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Everybody Fang Chung Tonight

Oh. My. God. Tommy wearing makeup and Merton as a vampire? Have I died and gone to heaven!? Seriously though, I really like this episode. It was very funny and I loved Cassandra. The ending was really cool also, and I'm glad Merton didn't have to kill his girlfriend. That's always a plus. (10/10)
· by Lena; posted June 19th, 2002

What's Vlud Got To Do With It?

This isn't among my favorites, but I did like it - Merton's "Good vs. Evil" test was very funny! I thought Tristan was pretty, and I actually did like Vlud...she kinda turned the tables there. I mean, through the first part of the episode it was like, "Oh man, she's really ugly, poor Merton!" but then after *she* rejected *him* I was saying "Oh man, he's really pathetic, poor Vlud!" Overall, it did have some funny bits, so I liked it :) (8/10)
· by Lena; posted June 15th, 2002