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Dances Without Wolves
Season 3; first aired in U.S. on February 10th, 2002

Tommy's wish that he were never bitten has finally been granted. Unfortunately, someone else has taken his place both as starting quarterback on the football team and as the Pleasantville Werewolf. This new wolf in...wolf's clothing isn't quite as upstanding, and Tommy doesn't have any powers or the memories of his former teammates at his disposal to fight back.

Average rating: 9.34 / 10
(of 29 ratings)

Recent review: same_mistake -- This was a pretty cool episode! Some things weren't explained, such as why was Lori not still at Pleasantville Catholic; I mean, did she still manage to get kicked out without Tommy and Merton breaking into the school with her? There's also the question of Merton's sudden 'girlfriend' and also the girl in his guild with I <3 you on her eyelids. We could, if one was so inclined, take the SLASH fan point of view. You see, without Tommy's friendship and Merton's subsequent unrelenting love for the jock, returned or otherwise, Merton suddenly could converse with girls much more easily because no thoughts of Tommy crept into his mind and made him fumble! Hey, I'm open to the idea. Or maybe the whole 'gothic loner with no friends' thing, really worked for him well and girls started chasing him. (If so, it should start working for me, soon...although I'm more emo or indie, to tell the truth). Hey anyways, it was pretty good, so I give it a 8. It'd be a 7.5 but that's not possible.
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References: The Family Man

Characters in this episode:
Lori Baxter
Tommy Dawkins
Merton Dingle

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