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Jane Wheeler

Other Projects:
Are You Afraid Of The Dark? (Tale Of The Final Wish) (TV Series; 1993)
Mrs. Petterson

The Neighbor (Movie; 1993)
Dr. Wayburn

Vendetta II: The New Mafia (TV Movie; 1993)

Stalked (Movie; 1994)
Female executive

Are You Afraid Of The Dark? (Tale Of C7) (TV Series; 1995)

Marked Man (Movie; 1995)
Kate Gallagher

Sirens (The Abduction) (TV Series; 1995)

Zoya (TV Movie; 1995)
Female gossip

For Love Alone: The Ivana Trump Story (Movie; 1996)

The Kid (Movie; 1997)

Never Too Late (Movie; 1997)
Bank manager

Barney's Great Adventure (Movie; 1998)

The Secret Pact (Movie; 1999)
Dr. Evelyn Wong

The Neverending Story (TV Series; 2001)
Donna Bux