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Season 3; first aired in U.S. on December 8th, 2001

Hillary Choate, Merton's arch-nemesis and childhood crush, has her eye on the office of class president and even seems willing to give her soul to the demonic Mr. McGovern. In a bid to keep the Gothic Fantasy Guild free of Hillary's tyranny, Merton convinces the infinitely more popular Tommy to run against her in this ode to Alexander Payne's dark comedy Election. Alternately titled Demonocracy In America.

Average rating: 7.83 / 10
(of 18 ratings)

Recent review: ricky93 -- this was a great episode. solid acting on both parts and best of all, (drumroll please) No Lori!!!!!!!!!!!!! tommy and merton had good lines "tommy:chicken fried steak? merton:gone fried gone" terrific, just terrific. bring back WCW
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References: Mission: Impossible

Characters in this episode:
Tommy Dawkins
Merton Dingle

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