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Big Wolf On Campus FAQ
by Adam Tyner; last modified December 30th, 2021

About This FAQ

Q: Would it be correct to assume that this FAQ will start off with a boring legal disclaimer?
A: Absolutely! Big Wolf On Campus and its characters, situations and trademarks are ©2022 Big Wolf III Productions/Cinegroupe Images. This document is intended for informational and entertainment purposes only. No infringements of any and all copyright or trademarks held or owned by Cinegroupe Images, Big Wolf III Prods., Telescene, the ABC Family Channel, YTV, VRAK.TV, employees past or present of the aforementioned companies, or any of the actors, writers, directors, etc. are intended or should be inferred. I think that covers everything...

Q: Who's responsible for this mess?
A: This list of frequently asked questions was compiled and wholly composed by Adam Tyner, humble webmaster of, with feedback from too many people to reasonably list.

Q: Can I include this FAQ in a book or article I'm writing? Can I post this FAQ on another website or on Usenet?
A: I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't. Thanks.

Q: To whom do I send my comments, suggestions, corrections, additions, criticisms, and bomb threats about the FAQ?
A: This FAQ almost certainly is not 100% accurate, and even the largely correct bits would benefit from greatly-appreciated constructive criticism. Please direct those sorts of messages to me via e-mail.

About The Series

Q: What is Big Wolf On Campus?
A: Big Wolf On Campus is about the trials, tribulations, and epic battles (so much for alliteration) of Tommy Dawkins, a popular football player who undergoes some unexpected changes after being bitten by a werewolf a few days before his senior year of high school, and his friends, Gothic Fantasy Guild president Merton Dingle and adventure-hungry kickboxer Lori Baxter.

Q: Where and when does the show air?
A: The series airs on BBC2 in Great Britain on Sunday mornings. Big Wolf airs on YTV in Canada on Monday through Thursday at 10:30 PM, and Friday and Saturday at 11:30 PM. A French-dubbed version of the series titled Le loup garou du campus airs in Quebec on VRAK TV weekdays at 10:30 AM and Monday-Thursday at 7 PM. 5 PM and 7:30 PM and weekends at 6:30 PM. Australian viewers can catch Big Wolf on Fox Kids weekdays at 4:30 PM. ABC Family dropped Big Wolf from their schedule in mid-September 2002 . (Information current as of August 14th, 2003.)

Q: Where can I get Big Wolf videos/DVDs?
A: Currently, the only official home video release is a VHS box set of the first season, dubbed in French, available from Imavision and a number of Canadian retailers.

Q: Who is responsible for the show?
A: The series, formerly produced by the Montréal-based Telescene Film Group, is now under the wings of Cinegroupe Images and Big Wolf III Prods. Cinegroupe Images is the newly created live-action division of the prolific Canadian animation company.

Q: How many episodes are there?
A: 65 episodes in total, the magic number needed for strip syndication. The first two seasons consisted of 22 episodes each, and there were 21 episodes in season three. No further episodes are expected.

Q: Who plays what on the show?
A: Below is a list of the major characters on the show, in alphabetical order by last name:

  • Lori Baxter (Aimée Castle) -- a kickboxing champion and supernatural enthusiast
  • Hugo Bostwick (Richard Jutras) -- Pleasantville High's overzealous security guard
  • Bob Dawkins (Alan Fawcett) -- Tommy's father and mayor of Pleasantville
  • Dean Dawkins (Jack Mosshammer) -- Tommy's couch-potato older brother
  • Sally Dawkins (Jane Wheeler) -- Tommy's mother and TV news reporter
  • Tommy Dawkins (Brandon Quinn) -- Captain of the football team and...oh yeah, the title character
  • Becky Dingle (Natalie Vansier) -- Merton's younger sister; typical high school freshman
  • Merton Dingle (Danny Smith) -- a misunderstood computer-savvy Goth with a vast amount of knowledge about horror movies
  • Tim and Travis Eckert (Domenic Di Rosa and Rob DeLeeuw) -- the resident dim-witted bullies at Pleasantville High
  • Stacey Hanson (Rachelle Lefevre) -- head cheerleader and romantic interest for Tommy

Q: Where is the series filmed?
A: Big Wolf On Campus is shot in Montréal.

Q: What is the correct airing of episodes?
A: Aside from the pilot, all of the first season episodes were self-contained, so they could be aired in any order without mucking around with continuity. In fact, the first sets of airdates on YTV and Fox Family were almost completely different. The order of most of the season two episodes is listed on the Episodes page at with one exception -- A Clip Show: The Kiss Of Death aired after the season two finalé. I'm not sure where it fits in the season two schedule, but I think the most recent clip shown was from the second part of "The Manchurian Werewolf", which would put it pretty far into the season. Season three, aside from the premiere, does not seem to follow any specific order.

Q: Who performed the theme song?
A: The multi-talented Danny Smith wrote and performed the theme. Danny also wrote/performed the theme for Chucky's In The House, the 'show within a show' from "Stage Fright", and he probably performed the 'live' instrumental version of the theme from A Clip Show: The Kiss Of Death.

Q: How many different versions of the theme song are there?
A: The themes for season one and two have the same lyrics, although the season two theme sounds quite a bit different, having being partially re-recorded and remixed. If there are any differences between the season two and three themes, I haven't picked up on them.

Q: What are the lyrics to the theme song?
A: This is what my golden ear has determined, but I don't have the best track record when it comes to picking up on lyrics:

I used to own this town
Now it's all turned upside down
I wish I could figure out
Do you think it's just a phase I'm goin' through?
Just a phase I'm goin' through?
(wolf howl)

Q: What happened to Stacey Hanson?
A: According to the first few moments of Hello Nasty, Stacey left high school early to attend college. This isn't too far off from reality; Rachelle is currently studying English and Drama at Montréal's McGill University. It's entirely possible that the character of Stacey will pop up again in Pleasantville sometime though.

Q: What happened to Hugo Bostwick?
A: Hugo's departure was never explained or even acknowledged, although my somewhat-baseless guess would be that Richard Jutras, who played Hugo, decided to pursue roles in feature films and TV movies, something he has done successfully for a number of years. It's possible that his character will turn up again at some point.

Q: Did Tommy's parents appear at all in season two?
A: Jane Wheeler appeared briefly in 101 Damnations, but I believe that was the only appearance from either of Tommy's parents in the second season. As I write this, they haven't popped up in season three.

Q: Have Merton's parents appeared on Big Wolf?
A: Kind of. Whatever they have to say has usually been told through Becky, and the only glimpse of them together in the series was from behind at the end of The Exor-Sis.

Q: Why does Tommy look so different as a werewolf in various episodes?
A: Brandon Quinn was allergic to the glue used as part of the first wolf-like makeup (used for the pilot, Fangs For The Memories, and The Exor-Sis). A different look (and one I prefer) was used for the rest of the season, and that look was improved upon and made more consistent in following seasons.

Q: How could Merton be drinking milk in Cat Woman when he claimed to be lactose-intolerant in Pleased To Eat You? In I Dream Of Becky, how could the bottle be in Becky's locker and her purse at the same time? (insert other inconsistencies here as well)
A: Yes, these are just two of the minor inconsistencies in the series. Just repeat to yourself 'it's just a show'. You should really just relax.

Q: Has Dean ever moved from that chair?
A: Not on-camera, although if you look closely in Stage Fright during his Chucky's In The House stint, you can see him start to get up after the conversation with the neighbor-girls. It's all part of the mystique...

Q: What's Tommy's number on the football team?
A: Not surprisingly, thirteen.

Q: Is Merton a nerd?
A: No! He's a goth. Totally different.

Q: What villains have appeared in more than one episode?
A: There were no recurring villains in season one, unless you want to count Mr. Dunleavy from Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow who appeared in wolf-form in the pilot and assorted flashbacks. However, Butch (from the first season ep Butch Comes To Shove) also appears in Butch Is Back (if the title didn't give it away), and the evil werewolf syndicate has appeared in three episodes in season two (one stand-alone episode and one two-parter) and for a brief moment in season three's Everybody Fang Chung Tonight. Death also appeared in season one's Don't Fear The Reaper and the second season episode A Clip Show: The Kiss Of Death.

Q: Who is Professor Flügelhoff?
A: Professor Flügelhoff, Merton's primary source of werewolf knowledge, is a professor at Heidelburg University and the foremost expert on lycanthropy and other various hairy beasts (particularly David Hasselhoff) in the world.

Q: Where is the Syndicate based?
A: Mr. Dunleavy stated in Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow that he and Tommy were the only werewolves in the area, so Mr. Dunleavy was either unaware of the Syndicate, the Syndicate wasn't around at the time, or the Syndicate is based somewhere near, but not in, Pleasantville. Pleasantville seems kind of small to house a syndicate of any sort, so it's probably the latter... Oh, or maybe the writers hadn't thought up the Syndicate at that point and I'm overanalyzing.

Werewolf Mythology

Q: How do people become werewolves in Big Wolf On Campus?
A: According to The Manchurian Werewolf, only alpha werewolves can transfer werewolf abilities by a bite, which do not remain permanent in the victim until the stroke of midnight (Greenwich Mean Time? :) on the next full moon. Tommy was chomped on the forearm, so the location of the bite probably doesn't matter. Merton told Tommy that to transfer his powers, he had to go for the jugular, although maybe there's some distinction between transferring and transforming...or maybe it was a quirk with that alignment of moons...or maybe it was a setup for a gag. Yeah, that's probably it. Despite Mr. Dunleavy's remarks about alpha-males in Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow, gender doesn't seem to play a role. The series hasn't really focused much on the werewolf mythos, so I wouldn't spend too much time pondering points like this.

Q: How many alpha werewolves are there? What happened to Mr. Dunleavy?
A: According to the leader of the Syndicate, Tommy is the last alpha, although it's uncertain if the Leader just meant that he's the last one in the immediate area or if he is the last altogether. The whereabouts of Mr. Dunleavy, the alpha who transformed Tommy, are unknown.

Q: How can Tommy be an alpha werewolf?
A: In the Big Wolf mythos, what an alpha werewolf is precisely has never been elaborated. Typically in werewolf mythology, an alpha werewolf is an individual transformed into by sorcery, birth, or curse. Beta werewolves are those werewolves who carry the tainted blood of an alpha. Tommy was bitten, so unless there was more to the attack on Tommy by Mr. Dunleavy, the typical idea of alpha/beta werewolves can be tossed aside. Another 'inconsistency' is that an alpha supposedly cannot attack a beta of his own bloodline without inflicting pain upon himself, but Mr. Dunleavy had no qualms about attacking Tommy. That's a pretty stupid concept anyway, so it's probably best ignored.

Oh, and I got an email from forum member Dutchy who suggested this:

I personally think there's a connection between the position of an Alpha wolf in a wolf pack and an Alpha werewolf.

In nature, only the alpha male and his lady wolf have the right to reproduce in a pack. This can be linked to the fact that only an Alpha werewolf could create new werewolves.

Also, if I got it right, Tommy became 'the new alpha wolf in town' after beating Mr. Dunleavy. In nature, the position of Alpha wolf can also be claimed by defeating the current Alpha (though killing is more usual).

However, this explanation would also leave a plot hole, for the Leader of the Syndicate could simply beat Tommy to become an Alpha. on the other hand, of course, the Leader got beaten already by a little girl that even wasn't a werewolf yet. And it wouldn't make a solid two-part episode, either.

Q: If a werewolf can be created by sorcery, why did the Syndicate go through all of the trouble of kidnapping and hypnotizing Tommy?
A: Because that wouldn't make for a solid two-part episode. There are a bunch of possible reasons. Maybe it can only be done under certain rare conditions...maybe it's just a pain...maybe those sorts of werewolves are hard to control...who knows?

Q: Are werewolves typically evil?
A: The Leader described Tommy as "an abberation" in The Manchurian Werewolf, so...yeah, most werewolves aren't of the gallant, cuddly variety. Even Tommy has a dark side (as seen in Big Bad Wolf), but apparently he can keep it in check. How and why that is remains (cue ominous music) a mystery.

Q: How long after a werewolf bite does a victim permanently become a werewolf?
A: The curse is permanent upon the rising of the first full moon after the attack.

Q: Is there a way to cure lycanthropy?
A: Nearly all of the cures mentioned so far in the series result in death. Either way, it'd mean no wolf, and a show called Big Wolf On Campus without the 'wolf' might not be the greatest idea. Don't expect to see a permanent cure, but for the curious, the only non-fatal cure known so far is the transferral of the abilities to someone else during a certain planetary alignment that won't occur again until May 2069. Before the first full moon after a werewolf bite, consumption of wolfsbane can ward off the curse.

Q: What causes an afflicted individual to transform?
A: Aside from a full moon, any extreme emotion (anger, jealousy, arousal, etc.) can lead to transformation.

Q: How can a transformed werewolf return to human form?
A: Over time, Tommy has developed the ability to revert by concentrating, although a general calming down courtesy of soothing music or a peaceful haiku can help do the trick.

Q: What powers does Tommy have as a werewolf?
A: Among the abilities demonstrated so far are increased strength, increased speed and agility, increased healing ability, and heightened senses. The Syndicate hinted that Tommy has additional powers that he has not yet discovered, but what these are exactly have not been revealed.

Q: What weaknesses do werewolves have?
A: Any form of silver seems to be the primary weakness; liquid silver nitrate and pure silver have both been shown to cause harm. Tommy has a weakness for the chicken at the Hungry Bucket, but I guess that doesn't count.

Q: What is happening with the movie The Bail starring Brandon Quinn and Danny Smith?
A: According to the producers from Puddles of Doom Inc., this PG-13 film is currently being screened for distributors in L.A. under the working title A Tale of Two Buds. When a distributor is on board and a release date is confirmed for the movie, we will be informed, and will post the information here right away!

Q: How can I write my favorite cast member?
A: Now that production on the series has wrapped, I'm not sure of a central place where fans can mail letters. Mailing a letter to the Cinegroupe offices may still be viable, and their address is:

Big Wolf on Campus
Attn: Whomever
Production Office
5589 Royalmount
Montréal, QC, CAN
H4P 1J3
Aim?e Castle and Domenic Di Rosa are the only cast members to have their email addresses publicly known -- ( and, respectively. Danny Smith's e-mail address,, is no longer active.

Q: Is there an official Big Wolf On Campus website?
A: Not at the moment, no.

Q: Do any of the cast members have official sites?
A: Danny Smith has a site at No other cast members, at least as far as I'm aware, have official sites.

Q: Where is Pleasantville?
A: Similar to the 'mystery' surrounding Springfield in The Simpsons, the exact location of Pleasantville has never been revealed, although it's apparently in the United States. In The Bookmobile, the librarian put a push-pin near the upper Midwest (around Minnesota, if memory serves). She could have been marking the city she was leaving, but it's possible that Pleasantville is in that general area. Also, Stacey referred to her interest in "a liberal arts college back East" in Witch College, indicating that Pleasantville is, well, not back East. There's also a swamp there (as seen in That Swamp Thing You Do); I'm not sure if that might limit the possibilities any. The location doesn't really matter, though.

Q: Is there a real Pleasantville?
A: Certainly, although there's no reason why the Pleasantville in the series necessarily has to take place in a real town. There are a number of Pleasantvilles in the United States, including Pennsylvania, New York, Iowa, Ohio, New Jersey, Missouri, Wisconsin, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, Indiana, and Tennessee.

Q: Where have I heard the phrase 'big wolf on campus' before?
A: The phrase appeared in a couple of reviews of Teen Wolf, and there's a 2'-tall Halloween decoration named "Wolfgang, Big Wolf On Campus", who coincidentally also sports a letter jacket and is number 13 on the football team.

Q: What references have shown up in numerous episodes?
A: Bottles of Yoo-hoo can be seen in a number of season two episodes, and there are constantly references to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its star, Sarah Michelle Gellar. Corey Haim and Corey Feldman have also been mentioned repeatedly. (Completely random aside: As a total coincidence, I also created a Yoo-hoo site in 1995. That same month, I put together a Masters of the Universe site that later evolved into, where I later posted some screen grabs of the Skeletor Christmas Album from Imaginary Fiend.)

Q: What other projects has [insert name of actor, writer, director, producer, crew member, etc.] worked on?
A: That'd be a pretty long list. A fairly-comprehensive list of other projects from the main actors can be found on the Characters section of Outside of that, try consulting the Internet Movie Database.

Q: Have stars/guest-stars from Big Wolf On Campus worked together in the past/present/future?
A: Absolutely. A not-very-definitive listing can be found on the Features section of

Q: Other than videos, what Big Wolf On Campus merchandise is there?
A: To my knowledge, there is none at present.

Q: Is it true that Danny Smith is in a band?
A: Yup. He was in a '60s-influenced-sunny-pop band called Hank, although that group has since disbanded. Danny is working on a solo career, performing as Danny Grand Prix and now The Citydrive. He has done some recording, and we might possibly see his major label debut in the not-too-distant future.