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Everybody Fang Chung Tonight

This has to be one of the best episodes ever! It was so funny to see Tommy dressed up as a goth!! And it was so funny when he was hosting Goth Beat and talking about Dude Where's my Car! I love how Tommy tells Lori "I'm gonna go use the little wolves' room." I found that very funny. (10/10)
· by VampireGurlNikki; posted August 21st, 2002

I Dream Of Becky

I find this episode VERY amusing. I mean, "useless" antique bottle. DUH!! It's gotta be a genie!! And it was SO funny when Merton's like "This gives the black market such a bad name!" Hahahahaa.. Mertons dream was TOO funny!! And how come Lori's the only one to notice that Mertons being dragged backwards everytime he comes near Tommy?? (9/10)
· by VampireGurlNikki; posted August 21st, 2002