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If You Liked This Season Three Episode...
by the Joker hahaha; orginally posted January 2nd, 2003; last updated January 3rd, 2003

In fits of boredom, I put together "if you liked this episode..." lists for the first two seasons of Big Wolf on Campus, rattling off references and vague connections to other movies. David kept reminding me that I hadn't put one together for season three, so he and his friend David kindly cobbled a guide together themselves, and it's presented below. Thanks, David and Brian!

Stone Free

  • In a previous episode, Merton got turned into stone. A girl named Melissa turned out to be Medusa, and she was going after Tommy. Merton stood in front of his friend and took the brunt of the assault. Now, Tommy and Lori are struggling desperately to reverse his present condition.
  • In Merton's Lair, the two consult the book, Lord of the Rings, that has a videotape inside (Tommy first thought it was Lord of the Dance, which featured an Irish headband dancer). On the tape (which was made in the event of his death), Merton praises his good friend Tommy but also wishes that Lori had dated him.
  • In order to help Merton, Tommy consults a man named Maxwell Fong. Fong wants Tommy to wrestle his champion, and he has an antidote that should cure Merton's condition.
  • Merton ends up freed, and he joyfully reunites with his friends. He quickly finds himself feeling sick, and the group realizes Fong's serum was not totally effective. Merton refers to his present situation as Han Solo's (Harrison Ford) in the 1983 George Lucas film, Return of the Jedi (Solo was frozen but very weak after he got freed by Princess Leia).
  • Without the antidote, Merton will die. Tommy agrees and the fight takes place. Tommy gets pummeled, but Merton and Lori suspect some foul play at work. Their suspicions are correct Tommy was impaired by a secretly planted silver-nitrate needle. Now empowered, Tommy wins the fight and Merton gets the antidote.
  • The episode ends hilariously with Merton demanding a foot rub from Tommy and Lori, and Fong's champion quoting "To be or Not to be" (from Shakespeare's Hamlet).

Everybody Fang Chung Tonight

  • The title is a reference to the popular eighties song, "Everybody Have Fun Tonight", by the group called Wang Chung.
  • A goth girl (Cassandra) calls Merton on the air of his radio station and asks him out. She has a friend (Christina) that she wants to be hooked up with a friend of his. Tommy's favorite movie is Dude, Where's My Car?, but Merton insists he say it is Nosferatu (in order to pass him off as a goth kid named Osmodius).
  • Merton is unnerved to discover that Cassandra is a vampire, but she reveals that she lives on a different blood supply (not human). Merton tentatively agrees to try, and they date (he carries a stake with him as a back-up for trouble that could happen).
  • Tommy (still pretending to be Osmodious) is attracted to Christina, and reveals his werewolf secret to her.
  • On a date, Merton and Cassandra share a kiss. She is upset to discover not only a stake, but garlic-filled water pistols. She is annoyed at Merton's obvious lack of trust in her. Merton is overwhelmed to discover a secret Cassandra and Christina are Cobiasco Vampires, which need werewolf blood in order to survive. He is offered a chance to become a vampire. Merton tries to stop the girls from going after Tommy, but Christina bites him.
  • The girls and Merton confront Tommy. Merton is now a Cobiasco Vampire, and attempts to bite Tommy himself. With Lori's help, both girls get staked and Merton returns to his normal self.

I Dream of Becky

  • The title is a reference to the famous TV show, I Dream Of Jeannie (starring Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman). This episode is very similar to that show in terms of plot. Eden plays a genie that obeys her "Master", an army man played by Hagman.
  • Merton ordered a rhinoceros aphrodisiac, but received an ancient bottle by mistake. Becky (Merton's sister) shows up and tries to unsuccessfully hide her pimple from Tommy (who she clearly is smitten by). When the two boys leave, Becky inadvertently unleashes the genie.
  • The devilish purple man allows Becky (his "Master") to have three wishes. She makes them
    (1) make the pimple go away
    (2) make Merton stay away from her
    (3) have Tommy notice, fall in love, and kiss her
  • Merton and Lori are confused and upset as Tommy falls head over heels for Becky. One night, Merton has a hilarious nightmare in which a married Tommy and Becky are together, and have a baby werewolf in a carriage.
  • Merton and Lori stumble upon Becky's diary, and discover the existence of the genie. Becky's third wish occurs, but Tommy immediately realizes something is wrong.
  • After many years, the genie is now free and Becky goes into the bottle in his place. It will be many years before she can have a chance to get free. Tommy learns from Lori and Merton what really happened with Becky. They vow to rescue her from harm.
  • The Genie is confronted at the factory by the trio, who demand him to free Becky. Wolfed-up Tommy has got his hands full fighting a genie with magic powers. Surprisingly, he is able to overpower the genie and save Becky. The Genie unhappily winds up back in the bottle.

Stormy Weather

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Stormy Weather

  • The title is an homage to the popular Christmas song, "Santa Claus is coming to town" (performed by various artists over the years).
  • Christmastime has arrived in Pleasantville. Merton is in charge of the local choir, and he kicks out Lori because she is a bad singer. Lori is very upset, because her family expects her to be in the choir for an upcoming holiday presentation.
  • Tommy has purchased gifts, and a somewhat selfish Merton is obsessed with his present.
  • The trio (Merton, Tommy, Lori) discover a wounded Santa Claus and help him get back on doing his Christmas deeds. Merton doesn't believe in Santa, but Tommy does. Thanks to his revelation of "Christmas magic", Santa proves himself as the real thing.
  • Merton gives Tommy his gift (a platinum clock that tracks lunar cycles) and Lori hers (an autographed book of Bruce Lee).
  • The three encounter another man who claims to be Santa (but he doesn't have his costume, so therefore lacks the "Christmas magic"). They are skeptical at first, but the shocking mystery is revealed this is the real Santa Claus! The man they helped was none other than Santa's evil brother, Roger, also called the Anti-Claus!
  • The Anti-Claus wants to be mean on this holiday (plant a bomb under every tree), and therefore tarnish this day and Santa's reputation.
  • The trio decides they must stop Roger before his twisted plans occur. They encounter him in Tommy's neighborhood, but the Anti-Claus disappears. Tommy later accosts him on the sleigh high in the air. He manages to remove the suit from Roger, but the sleigh appears set to crash. Santa is able to save the day by contacting Tommy on radio and talking him down safely. Santa Claus is overjoyed to have his suit back, and Christmas is saved.
  • Santa leaves to finish up his journey, but not before giving the trio their gifts early (as a sign of gratitude).
  • The episode ends somewhat humorously when Roger and Santa are seen in group therapy of "Sibling Rivalry Anonymous". Merton has a change of heart (he gets some holiday spirit), and lets Lori back into the choir. Pleasantville gets some snow (which they were lacking previously).


  • This episode shows and ugly side to the desire of politicians to win their campaigns "at any cost".
  • An election is being held for the "Student Body President".
  • The conniving Hillary Choate (who was running the "Studs of Pleasantville High" calender in Mertonator) is running unopposed, and by all accounts is expected to win. Merton is annoyed that she is running and refuses to support her. Hillary responds by telling Merton she will cut the funding for the "Gothic Fantasy" Club/Guild.
  • Merton is furious, and vows to defeat Hillary somehow. Since he knows he doesn't stand a chance, Merton seeks out Tommy. By slyly suggesting that Hillary will cut out chicken from the cafeteria, Tommy gets incensed and decides to run against Hillary.
  • The civics teacher, Mr. McGovern (also called "Mr. McGee"), is in charge of running the election. This is a reference to the 1972 Democratic Political Candidate, George McGovern. His office, located in the Watergate Hotel, was broken into by operatives working on the re-election campaign of President Richard Nixon. Unknown to all at school, McGee works for Satan and is trying to get a soul for the Dark Lord.
  • Tommy connects better with the students, which causes intense frustration for Hillary. She pleads with McGee to help her out and comments that she would "sell her soul" to win this election. McGee is pleased to have her trapped in his clutches (he caught her words on audio-tape). With help from Satan, McGee obtains a file that reveals Tommy is a werewolf. He threatens to reveal this secret, and Tommy realizes he is in a no-win situation.
  • Merton decides to break into McGee's office to steal the file (a hilarious parody of the Watergate break-in). This scene is a spoof of the 1996 action-film, Mission Impossible, starring Tom Cruise who was doing a break-in of his own.
  • He manages to find the tape and realizes who McGee really is. McGee arrives and opens a fiery pit in the floor to finish off Merton. Merton nearly dies, but Tommy (who was not happy with the break-in idea) arrives and rescues him just in time.
  • Merton and Tommy are desperate to save Hillary from McGee's clutches, but she doesn't believe their story about him working for Satan.
  • The election closes and Tommy receives more votes. However, McGee disqualifies Tommy because of Merton's "illegal" actions. Hillary is declared the winner for Student Body President.
  • Hillary is horrified when McGee reveals his real intentions. He steals her soul, and leaves her unconscious. Wolfed-up Tommy arrives to save the day. The two fight in a slow-motion action sequence that is a spoof of the action-fight scenes in the movie, The Matrix.
  • Merton arrives with a postcard in hand. This long-ago card was sent to him from Hillary, and she pledged her soul to him. McGee is furious, but realizes he can't obtain the soul and Hillary is saved. He then disappears in a huff.
  • Once waking up, Hillary and Merton bond over the postcard and get together. However, a chance for a relationship is shattered when Hillary cuts the funding for the Goth club. Meanwhile, the evil McGee is stuck in Hell doing janitorial duty (he hopes he can find better work soon).

Being Tommy Dawkins

  • The title and plot of this episode is a direct reference to the Spike Jonze film, Being John Malkovich. According to Merton, it was "critically acclaimed but financially disappointing". The "quirky" premise was "too thinky" for Middle America to "embrace". In the film, John Cusack (a puppeteer) discovers a portal to John Malkovich's mind and experiences life through his eyes. In this episode, Merton finds himself in the very same situation with Tommy.
  • A ruthless bully named Bucky is released from jail and goes back to Pleasantville High. He seeks revenge against Merton, whose testimony helped put him in jail.
  • Merton is horrified to see Bucky and hides inside a janitor's closet. Inside, he finds a portal and gets stuck inside Tommy's head. In class, Merton's response of "The Monroe Doctrine" helps save Tommy in class. He also manages to help his friend secure a date with Lori, who finds herself drawn to Tommy.
  • Tommy talks to Bucky and tries to convince him to leave Merton alone. Bucky refuses, so a frightened Merton decides to not leave school grounds and set up a "hobo town" in the cafeteria.
  • On the date, Merton helps sparks fly between Tommy and Lori, which leads to a kiss between the couple. Bucky appears outside, and Merton (through Tommy) spots him. By grabbing a remote control, Merton gains full control of Tommy's body and attacks Bucky (hoping to scare him off for good).
  • Bucky hears a gloating Merton inside the cafeteria and realizes what happened. He seizes control of Tommy, and turns the tables on Merton. Lori shows up and helps Merton escape. The two then enter the portal and face-off with Bucky. Tommy, meanwhile, is encountering physical pain from all the fighting.
  • Tommy surprises all by showing up and he takes on Bucky. Afterwards, the bully is picked up by the police and sent back to jail.
  • Lori was mad that Merton and Tommy deceived her, but is forgiving of her "two favorite guys". Merton does some cleaning inside Tommy's head before sealing off the portal for good.

Save the Last Trance

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Very Pale Rider

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Play It Again, Samurai

  • The title is a take-off on the Woody Allen film, Play it again, Sam. It was also a quote long-believed to be said by Humphrey Bogart in the film, Casablanca (it was never said though).
  • When the episode opens, Tommy and Lori are play fighting. He accidentally crashes through the window of "The Hungry Bucket" and decides to take responsibility for it when police sirens sound (Lori has a previous record, and he wants to protect her). As a result, Tommy spends a night in jail and must work at the place for 50 hours.
  • One night at the Factory, Tommy notices a beautiful Japanese girl staring at Merton. An excited Merton goes over to talk to her, but he nervously knocks down a table. He introduces himself, and she says her name is Quki Mitsumoto. She admits an interest in Merton, but refuses to see him any longer. She states that they are "too different" before leaving.
  • Merton decides to pull out all the stops to win over Quki. He dresses up for her in a Japanese outfit and speaks to her with an Ogawa Province language. She is stunned, but not swayed. Merton refuses to just "move on", and pulls Quki into a kiss. She gets very upset and tells him he should not have done that.
  • A warrior (named Kenzo) appears and vows to hurt Merton. The two of them have a confrontation, but Merton manages to get him knocked out with a metal stairwell.
  • "The Man" (the boss of the Hungry Bucket) admits to Tommy that he has a weakness with girls, and wants to have a date with Lori. Tommy agrees when he offers to work Tommy's hours. Lori does not care for the arrogant kid, but feels she owes it to Tommy and relents.
  • Merton tells Lori and Tommy what happened with Quki and Kenzo. Lori's dad worked in Okinawa, and she finds this situation all too familiar with an ancient Japanese fable. Init, a princess (Quki) had rejected a marriage proposal from a samurai (Kenzo), and he put a curse on her to live alone. He also vowed to destroy any man who "defiled" her lips.
  • Merton is terrified by the news. In order to avoid the danger, he puts on a big suit (for protection) and publicly dumps Quki. She admits that she kissed two other guys, who were both killed by Kenzo. She says that the curse won't end unless he kisses another girl.
  • Kenzo arrives and prepares to kill Merton with his sword. Quki steps in the middle and stuns all by declaring she will marry Kenzo (as long as he leaves Merton unharmed). He agrees, but takes Merton with him as a hostage to insure Quki's cooperation.
  • Meanwhile, "The Man" arrives for a scheduled date with Lori, who never shows up. He is angry.
  • Quki arrives in a dazzling, ancient Japanese gown and an excited Kenzo declares they are married. Just after they kiss, Quki shows up. The "Quki" Kenzo kissed was really Lori in a clever disguise! The curse is ended, but a furious Kenzo vows to destroy them all for spite.
  • A wolfed-up Tommy and Lori fight Kenzo. Their out-of-sync dialogue lampoons Japanese films like Godzilla, which had this happen all the time. Kenzo ends up crashing through the Hungry Bucket (like at the beginning). He decides to give up his quest for Quki, after a long 900 years. He feels his foes are too powerful, and admits having a thing for Kristy Yamaguchi.
  • The cops arrive, and this time the whole trio (Merton, Tommy, Lori) are caught.
  • When the episode concludes, they are forced to work at the Hungry Bucket together. Quki and Merton go their separate ways, and he finds his wounded heart rekindled by spotting an attractive German girl in the Factory.

Dances Without Wolves

  • The title is a direct reference to the popular Kevin Costner film, Dances With Wolves.
  • In this episode, Tommy seriously questions his destiny as the Pleasantville werewolf. What he finds is answers that make the destiny more complete than ever before.
  • A girl named Jenny approaches Tommy to take her to the school's upcoming pep rally. Because a full moon will occur, Tommy can't go and turns her down. He's missed alot of practices because of his unusual situation. Even though he is the starting Quarterback, Tommy will be off the team if he misses any more practice. Chuck Freeman, an arrogant teammate, arrives and slyly escorts Jenny away with him.
  • Merton tries to talk to Tommy, but Tommy's angry outburst into his own locker scares him off. A frustrated Tommy says aloud "I wish I never became a werewolf".
  • Without warning, the reality suddenly changes. Tommy finds that he is no longer a werewolf or the starting QB (he was a good player but tore up his knee in pre-season).
  • Tommy is upset to discover that Lori and Tommy have no friendship with him. In fact, they barely know each other at all. Jenny encounters him and stuns him by saying he needs to be ready for his performance of Grease in the Drama Club.
  • Tommy seriously questions his surroundings when he sees a picture of Chuck as the Pleasantville QB (which was previously him). He breaks into the Lair and Merton is unnerved by his presence. Tommy reveals information to prove that he knows Merton, but the undaunted Merton declares Tommy could be informed by his recent autobiography ("I, Merton"). He insists that he is a werewolf, but nothing happens at the full moon. Tommy is thrilled to realize he hasn't been bit. Merton tricks Tommy into holding a silver pen, which proves he is not a werewolf.
  • Tommy is not pleased to encounter a wolfed-up Chuck stealing money (but he doesn't realize who it is). He is about to get charged at when police sirens sound. Both of them flee the scene quickly.
  • Tommy realizes his situation is reminiscent of the Nicolas Cage film, Family Man (this comedy featured Cage finding out what his life would have been like if he married his college girlfriend).
  • Merton decides to help Tommy, and plants a silver knife in Chuck's plate during lunch. When his hand burns at the touch, Merton realizes Tommy is telling the truth. The two confront Chuck in the hallway, and Tommy angrily shoves him. A crowd gathers (including Lori) and Chuck tries to make Tommy look crazy.
  • Against Tommy's pleading advice, Lori goes on a date with Chuck. When Lori is ready to go home, Chuck gets angry and reveals his secret. Merton and Tommy show up and threaten the evil wolf with silver-nitrate loaded pistols.
  • Chuck manages to disarm the duo. Tommy and Chuck fight, and Tommy ends up getting bitten. In this alternate reality, Tommy still becomes a werewolf.
  • It becomes a fight of good verses evil when wolfed-up Tommy and Chuck fight again.
  • Merton does a hilarious impression of Clint Eastwood from the film, Dirty Harry, by holding the pistol on Chuck and saying "Do you feel lucky?"
  • Chuck nearly shoots Tommy (Tommy's slow-motion dodging of the bullets copies sequences from the film, The Matrix done by Keanu Reeves).
  • Tommy manages to defeat Chuck and realizes that his destiny was to become a werewolf. He happily returns to his own reality, and life resumes normally.
  • The episode closes with the alternate reality Tommy performing Grease.

Baby On Board

  • The title is the same phrasing as a once popular bumper sticker ("Baby on board").
  • In order to find the "perfect person", Merton decides to look beyond the Earth. He attempts to do some "intergalactic dating" (he sends word of himself out into space). Tommy is not into the plan and quickly leaves Merton alone.
  • Suddenly, a female alien arrives and startles Merton. She tells him that he is "perfect" and touches his forehead with her glowing index finger (is a take-off from the classic Steven Spielberg film, E.T.).
  • Lori is interviewed for Havermill College (a prestigious, all-women environment) by Dean Anders of Admissions. Merton and Tommy interrupt with news of Merton encountering the alien. The Dean is annoyed by the intrusion, but will allow a re-schedule of this meeting.
  • The trio (Tommy, Merton, Lori) go on a search for the alien. The alien suddenly arrives and manages to rescue Merton from getting hit by a car. Later on, Merton has a big appetite and discovers that he is pregnant! This is a spoof of the Arnold Schwarzenegger 1994 'underwhelming comedy' called Junior, in which he gives birth.
  • Lori meets again with Dean Anders. Once again, they are interrupted by Merton and Tommy (this time, with news of Merton's pregnancy). The angry Dean exits, but not before telling Lori she won't speak to her again. The three laterrealize that the alien Merton encountered must be the mother. Against sensible advice, Merton refuses to go into hiding and publicly proclaims his pregnancy.
  • The smitten Tommy approaches Dean Anders and manages to persuade her into giving Lori another chance to meet. He later goes to Lamaze class with Merton. The alien arrives and tells Merton that he is just a "storage vessel" and he will be "discarded" after the birth. Tommy angrily wolfs-out, and the alien disappears with Merton. However, Merton's quick-thinking allowed the alien to drop her transporting device (so Tommy has a chance to follow them).
  • Merton finds himself strapped to a chair on the alien's ship. The baby will be born much like the scene in the 1979 Ridley Scott film, Alien, starring Sigourney Weaver. An alien bursts through the chest of John Hurt, and that's what happens to Merton.
  • Things go well on the third interview between Lori and Dean Anders, but Tommy interrupts. He apologizes, but explains what happened to Merton. Lori realizes that she needs to help out on the rescue mission. The Dean smugly says that Lori's application is now rejected, but Tommy abducts the two of them to the ship (He vows to prove what makes Lori unique to the Dean).
  • They are all aghast to witness Merton give birth. The baby is going to "feast" on Merton, but the unexpected arrival distracts that from happening. Tommy and Lori are each attacked viciously by the baby, who displays uncanny strength. The alien nearly vaporizes them all and presses a button to remove gravity, but Lori's heroic actions save the day. Dean Anders finds herself impressed and thrilled by these events. She remarks to Tommy how she enjoyed the trip.
  • All of them safely return home to Pleasantville. Merton finds himself missing the pregnancy experience. Lori is overjoyed to learn she was accepted to Havermill. Elsewhere, the alien reads a story to her baby about eating humans.

The Boy Who Tried Wolf

  • The title is a reference to the well-known fable/story called "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" (in which the lesson is that if you tell lies long enough, no one will believe you when you speak the truth).
  • While trying to remove a wisdom fang from Tommy, Merton accidentally gets bitten. As a result, he will become a werewolf. Lori was bit before, but was able to stop the transformation by taking a dose of wolfsbane. Merton has the contents in the Lair, and is urged to take it immediately. He slyly tricks the two into believing he took the wolfsbane, but he really swallowed oregano. As anticipated, Merton turns into a werewolf.
  • A vicious man named Dimitri arrives in Pleasantville. His position? An exterminator of monsters. His mission? To kill the Pleasantville werewolf. Both Tommy and Merton are frightened.
  • Lori sees the changes in Merton while bowling. She reveals her suspicions to Tommy, but a completely transformed Merton arrives after dark. Tommy is happy to have his friend as a fellow werewolf, but Lori is worried and reminds them that most werewolves become evil.
  • Tommy and Merton play basketball during Merton's first full moon night. The game is an even match because of equal strength. Dimitri arrives and nearly finds them.
  • At school, Merton allows dominant facial hair to grow. He manages to get many girls to surround him. Along with chest hair, Merton has a jacket that is "kickin' like Jackie Chan".
  • Because of Dimitri, Tommy suggests that Merton find a way to change back. Merton gets uncharacteristically angry and tells Tommy and Lori that he wants to stay how he is.
  • Merton wanders into a trap set by Dimitri. He calls for Tommy to help him escape. Tommy agrees to help, as long as Merton agrees to change his condition. Merton cooperates, but turns the tables and stuns Tommy by trapping him in the trap! A confused Tommy is horrified to learn that Merton is an evil werewolf! Merton leaves and declares he will be the only werewolf in town.
  • Dimitri arrives and prepares to tranquilize Tommy. However, Tommy grabs a dart and manages to hit Dimitri with it. The exterminator passes out, and Tommy is able to put him inside the trap.
  • Merton and Lori have a confrontation. She realizes Merton has become evil. He offers to make her become a wolf and join him.
  • Outside the Factory, Merton attacks a guy who pushed him before. He grabs him and utters lines from the 1995 version of Frankenstein starring Kenneth Branaugh "Don't bother to scream".
  • Tommy arrives and Merton is looking for a fight. Tommy tries to reason with Merton, but it doesn't work. Merton tosses a silver nitrate vapor at Tommy which causes him to weaken and fall down. Tommy begs his friend not to hurt him, but the evil Merton is unswayed.
  • Lori suddenly shows up and interrupts the scene. She tells Merton that she has "thought about his offer" and wants to "join the dark side" with him. Merton is thrilled and proceeds to bite her. However, Lori's previous bite allows nothing to happen to her and revert Merton back to his former state.
  • Dimitri encounters the trio, but they pretend they were victims of the werewolf's assault. Dimitri decides to give up his hunt and leaves Pleasantville.
  • At the end of the episode, an obsessed Merton wants to figure out where his evil tendencies sprang from. He wonders if it could be his great-uncle Thaddeus, who had a stubble.

The Mertonator

  • The title is a reference to the 1984 action-movie classic, The Terminator. This feature film (directed by James Cameron) starred action-hero Arnold Schwarzenegger as an evil cyborg from the future arriving in the present to wreck havoc.
  • This episode pretty much spoofs the concept created by Cameron. An evil Merton (complete with a black jacket and sunglasses, like Schwarzenegger wore) arrives in Pleasantville to seek out and destroy Tommy Dawkins. A heroic Tommy cyborg (which actually is a take off on Terminator 2 Judgment Day, that had Arnold play a good role against the evil T-1000) arrives to protect his human doppelganger.
  • Merton’s school reputation is heightened by his appearance in two months of "Studs of Pleasantville High" calender (it actually was the Merton cyborg, who managed to 'seduce' his way in through Hillary). A hilarious cameo by Dean Dawkins occurs (the evil Merton encountered him watching Judge Judy).
  • The Merton cyborg assumed his mission was complete by "terminating" Tommy Dawkins (but it actually was the Tommy cyborg who was barely wounded). Later, the Tommy cyborg gets vaporized by the Merton cyborg. A final confrontation at the Factory allows the evil Merton to be destroyed (by the hands of Merton, Tommy, and Lori combined).

What's Vlud Got To Do With It?

  • The title is a copy from the 1984 hit song by Tina Turner, "What's Love Got To Do With It".
  • This episode offers the strongest temptation for Tommy to leave Pleasantville.
  • Tommy and Merton are bid on at a bachelor auction in school (the proceeds go to charity). The beautiful Tristan receives a date with Tommy, and her ugly troll-ish friend, Vlud, gets a date with Merton. Merton is disappointed by his predicament.
  • Tristan carries on a secret conversation regarding her success at "securing Tommy Dawkins". Lori (who ran the auction) is disturbed to learn that Tristan's money is Lycanthian. Tommy quickly learns that Tristan is a werewolf, and her home planet of Lyncanthia consists of werewolves living free in their condition.
  • Tristan is a princess of Lyncanthia (her father is the King), and she offers Tommy to come live with her. Although flattered, Tommy can't bring himself to leave his home and friends. Tristan is upset, and her angry father responds by abducting Tommy to Lycanthia.
  • Initially rejecting the hideous-looking Vlud, Merton finds himself in strong pursuit when she announces she is not attracted to him. When Vlud returns with Tristan to Lyncanthia, Merton stows away on the trip.
  • Tristan is angry over her father's actions. A brawl between Tommy and the King occurs when the discovered Merton is almost killed. The gallant Tommy rescues the King from getting killed. The King then sees the error of his selfish ways, and Tommy and Merton are free to return home.
  • The episode closes on a pleasant note when Tommy chats with his new friends online (the King and Tristan).

Switch Me Baby One More Time

  • The title is a funny take-off on the song "Hit Me Baby One More Time", by pop-star Britney Spears.
  • This episode actually has a very dramatic and suspenseful storyline. The 1997 John Woo action-flick, Face/Off, comes to mind. In the movie, John Travolta and Nicolas Cage switched faces. In this episode, Lori gets her body switched with a "body-jumper" named Alice.
  • At first, Alice appears like a harmless student who looks up to the popular and pretty Lori. She follows her around and declares herself as "Lori's best friend".
  • Merton is determined to make himself successful with the "Merton J. Dingle Show" (despite skepticism from Tommy and Lori). When the ratings don't go too well, Merton pleads with Tommy to appear on his show ('wolfed-up') but to no avail.
  • Tommy is unnerved when he encounters Alice, who styled her hair just like Lori (a copy from the sinister Jennifer Jason Leigh from the film, Single White Female). When Tommy leaves, Alice stuns Lori by switching bodies with her.
  • Alice/Lori tries to convince Merton and Tommy of her true identity, but they don't believe her. Merton allows Alice/Lori to come onto his show, but she goes for his throat when he mocks her on the air. Lori realizes she is in serious danger when she discovers that Alice is on probation, and just one step away from Juvenile Hall.
  • Lori/Alice displays uncharacteristic behavior that confuses Tommy (she kisses him, cries, and gets turned off by a favorite drink). Tommy realizes the truth of the situation when Alice/Lori challenges Lori/Alice to reveal "Tommy's secret" (being a werewolf) and she can't do it.
  • Merton's broadcast is interrupted by the arrival of Alice/Lori, who switches bodies with a "face eater" (a guest on the show). The face eater/Alice fights with the wolfed-up Tommy. After a few tense moments, Lori gets her body back and Alice disappears.

What's The Story, Mourning Corey

  • The title is reminiscent of the old expression, "what's the story, morning glory?"
  • This two-parter is the last episode of Season 3.
  • High school is drawing to a close, and Merton and Tommy both are interested in taking the attractive Sloan to the prom. However, she expresses more interest in Tommy. Merton is already upset that he was not voted for any superlatives in the yearbook, and this makes it worse.
  • Special guest-star Corey Feldman plays himself and arrives in Pleasantville on a special mission he wants revenge for his friend, Corey Haim, getting killed. Haim (who appeared in an earlier season) was a vampire and had to be slayed by Tommy, Lori, and Merton.
  • Feldman is aware how Haim died and wants revenge. He plays on Merton's dream of getting a script published and wanting to get with Sloan. Feldman announces to Merton, Tommy, and Lori that he is a vampire slayer and Haim had gotten bit on the set of the film, Lost Boys (also starring Keifer Sutherland and Jason Patric).
  • In a stunning plot twist, Feldman is revealed to be a vampire also and he abducts Sloan. This draws Merton and Tommy into arriving and facing his wrath. Merton puts himself in harm's way for Sloan, but he is able to stake Feldman and destroy the evil vampire.
  • After desperate pleading by Merton, Tommy gives in and lets his buddy take Sloan to the prom. Merton is overjoyed, but he doesn't realize that Sloan is evil and has a plan of her own......


  • The final part of the story, and thus the final episode of Season 3.
  • Because of Tommy's insistence, Sloan asks Merton to the prom (he first saw her embracing Tommy and angrily assumed his friend double-crossed him, and in a private tirade against Tommy, Merton refers to him as the "Big Wolf On Campus"). Unbeknownst to all, Sloan is a bounty-hunter who has the powerful "kiss of death". Lori is upset because her date turns out to be a Freshman.
  • Sloan kisses Merton which causes him to become a ghost. He is horrified and unable to prevent Tommy from going out with Sloan and undergoing the same fate.
  • Merton stumbles upon Lori doing pottery and tries to invade her body in order to make contact. This scene is taken from the 1990 box-office smash film, Ghost, starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.
  • When she is unable to kiss Tommy, Sloan reveals Merton's lifeless body under a glass case. She threatens to kill Merton off if Tommy doesn't agree to a stunning procedure to transfer his powers to her. Tommy agrees in order to spare Merton.
  • Sloan has an assistant named Gil (who appeared on the show before), who is not pleased to learn that all of Tommy's powers will go to Sloan.
  • Merton is able to come back to life when he invades Sloan's body and kisses himself back to life. Sloan vanishes when Tommy grabs hold of a "kiss" by her and throws it back at her.
  • Graduation occurs, and the trio (Merton, Tommy, Lori) are saddened to see their high school life come to an end. They attend the prom together and have a good time.
  • Tommy dorms at the State U, while Merton leaves to attend Heidelberg U. Becky Dingle gives her brother a tearful good-bye and calls him by his name (she usually refers to him as "freaker").
  • The episode ends with a great surprise twist Merton changes colleges, and ends up rooming with Tommy! So, life will go on for the Pleasantville trio.....