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Dances Without Wolves

it was an amazing episode. try to see it.but it was not as good as "the boy who tried wolf. (10/10)
· by werewolfjr; posted February 14th, 2002

Everybody Fang Chung Tonight

i really liked this episode. But did you notice that at the begining when mertin got bit him and the other vamps had no reflection, and at the end when his girlfriend escaped she had a reflection. if it wasn't for this i would give it a 10 (9/10)
· by werewolfjr; posted January 7th, 2002

Gone Tomorrow Hair Today

it was my favorite episode it rocks (10/10)
· by werewolfjr; posted January 10th, 2002

She Will Rock You She Will

it was one of the best episodes if you havent seen it try to download it (10/10)
· by werewolfjr; posted January 20th, 2002

Stormy Weather

this has nothing to do with "stormy weather" but does anyone know wat time big wolf is on ytv if you do email me at
· by werewolfjr; posted February 15th, 2002

The Sum Of All Fears

i'd have to say this is one of my favorite episodes. it was a great episode but for you people who like to belive there are really werewolves and vampires don't watch. they admitted who they were on air with voices not writting i think thats a sign of a last episode but i hope not.signing out werewolfjr (10/10)
· by werewolfjr; posted May 17th, 2002


it was a relly sad episode it was the second last one. it was my favorite show and im going to miss it so much. my uncle knows the people who wrote it and he said that they said it was cancelled im gonna miss it so much. it was a great episode but note my favorite (10/10)
· by werewolfjr; posted April 27th, 2002

What's Vlud Got To Do With It?

it was one of the best episodes i have ever seen you should watch it the next time you can !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (10/10)
· by werewolfjr; posted April 27th, 2002