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    7-15-2016  6:35 PM  
 Oct. 28, 2002
thanks for keeping this site going, Adam.

I miss you weirdos sometimes. Sometimes.

ich bin ein berliner
ninjas are soooooo sweet
    8-31-2016  5:32 PM  
 Aug. 31, 2016
Recently found my stash of BWOC episodes and geeked out. So thrilled to see this site still up and running. Even if the forum is dead.
    9-06-2016  8:56 AM  
 Jul. 17, 2000
Can you believe that this site celebrated its sixteenth birthday last week? Well, "celebrate" isn't really the right word since I forgot about it, but...!

I watched Charade with my wife the other night, and I thought about Jen and her Audrey Hepburn avatar. is always -- errr, occasionally? -- in my thoughts!
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    12-19-2016  1:17 AM  
 Spooka Lupa
 Jun. 13, 2002
I think of this place from time to time, brings back memories!
    1-03-2017  12:33 AM  
 Aug. 13, 2006
Yup. Hope this site sticks around forever.
I am Lobo. I hunt alone. I need no one.
    1-30-2017  7:26 AM  
 Jan. 21, 2014
"So, you're a soul stealing agent of the dark dominion, what's that like?"
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