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    9-14-2012  12:43 AM  
 Feb. 21, 2002
Since the other day when I popped on I've done a huge amount of creeping.. And I don't know who anyone is anymore. I wish someone would say hi.

But, on another note.. this is how long it's been... I'm 21, I bought a house, I'm getting married, I have my own dog, I work in a jewellery store where I'm also currently taking classes to uh.. further my knowledge 'bout diamonds and stuff.

I really hope everyone is doing well. There are a couple people I really wish I knew how to contact as I have some words to say, to really get off my chest finally. If it's meant to happen I'll figure it out. For now, my dog thinks he needs a treat... Hope to hear from some of ya.
    9-27-2012  10:31 PM  
 Captain Lauren
 Dec. 7, 2002
I never knew we were the same age, Raejae! I always assumed you were older than me lol.

Everyone is so grown up ;_;
    10-04-2012  4:51 PM  
 Jul. 17, 2000
I don't have awesome updates!

I'm 33 now. (I was 21 when I started this site!) I've been living in the upstate of South Carolina for right at 12 years. Been working for since then too. Still doing web stuff. Still writing movie reviews. Not married. No kids. No great loves or heartbreaks or anything.

I'm boring!
    10-08-2012  9:23 PM  
 Bodacious Ta Ta
 Jul. 15, 2002
I turned 30 this year! I got married! I have a 4 yr old! And a 6 month old! I'm not quite the snarky bastard any more.

Um. I read books now? Lol at least I'm not a hipster mom or something.

my mind

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    11-22-2012  11:38 PM  
 Sep. 29, 2001
I'm 22, enrolled in college, and running my own website. The other things can be unmentioned lol
    5-11-2013  11:40 AM  
 May 10, 2002
Here I am, doing my "yearly" check up on the forum. I just turned 25 in April. Got married in October and am still working at the same ad agency doing videography/editing since I graduated college. Life is pretty good! The only thing that could make it better would be BWOC dvds... But that's a whole different can of worms.
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    8-22-2013  2:29 AM  
 Sep. 11, 2004
I haven't been on this site in a long time. I just about forgot about it! I am 24 going on 25 in a few months, I got married in 2010, my husband and I have a baby girl named Samantha who will be 7 months old next week. Life is good, family is good.
    1-24-2014  2:11 PM  
 Jan. 21, 2014
I am old as fuck. 33
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