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What If Merton Did Become A Werewolf?
by Adam; orginally posted August 27th, 2000

If anyone else feels like mailing me some other contributions, I'll definitely post 'em. You can reach me at Thanks in advance!

After seeing "The Bookmobile", where Merton tries to convince Tommy to pass the werewolf curse to him, it dawned on me that perhaps my meager Photoshop skills could be put to use to see what Merton would look like as a lycanthrope.'s one. I actually made two, but one turned out so bad that I decided against posting it. I'll probably find this other attempt pretty embarassing in a couple of weeks, but I guess I can always replace these with something better later.

I also (bonus!) threw together very quickly an equally-bad picture of Merton as a vampire, inspired by "Fangs For The Memories". I actually did do more than just lengthen the teeth and change the eye color, although I guess the rest isn't really as noticeable.

Hey, I'm starting to receive some other edited pics in the mail. Here's one courtesy of Dan Willey, also of a zany alternate-universe vampire Merton. webmaster Justin Channell contributed another monster shot, this time of Merton as one of the undead, and considering that Muffy's in the shot too, zombie-Merton probably won't be around much longer...