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This was the saddest ep ever. I cried soooo much, but it was funny,"there will be other battles"
· by Malon16; posted January 31st, 2004

i think that it was a good last show for bwoc on abc family. uhhhh my life isnt the same with out it. :( (10/10)
· by Captain Lauren; posted December 7th, 2002

I loved this episode! specially when merton messing with lori with pottery lol. Very good (10/10)
· by Light_Sullen; posted September 13th, 2002

This episode was great but...sad, a ghoast? That was really cool! He looked really funnky laying in the casket with his lips all puckered up! Thin thing that scared be was when the put his face into Sloan's face...that just scared me! (10/10)
· by merton_is_hott; posted June 26th, 2002

i love big wolf and wish it didn't end.i love all the actors and actress.i would love to see the 1st show of big wolf. i think danny got to much into his charecter (10/10)
· by wolfsmoon_3; posted May 14th, 2002

this episode is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!! merton is just sooooo hot!! ta frm lisa-marie crews[mrs dingle]xxx ps i love u danny smith! (10/10)
· by dandaman; posted May 13th, 2002

Whaaa!!! It's over =(. I'll Miss them all. And Good luck to all the actor/actress in other movies, ect. YAY! Becky didn't Call Merty "Freaker"! Hehe (10/10)
· by BWOC_girl; posted May 5th, 2002

This was a really good episode. It was so sad when they were saying goodbye to Merton-it made me think about how they really were saying goodbye in real life, too. And the sweetest thing was Becky calling Merton by his name. I knew someday she'd realize what a great guy she had for a brother. But what was up with her calling him "Freaker"? That sounded kind of...well, I'm not going to say. But I almost cried myself when they were saying goodbye. I still cannot believe it's over. It was the best show with the best actors. Goodbye, Merton. Goodbye, Tommy. Goodbye, Lori. Goodbye Becky. I'll miss you all... (10/10)
· by Ms. Smith; posted May 5th, 2002

Was this a good episode or what I mean Lori doing potery?Meton a ghost?Gil the only remaining syndicate member?Oh and Gil's new hair style. To bad it's over. It's so cool that the gang is still together and all. Adios Tommy P. Dawkins,Merton J. Dingle,and Lori Baxter,and all together Big Wolf on Campus. (10/10)
· by NJwolf; posted May 4th, 2002

I thought this was the best ep. in season 3. even though it was sooooo sad! i'm gunna miss Tommy/Lori/Merton and BWOC!!! (10/10)
· by *BWOC--CUTIE*; posted April 30th, 2002

why end a series after only three seasons? seaQuest (if anyone here remembers that show) ended after 3 seasons because it started to suck. but BWOC? it was just gettin' good! BWOC stopped being a Teen Wolf rip off and actually became a really cool show. i'm really sorry to see it go...*sniffle*. oh, yeah. the review. let's see. i didn't like the part where sloane insinuated that merton said tommy was gay, but i loved the whole "feel the swayze" thing merton pulled. it's about time someone did something about Gil's (that's his name?!) hair. the prom subplot was really cool because my school just had its prom, and it seemed kinda weird that the same stuff me and my pals were worried about popped up in this episode. BECKY CALLED MERTON BY HIS NAME! okay, that's it. i hope the guys have fun in college. i'm gonna miss 'em! MERTON! TOMMY! COME BACK!! *waaa!* (10/10)
· by xayeide; posted April 28th, 2002

Very uneven show,but touching final and funny when Lori( becayse she's pissed at Tommy not asking her) ends up accidently dating a 13 boy to the Prom! The scene where Merton Possessed Sloan's body is just to silly and hurts the show! (8/10)
· by Swordsman; posted April 28th, 2002

That was like, the BEST episode yet in the 3rd season! It was sooo sweet! And sad a bit when Merton was leaving... aww...that's so cute! (10/10)
· by missfreebush; posted April 27th, 2002

Aw...that was the cutest episode. Watching their eyes fill with tears was so sad... *sniff* But what a way to ruin a good fanfic! Darnit bob, I have half my story done (a good 20 pages, written) and suddenly Gil finally shows up and says the Syndicate was wiped out...jeez. On the plus side, I loved Tommy fixing his hair, hehe. "That has been bugging me since the day we met!" The ending was so cute ;) (10/10)
· by crunkette; posted April 27th, 2002

I'm still really depressed after this one. 2 of my friends and I had an end of BWOC party and watched "What's the Story" and "Thanks" The story for this one was pretty good (even though I was stupid and read the spoilers a couple weeks ago) Did anyone else notice they finally called the syndicate secretary guy "Gil" (He will immortilized as the "HiHo guy" to me and my friends though) Merton seemed extremly gullible in this episode and in the last, but I liked the Ghost thing. I can't believe Lori went to prom with a Freshman. I loved that Tommy drove them to prom. I need to say this. The things that made me cry the most were Becky finally calling Merton "Merton" and the finally goodbye. The thing that made me cry the most was the final Tommy thought. So, to me this is officially the end of BWOC. I know there's a clipshow next weekend, but this was the last real episode of the season and I don't know what to do. I have been addicted to BWOC for the better part of 2 and 1/2 years. Now all I get are re-runs. Excuse me I need to go cry now. (10/10)
· by Becca_B; posted April 27th, 2002

it was a relly sad episode it was the second last one. it was my favorite show and im going to miss it so much. my uncle knows the people who wrote it and he said that they said it was cancelled im gonna miss it so much. it was a great episode but note my favorite (10/10)
· by werewolfjr; posted April 27th, 2002

Wow. I mean..well..Wow. That was just..Wow. Wow wow wow. I loved the end! I can't say any more - it'll ruin the feeling.. (10/10)
· by MertonJDingle; posted April 27th, 2002

The end is the begining. Big Wolf on Campus is my favorite show. The characters are so rich with comedy. The sets are dark and detailed...and I'm going to miss it. What I'm going to miss the most is Merton's crazy behavior and his certain je ne sais quoi. Even though season 3 didnot have much of Dean, Becky, and Tim, it was still great! This show will live long and will always have a fan base. Well that was Big Wolf on Campus-I hope everyone enjoyed it because I did! Finally to quote Merton J. Dingle, "Oh Ya! The Wolf rides again!"---The End! (10/10)
· by the Joker hahaha; posted April 27th, 2002

And now that's it's all over, but the yelling of course, I must say that BWOC was one of the best made for teens TV shows I can remember in a long time. It actually had intelligent and adult jokes mixed in with the slap-stick and hokey stuff. As far as this episodes goes, it joins my difficult list of the best shows, and it fooled me. I thought the guy in the hood was going to be Mr. Dunleavy back for revenge one last time. Did we ever learn what the J. in Merton J. Dingle stood for? or the P. in Tommy P. Dawkins? AS for the the 3rd season, I missed TNT alot as I did Dean. There just wasn't enough Dean episodes. The season started off badly, in my opinion, but ended on a high note. A nice way to end a series. (10/10)
· by Rorshack; posted April 27th, 2002

I can't beleive that the season and episodes are over. Even though there is still the last clip show, I still feel sad. The show was realy good though. When they showed Beckey actually call Merton by his name was cool. I don't know why they can't do at least a few more episodes in collage. Merton and Tommy went allong without Lori for the first season. (10/10)
· by Selestina; posted April 27th, 2002

Great way to end the show! I'm soooooo sad it's all over! But, it was a great episode! One of my favs! Loved it! The ending was great! How Merton just shows up to be Tommy's dorm mate! Where have I seen the guy that played Lori's date before? He looks awfully familiar... (10/10)
· by NewOrleansGurl; posted April 27th, 2002