realm of Merton J. Dingle   
A tribute to everyone's favorite goth, including such nicities as a random quote generator.
Tommy Dawkins   
A dedication to Tommy Dawkins
Tommy Dawkins   
Website Dedicated to Tommy Dawkins it has Images, Scripts, Links, Chat, Guestbook etc, Check It Out!
Tommy Wolf-Out   
Tommy Dawkins fans
Vince and Merton's Lair/Pad   
The goth and his imaginary friend, up close and . . . er, not *that* personal, but anyhoo . . . stop by to read fanfic and look at the fanart. Open for submissions 24/7! :)
Vince: The imaginary fiend!   
A new site, with a poll, fan-fiction, images, and general information about Mr. Invincible.
Fan Clubs And Creations
Big Wolf On Campus Was Such A Cool Show   
A Facebook group; you may have to search for the name to find the group
Big Wolf on Campus4 ever and always   
A gathering place for Big Wolf fan-fic authors
Daisy's Big Wolf On Campus Series   
A collection of fan-fiction.
Daisy's Fanfiction Site   
This site contains quite a bit of fan-fiction, including some Big Wolf on Campus fic
Danny Rocks My Socks   
From the gal who brought you MertonFanatics comes the one and only Danny Smith fanlisting!
Danny Smith Site   
A club devoted especially to Danny on MSN! (*ahem* Danny's even joined!)
Stars All Over   
A fanlisting for Danny Smith's band, The City Drive.
The Gothic Fantasy Guild   
A site devoted to Merton J. Dingle's Gothic Fantasy Guild. You can join the guild as well as looking at fan-art, fan-fiction, pics, and more.
The Official Merton J. Dingle Fanlisting   
I'm not really sure how official it really is, but hey, it's a fanlisting just the same.
The Series   
A site dedicated to a fan fiction series based on Big Wolf on Campus. Includes wallpaper, quizzes, fan art, and more.
The Were and the Goth   
A mailing list for BWOC slash, predominantly Tommy/Merton
Vince the imaginary fiend; dedicated!!!   
All about Vince and you can even read the BlurtyJournal of Charmane; a character in the new fanfic
Yahoo! Brandon Quinn Club   
A forum for discussion about all things Brandon Quinn.
Official Sites
The City Drive   
The official site for Danny's band.
Randomness - Big Wolf on Campus   
What do others think of Big Wolf?
Interview with Danny Smith   
An interesting interview with Danny Smith about his movie, 'Strike!'
Loup's Chat   
BWOC board members can chat amongst themselves in real-time. Evening hours are usually the best to start a chat..
Scripts and Stuff   
Download Big Wolf scripts and look at some edited screenshots.
The Big Wolf on Campus Site from The Blue Page   
Information from a Fox Family Channel fan site.
Vampire High Stars Page   
Major infomation on all of the stars, pictures and transcripts of the show
Websites en français
Big-Loup On Campus   
A French site with photos, an interview, a forum, fan-fics, and more!
Le loup garou du campus information   
Tommy Lori et merton information photo galerie et autre.
Le loup-garou du campus   
A French page with quite a bit in the way of information and pictures.
le loup-garou du campus en français   
A French site featuring photos and chat.
Le site non-officiel du Loup-Garou du Campus   
Contains pics, multimedia, stories, and more...
site consacré a Danny Smith   
informations, photos, liens, perso quiz, sondage et pleins d'autres choses capoté!!!
un des meilleurs site de danny smith!   
A great fan site in French