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101 Damnations

I was also reduced to a pile of goo by the end of this episode due to the cuteness of that dang hellhound puppy! The Tommy+puppy montage was adorable...and I don't even like dogs that much. Not the greatest plot in the world, but a key example that if you throw a ridiculously cute puppy in as the main element (and add Merton chained to a dog in an alleyway, rapping) it'll be one entertaining episode! (9/10)
· by Cavernism; posted June 22nd, 2007

It's a good thing Danny has the voice of an angel when singing because his rap career will not get him far. No offense Merton. You know I love you. As for the rest of the show, i don't even like dogs, but somehow i managed to regress into a gibbering puddle of goo by the end of this ep. I am such a girl. don't tell anyone please. I'm sorry, but Tommy and the puppy together just did it for me. Oh, also the "Bone me" comment Tommy made to Merton. Heheheh. (9/10)
· by JMDingle; posted February 1st, 2002

In my opinion, I thought this episode to be okay. My sister found the part where Tommy was in bed with the dog licking his face hiliarious. My favorite and most hilarious part was Merton's rap (In the back alley chained down with a hellhound).LOL!
· by Goth_Goddess15; posted November 7th, 2001

Let just it was wicked when Tommy said "Bone Me!"to Merton, that is all I have to say.
· by Cupcake20; posted November 7th, 2001

I guess it was a pretty good episode. I like the part where Merton is singing the blues while he's chained up with the devil dog! You would think that TOmmy would have caught on when the dog set the Fire Hydrant on fire just by pissing on it! MAN HOW DENSE COULD ONE PERSON BE! (7/10)
· by Loup; posted October 26th, 2001

this episode just plain ROCKED. one of the best series 2 eps i think. i loved how lori and merton were looking at the tv really close to each other, and merton smiled at her and she glared at him and stuff lol. and i LOVED the hell hound rap. is there anything danny can't do?? welll...i find it hard to see him in wait, THERE it is....oh cuuute!!!! eh heeeh what else can i say about this ep...sparky was cute; tommy should have got to keep him! oh i liked it how lori went all maternal with the puppy :P heh. but most of all....THE HELLHOUND RAP!!!!
· by aerith_danny_fan; posted October 19th, 2001

This was my all time fav episode! I loved that puppy! He looks just like mine! But really I think the dog was cuter when it was big. I don't see why everyone was so scaredof it. Merton was so funny with the hellhound rap! And I love the thing with the evil Celene Dion thing! I loved the shot with Tommy and the puppy in the bed! That was so cute! (10/10)
· by NewOrleansGurl; posted August 12th, 2001

Omg! Sparky was sooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!! The only thing cuter was Merton/Danny chained to Sparky while he was doing his little "hellhound rap". Danny is sooooooooooo hot!!!!!
· by i_luv_merton_123; posted July 26th, 2001

This was a really good episode. The fact that Merton was terrified of Sparky was cuter than the dog itself. I give it extra points for the cute doggie.
· by MnDlL4L52; posted July 25th, 2001

I loved this episode, it was quality. I take latin so i can sort of tell what the dog was sayin too!! (which made it all that much better)and that little puppy was sooooo cute!
· by caitlinquinn; posted July 22nd, 2001

This episode was good. I just LOVE he way Tommy acts with the puppy. And when they show the dog on Tommy's bed licking his ear...I GOT JEALOUS!!!!
· by Tommys_Chic; posted July 8th, 2001

I want a dog like Sparky, even though I'm more of a cat-person. He is so cute. Although, I thought that Cerebus had three heads. And, wouldn't he be speaking Greek instead of Latin due to the fact that Cerebus is from Greek mythology? It's still a pretty good episode nonetheless. (7/10)
· by adamspva; posted April 5th, 2001

The Ferryman in this eppie was really cool. Like, Highlander cool. I loved Merton "Hellhound" rap, and the sly, subtle joke, "Bone me!" from the not so sly, usually nega-subtle Tommy. The puppy stuff was way cute!
· by Loki; posted October 18th, 2000

In this episode they made a mistake in the fact that Cerberus needs to have 3 heads. (8/10)
· by voodoo57; posted September 23rd, 2000

Anti-Claus Is Coming To Town

I have this episode on Videotape and I wanted to say, my favorite scene was when, Mertin tried to get kissed by Lori(With Missletoe) but gets whapped in the face! That episode, kicks butt! -Mike, biggest fan! Hehehehahahahahaaa! (10/10)
· by Mikey Brat; posted January 20th, 2003

Wow that was the coolest episode ever it was great special when Tommy saved santa's evil brother ruining christmas thanks tommy! (10/10)
· by Light_Sullen; posted May 29th, 2002

i really didn't like this episode at all. Out of the whole 3rd season this has got to be my least favorite. I just didn't find it as funny and interesting as the other episodes. good episode but not great by far. (5/10)
· by MxPxBoiy182; posted February 27th, 2002

I think that the best word to describe this episode is: cute!!! (9/10)
· by LORIBAXTER; posted December 19th, 2001

I loved this Episode But I'll have to watch it again! I was great and Lori with her horrible singing was great I think the anti-clauses apperence needed a little work though! and I mean come on no reindeer because of Animal rights??? Yeah sure that's going to happen! (8/10)
· by Austin; posted December 16th, 2001

I really enjoyed this episode! It was really cute! (9/10)
· by Loup; posted December 15th, 2001

I loved how the tree was only decorated on one side. Saw the Standards and Practice on the window of the Pawn Shop and on the parachute bag, too. You have to love inside jokes. Lori can't sing, but that's okay, and Tommy and Merton were great. It's nice to see a holiday episode. (9/10)
· by Locker_Monster; posted December 15th, 2001

I really liked this episode! It was kewl to see a holiday episode! (9/10)
· by Katgurl600; posted December 14th, 2001

i thought it was really good! well anything with danny smith in it is good,he is soooo HOT! (10/10)
· by dannysmithluver; posted December 12th, 2001

Hmmmmmmmmm have not seen a tree decorated on one side in a loooooong time, should I say lazy, neat because it's in a corner anyway........etc. I thought it was funny when Tommy did the thumbs up in a cheesy smile.
· by Cupcake20; posted December 6th, 2001

It was great! Loved Lori's singing, and Merton's earmuffs! (10/10)
· by DonnaM; posted December 4th, 2001

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