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Brandon Quinn -- interview with Vrak TV
by Adam; orginally posted March 4th, 2001 posted a 3 minute video interview with Brandon Quinn on their site, and although they provided a transcription of the interview in French, there wasn't one to be found in English. I painstakingly (well, not really) transcribed the interview from the video, and...well, here it is! The interviewer from Vrak, Katia Prévost, doesn't use perfect English, so don't be too rough on the gal. The text version on Vrak's site, translated at, has some additional stuff not included in the video.

Katia Prévost: So, hi Brandon!

Brandon Quinn: Hello, how are ya?

Katia: I'm pretty good. And you?

Brandon: Oh, not so bad. Thank you for having me.

Katia: Wow, thank you for being here. Thanks for the opportunity.

Brandon: No problem.

Katia: So, what brings you to Montreal?

Brandon: Well, uh, the third season of Big Wolf On Campus.

Katia: Oh yeah, really?

Brandon: Yup.

Katia: You haven't started shooting yet.

Brandon: No, we haven't started shooting yet. Hopefully in April.

Katia: So, how did you get the part for Big Wolf? I saw it was a very physical role.

Brandon: Yes, very much so.

Katia: Did you have to make a special type of audition?

Brandon: Well, not really...I...uh...I had a regular audition in L.A., and a couple weeks later, I had another one. And then a couple weeks later, I had another one. A couple weeks later, I had another one...

Katia: (laughs)

Brandon: It was a long process.

Katia: Long process, right.

Brandon: Yeah, it took about two months to, like, audition for the whole thing, but...yeah, and after the last one, they told me not to shave, which was kinda cool.

Katia: (laughs)

Brandon: ...but yeah, the last one, they said, "Alright! You got it! You're going up to Montreal!" and I'm like, "Montreal? Where the hell's that?"

Katia: Do you find some similarities between Tommy and you?

Brandon: Yeah, definitely.

Katia: Yeah?

Brandon: Definitely.

Katia: Like what?

Brandon: Yeah, he's just...I'm a...I'm kind of a lighthearted guy.

Katia: Okay. (laughs)

Brandon: Unless I need to, I don't really take situations too seriously.

Katia: Tommy is a lot goofy.

Brandon: Yeah, he's kinda neurotic in a way. I'm not so much neurotic as a person, but, you know, I do, you know, put a lot of my goofy tendencies into my character, which makes it easy.

Katia: And did you make friends among cast members?

Brandon: I did.

Katia: For example, a lot of people want to know if Danny Smith and you are real buddies and stuff.

Brandon: Danny is...a really cool guy. He's a hilarious guy. He's probably one of the funniest guys I know. (looks directly at camera) As you guys all know. No, he's an awesome guy. I love hanging out with him.

Katia: So you have a lot of fun on the set?

Brandon: If not for him, it'd be a lot tougher. Yeah, he's an awesome guy to work with.

Katia: And, any girlfriend?

Brandon: Yes, I have a wonderful girlfriend. Yup, yup, she's actually from Montreal.

Katia: Oh, yeah?

Brandon: She's a Canadian.

Katia: So what do you think about Montreal?

Brandon: Go Canada!

Katia: What do you think about the place?

Brandon: Montreal?

Katia: Mmm-hmm.

Brandon: It's amazing. I love it. It's a little cold.

Katia: Yeah.

Brandon: But besides that, it's a great place. The city's beautiful.

Katia: And what do you think about the girls here?

Brandon: The girls are very good looking. They're amazing.

Katia: So, what do you think about Buffy?

Brandon: Buffy...

Katia: The Vampire Slayer.

Brandon: Sassy!

Katia: Britney Spears?

Brandon: Sexy!

Katia: Oh yeah?

Brandon: Yes!

Katia: Eminem?

Brandon: Confused.

Katia: Tommy Dawkins?

Brandon: Oh, boy... Confused!

Katia: (laughs) And Stacey Hanson?

Brandon: Stacey Hanson...that's a name from the past. word... (emotes) Beautiful!

Katia: Oh, that's so sweet. And VRAK TV?

Brandon: The most amazing...I can't do this in one word. The most amazing station ever!

Katia: Well, thank you very much!

Brandon: You're very welcome. Thank you for having me.

Katia: Thank you very much.

Brandon: Likewise. I'll talk to you guys soon.

Katia: Sure.

Brandon: Rock on!