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Being Tommy Dawkins
Season 3; first aired in U.S. on December 15th, 2001

Merton discovers a portal to enter Tommy's mind, which he makes extensive use of to escape a vengeful bully. Never one to carefully cover his footsteps, Merton soon finds that he's not the only one with the ability to take over Tommy's body.

Average rating: 9.39 / 10
(of 29 ratings)

Recent review: Cavernism -- Wow, I'm really impressed how perfectly Brandon Quinn played Tommy Dawkins possessed by Merton Dingle...the laugh, the movements, he nailed everything! This has so many great lines and goofy situations, and I mean, parodying "Being John Malcovich"? That's merit enough for a perfect ten!
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References: Being John Malkovich

Characters in this episode:
Lori Baxter
Tommy Dawkins
Merton Dingle
Tim Eckert

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