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The Mertonator

According to the good cyborg, Tommy works alone in the future and no one is familiar with Merton. This means that either Merton dies in the future or something happens to make him evil (again). Sadly, the latter seems more plausible since the Mertonator was modelled after Merton -- both physically and personality-wise. In other words, it would seem that Merton's future self was responsible for building and sending the Mertonator to kill Tommy. Thus, this episode demands a sequel story in which this future gets altered in such a way that Merton lives and remains Tommy's faithful (and good) sidekick. The reason I demand such a story is because a future where Merton is dead or permanently evil is not a future that I want to see. If there isn't going to be a Season Four with which to tell this sequel story, then somebody please write a novel. As for the present episode, I found it fast-paced and I liked how it was Merton who officially destroyed the Mertonator. If it weren't for the currently unanswered questions about the future, I'd give this episode a perfect 10. But because the episode calls us to foresee a future where Merton is either dead or evil, I'm only giving it a 6. (6/10)
· by Ray; posted January 17th, 2004

I liked the parody of the James Cameron Classic "Terminator" Genre! I thought that the episode was pretty funny when Merton read the little hair that he found on the Mertonator! It says: "Hecho in Mexico 2029. No animales were hurt while testing this Cyborgito!" That episode deserves a 9! Mertin Rocks! (9/10)
· by Mikey Brat; posted January 27th, 2003

Hey Mertons wereing the same shirt as in Baby on Board this ep was okay but tommy shoulda got more months (7/10)
· by Cosgrove; posted August 22nd, 2002

Oh, man, I loved this episode! Mertoon looks much better without muscles, so I wished I was there to tell him so. And that shirt he wore with the tech stuff all over it, when they were fighting the cyborges you know, was so awesome! I know that has nothing to do with anything, but I couldn't get over how cool it was. Merton-no offense-looked like a dork with a tan and a mustache, but luckily he went back to Merton. I was glad about that man! I don't know why he was so uptight about wanting muscles thing. I mean, a perfectly adorable goth guy, even Merton, with muscles? He looks totally gorgeous without them. And the muscles at the end looked like foam rubber in his shirt-probably because it was. That was kind of fake, but it was supposed to be. Ending the babbling on, I loved it. It's one of my favorites, along with Voo Doo Child, Save the Last Trance, Faltered States... (10/10)
· by Ms. Smith; posted April 27th, 2002

It was ok. I did like how they couldn't get rid of the arm! (7/10)
· by NewOrleansGurl; posted April 27th, 2002

I thought it was an average episode, it could've been better. It wasn't overly funny. I did enjoy the whole twist on the movie reference, "Aww, you already saw that one?" haha. (8/10)
· by sibby; posted March 30th, 2002

It was rather interesting seeing Danny's head on a big ol' weightlifter's body. (He should definitely wear the sunglasses more often, hehe) My big thing was that they needed to go into a little more depth into why there were a bunch of robots worshipping and looking like Tommy, as well as a robot that looked like Merton who wanted to kill Tommy. (Did Merton go evil in the future???) Overall, pretty cute. I like the arm thing at the end (not in the locker. I mean in the Factory) Hillary coming back was good (and bad). I hate one episode characters that seem like they should have more part in the series. Especially characters that have such a background with Merton. (9/10)
· by crunkette; posted March 26th, 2002

This was funny as all hell, but damn it was cheesy. They totally stole from terminator. :lol: Not only that, but we never did find out why this cyborg was sent to kill Tommy. I know this is only a 30 minute show, but they definitely should have let us know why. (5/10)
· by QsMistress23; posted March 26th, 2002

it ws okay (8/10)
· by BigWolf+Buffy=Ev; posted March 20th, 2002

One of the greatest episodes. Great acting again from Danny! It was really simalar to Terminator and Terminator 2. And also w/ a great appearence by Dean and Hillary! (10/10)
· by the Joker hahaha; posted March 17th, 2002

It was so one of my favs. Danny and Bradon were really cool in this one. ------------------------------------ Peace OUT (10/10)
· by werewolftravis; posted March 17th, 2002

I love danny in this one. He looked really hot when he was buff (10/10)
· by Maxeen; posted March 17th, 2002