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'The Bail' Chat Transcript From June 6th, 2002
featuring Danny Smith, Brandon Quinn, and co-star Panou

bailthemovie> Hi everyone welcome to The Bail's first live question and answer chat, have fun and feel free to start posting your questions.

raejae> HI!!!!!!

Noryndor> Hi!

Phoenix057> In a short summary, what is the main plot of "The Bail"?

MoonieSmith> Hello!

Phoenix057> oh, and "HI!!!"

werewolftravis> Hello

captainhair> My only question for the night is this: Did Danny and Brandon have a chance to look at the thanks graphics that were made for you guys?


Loup_Garou> Hello!

raejae> aren't the dudes supposed to be posting too!
*shivers in excitement*

Dannys_lil_gurl> What Is the best part about doing movies??

Noryndor> My question: What was the funnest part of filming?

MoonieSmith> r any of them here?

Panou> Hi everyone it looks like I'm the first to get here, well you know Danny he likes to make an entrance )

MERToN10277> Hi!!

Phoenix057> This question is for either Brandon or Danny: Did your characters in "The Bail" ever relate to your own personalities?

Dannys_lil_gurl> yeah arnt Danny And Brandon And.... suposed to be here?

raejae> *yawn*I gave up corn on the cob and baked potatoes for this!

Phoenix057> Hi Panou! Was it fun filming "The Bail"? Did you like working w/ Danny and Brandon?

Loup_Garou> Panou! How did you like Florida??

Dannys_lil_gurl> what kind of entrance would that be?

Noryndor> raejae, I gave up Velvet Goldmine!

captainhair> Panou, has thy ego been crushed knowing that everyone is waiting for Danny and Brandon?

I'm sorry, I couldn't help that.


David the Joker> Hey Danny, Brandon, and Carl! Danny I'd like to tell you that watching you on Big Wolf inspired me to get into comedy! Danny do have any advice for getting in show biz and how do you do auditions? Brandon how long did it take you to put the wolf make-up? and Carl is it easy to get into directing what was the first thing you directed and do you enjoy it! This question goes out to all three what is your favorite Big Wolf episode?
Thanks guys and remember "Laughter is the closet distance between two people!" never forget that, cause when people forget to laugh they forget to live!----David

Adam> Hey all! I'll probably cobble some more questions momentarily, but I'll start off with...

- Danny, did you contribute any music to the film's soundtrack?

Panou> Yes they are and will be soon, they are in LA and I am in Toronto so the time difference is different.

cataline> Panou, what was your favorite part about making this movie?

MoonieSmith> mtv awards.....this....

Dannys_lil_gurl> corn... potato...ewwww

MERToN10277> This is for Danny: Would you count this movie as one of your favorite movies you've ever done?

raejae> Aww,poor Noryndor!

Loup_Garou> This forum style interview is going to get annoying!! LOL I lose my place every time!

Rickycat100> I have THE most important question of all!!!!

How much wood could a wood-chuck chuck if a wood-chuck could chuck wood?

And Danny do you have MSN messenger?


captainhair> Hey, this gives me an excuse to listen to techno and get some graphic work done. Go chats!


Noryndor> Me too Loup!

Loup_Garou> Woo hoo!! *turns up techno*

captainhair> Gotta love the techno version of the Hamster Dance song. Its a must have.


Dannys_lil_gurl> Danny makes an entrance and ill be happier then ever!!!

Rickycat100> Lol.


MoonieSmith> if he ever makes it!

Dannys_lil_gurl> Danny Or Brandon ever going to come???

cataline> lol gotta love the Hampster Dance!

captainhair> I'm just happy this gets me out of doing housework.


Loup_Garou> Panou, what did you like best about the movie. Ex: Favorite scene?

Panou> Wow I didn't expect so many questions but this is great and I will try to answer them.

Working in Florida was a lot of fun and I hope to do another movie their in the next year

Working with Danny and Brandon was sooooooooooooo much fun, I have never laughed so hard. Danny truely is funny and cool, and Brandon well he is the epitomy of coolness

As for everyone asking about them over me, no I don't mind cause they are great.

Rickycat100> PATIENCE! Danny here he shall be also Brandon don't forget him!



David the Joker> Their next movie is Where in the World is Brandon and Danny?

Dannys_lil_gurl> house work... this....housework...this....witch is more amusing???

MoonieSmith> o i like that!

captainhair> Er, I don't think I should answer that question. *throws looks at closet*



captainhair> Believe me, I'd rather be doing this. Housework is...too much work. It'll be better when I get my apartment though.


Dannys_lil_gurl> like what??? House work...this... i dont know hard choice...

captainhair> I think a liberal useage of the quote feature is gonna be needed here soon.


cataline> yeah April, because on here all the work you have to is type right?

Loup_Garou> This is going to be a nightmare! I think a chat would have been a little better!

Noryndor> If everyone hasn't already left, yes... I agree with you, April..

hitorifiamma> *taps foot and waits in a corner*

This is using up my bandwith...I'm trying to download an Invader ZIM episode, darnit...


werewolftravis> Come on Danny and Brandon come out and play

Dannys_lil_gurl> humm is patients needed here becuase if it is i will go crazy... any one with me???

cataline> Totally agree with you Loup.

Phoenix057> yeah...i'm getting a little sick of pushing the refresh button :-D But it's ok, this is great anyway! a good idea that is

MoonieSmith> wouldn't it be kinda funny if dannywould forget to would sit eating a burger thinking am i forgetting something

Loup_Garou> Run Danny and Brandon! Run for your lives!!!! j/k

crunkette> Crazy enough, I didn't find out about this until aproximately five minutes ago.

yeah April, because on here all the work you have to is type right?

Exactly. I keep switching between this and Photoshop, so I'm good to go!


Rickycat100> WHy DIDNT we have a chat? Lol Bail, I wasnt trying to be mean, I was just thinking, there's ALOTTA Bail fans!


David the Joker> Is Carl the director coming?

captainhair> Don't know.


Noryndor> I forgot to go to the bathroom before I came in... I don't want to miss anything though

Phoenix057> I just registered on the site today, so "hi" to everyone who has never seen my screen name before! :-)

Loup_Garou> These guys are gonna get SWAMPED!

MoonieSmith> i thought he was

captainhair> Maybe we should migrate over to Loup's chatroom...


cataline> Hold it Noryndor!

Dannys_lil_gurl> what dose the refresh button due??? im lost

Panou> My favorite scene is actually with Danny when he comes to see Mr. Big

crunkette> Refreshes the page and shows new posts.

captainhair> Refreshes the thread so you don't have to keep going back and forth between the main post and this thread.


Boxcar_Racer> This is getting annoying refresh, refresh, refresh

Dannys_lil_gurl> hold on... this is.... yeah ok right

Phoenix057> Hey Panou, what was the craziest thing that happened on set?

cataline> My head is starting to hurt from the scrollbar zipping up and down...

werewolftravis> Panou: Do you know if Danny is going to be on the soundtrack

David the Joker> Parou--What got you into acting and who is your favorite actor/actress?

captainhair> Ah...I love this. I feel like I'm back in my usenet days when you'd just hit refresh 20 times in ten minutes to see if someone posted something.


Loup_Garou> I've got my chatroom going, but I doubt the webmasters want to use it

Dannys_lil_gurl> ok how long is this going to take??? cuz now i understand why it was going to be going for 2 hours, that how long you gotta wait...

captainhair> Never know...


Noryndor> Panou: What was the funnest thing about filming?

Bartleby> Panou, how long have you been acting?

Loup_Garou> Now you hit refresh and 20 posts have already been posted! LOL

cataline> Convince them! lol

raejae> I wouldn't be able to cause i doesn't work for me!

Loup_Garou> if anyone is interested

crunkette> Loup your chatroom always freezes my computer.

hitorifiamma> *sighs* isn't working for me.


Loup_Garou> that's the downfall of a Java based chat looks like we got a pickle here

Noryndor> And I can't download the thing for your chat room...

captainhair> What about Justin's?


Rickycat100> I COULD!! WOOHOO! Lol.

cataline> Loup, I can't go there! Dumb computer won't allow access to the sites...

Loup_Garou> no one can copy a transcript

werewolftravis> Where are they at. Well at least Panou
is here.

hitorifiamma> *sigh* Justin's isn't working either.

I may just have to get on the other computer, as much as I hate it.


raejae> That doesn't work for me either!I would die if I couldn't meet these guys or talk to them or whatever!

captainhair> Arg...that's true. Forgot about that...


David the Joker> I can't download it ether but we should stick to asking question for the gentlemen that is all.

Bartleby> Panou, what's your favorite movie?

Danny&Brandon> Danny's in the house

raejae> I mainly came here to ask Danny and Brandon questions!ARG!!!

Bartleby> Hey, guys!

crunkette> lol!

Noryndor> Hi Danny!

MoonieSmith> Hi Danny!!

captainhair> My question still remains. That's all I really want to know.


Dannys_lil_gurl> Danny and brandon are here finaly!!!

hitorifiamma> wooh! *danceydancey*


werewolftravis> Danny: Are you on the bail soundtrack

raejae> okay
*looks blanky at computer screen*

Panou> My favorite movie is the original Star Wars

Phoenix057> Hi!!!!

cataline> Hey Danny!

Loup_Garou> YEY!

raejae> yippee!!!!!!!!

David the Joker> Answer the questions Brandon and Danny on the first page and remember the wolf rides again

Danny&Brandon> Hey, everyone! Danny here. Yes, of course "The Bail" is one of the most fun experiences I've had. Working with Brandon and Carl is always a blast!

Bartleby> Panou, what did you think of Attack of the Clones?

Phoenix057> Ok, let me is a question: How would you say the characters from "The Bail" related to your own personalities? :-)

MERToN10277> Hi Danny!!! Would you count this movie as one of your favorite movies you've ever done?

raejae> what about Brandon isn't he supposed to be here?

Loup_Garou> Hey Danny, what was your favorite scene in the movie?

David the Joker> so many questions I think Danny is going to get a Merton Mindgrain!

Noryndor> Danny, I read an interview at about you. Is it a real interview? Just curious

raejae> Sorry...

crunkette> *refresh refresh refresh*


*finger falls off*


Panou> I thought Attack of the Clones was ok, but Im really waiting for the next movie because it ties everything up

cataline> Danny, what did you enjoy most about making this movie?

Loup_Garou> I know, this should have been planned better.

Danny&Brandon> I didn't contribute any original songs to the movie, but I just gave our director Carl the latest demos of my new band "The City Drive".

Phoenix057> What was the craziest thing that happened on "The Bail" set?


There, because I know you guys (Danny and Brandon) haven't seen 'em yet. Any thoughts? (I'm dying here guys! I need my ego stroked every once in a while. :lol


Dannys_lil_gurl> Danny, do you think that your characters from previous Movies and Tv shows are alot alike??? same to you brandon.

MoonieSmith> you know it's kinda hard to picture people all hitting the refresh button at the same time all over the place....

Bartleby> Thanks for answering, Panou.

Just cause you're such a nice guy I'll see your movie. ;-)

What do you look for in a script?

MERToN10277> sry i repeated the same question twice. heh heh. Danny: Did you ever read any Big Wolf on Campus fan fiction?

hitorifiamma> *resists temptation to ask Danny if he's tried Vanilla Coke and if it poisoned him*


Rickycat100> Danny, do you have MSN Messenger?

And FINALLY you 2 and Panou are the ONLY people that use grammer! Lol.

Danny: How long does it take you to respond to an e-mail?

Brandon: Whyed you want to do acting?


captainhair> Panou: What did you think of the Yoda fight scene in AOTC?


raejae> yeah...K danny your cool and um Big Wolf on Campus cast are all like rolemodels for me and I'm like hyper now DUDE!

werewolftravis> Will you have a album out soon

Danny&Brandon> Hey, Loup Garou! Favorite scene? Brandon and me in the kiddie pool. JUST KIDDING!

Loup_Garou> Danny, do you have any samples of your music anywhere on the internet? I've heard Adam talk about it, and I would love to hear it (or a portion of it)

Loup_Garou> LOL @ DANNY! You just set off April!!! WOOT!

cataline> April and her Yoda scene...I agree with Panou about the next one...

captainhair> *preen* *falls over*

I've no idea what you're talking about Loup!


crunkette> *smacks forehead* Oh no... look what you've started!

*goes back to attempting to Crazy Glue her finger back on*

David the Joker> Danny your a great comedian!---What are some pointer's in memorizing your lines?

hitorifiamma> *shakes head*

Yes...I'm just lurking...I have no questions. I think.


Jordan_Dawkins> Panou---I love Star Wars, too! Big fan here!

Danny---Did you ever happen to read an e-mail from a gal asking you to take her to prom? If so...that was me! Also, is still your e-mail?

captainhair> I like my Yoda scene!! Kick your arse Yoda will!!


Dannys_lil_gurl> Danny---people are arguing about your pink cloths...are they pink or bage???

Danny&Brandon> Hey, MoonieSmith. How's that burger?

Phoenix057> Danny: Have you always pictured yourself on the big screen?

Brandon: When did you first start to pursue acting?

And for anyone: What is one of your favorite movies of all time?

Panou> When I get a script I look for fun projects.

Loup_Garou> hehe Crunk, you know the evening just couldn't start off right without that!

Bartleby> Danny, there's a bartender in my town who looks just like Aimee Castle. What can I say to her to impress her and get her to go out with me?

Any advice?

MoonieSmith> Danny did you ever look into going on to like SNL or like a comedy half hour show or something along those lines?

crunkette> Great, just great. Once you've got them started there's no end.

Be afraid! Be very afraid!!

Danny&Brandon> Hey. Bartleby. There's a bartender that looks like Aimee? Cute!

Loup_Garou> LOL @ Bartleby

Boxcar_Racer> Danny and Brandon, how do you think working on the Bail was different from working on Bwoc?

captainhair> *turns up techno louder* Can't hear yoooouuu...


MoonieSmith> omg sorry about that burger thing...

MertonJDingle> ~runs around screaming, hits a wall, and falls unconcious on the floor~
P.S. Must remember to throw computer out of nearby window once chat is over.

David the Joker> Danny I'd like to tell you that watching you on Big Wolf inspired me to get into comedy! Danny do have any advice for getting in show biz and how do you do auditions?

raejae> Danny...Do you consider yourself cool?
Weird question but does it matter?

Phoenix057> Danny: Do you have a favorite comedian out there? :-)

crunkette> o.O Lia...are you okay?

Bartleby> She's pretty cute. Too cute. She intimidates me.

I'm not as cool as Danny and Brandon.

Danny&Brandon> Hey, David the Joker. Memorizing lines? I just make 'em up. ;p

Loup_Garou> Oooh! Here's a great question for Danny! What is the most Embarrassing thing that happened to you on the set?

I just have to know!

Adam> Do you have any follow-up projects in the works, Danny?

To Brandon, when he pops in -- if you didn't hear, the episodes of The Nightmare Room you were in are going to be released on DVD on August 20th.

werewolftravis> Hey Danny your funny. LOL you should be on the net more often

MERToN10277> Danny: Do you have any other interests besides music and acting?

Boxcar_Racer> Do you guys have any idea when the Bail will be released?

Danny&Brandon> The "pink clothes" was really just a robe for in between takes while doing the shark scene in the FREEZING ocean.

Noryndor> Danny, I don't know if you noticed my question, so I thought I'd ask again... is the interview at real?

Rickycat100> Danny Im still wondering if MSN messenger since you DO have a hotmail account, although I could see everyone swamping you with everything! Lol

Also how long does it take you to respond to e-mail?

Bartleby> Danny, do you like Mr Show?

Loup_Garou> Oh yes... The Nightmare room... I have yet to see that!

Danny&Brandon> Yoda rules, by the way.

Jordan_Dawkins> Danny---I'm with MoonieSmith...I think we've discussed it on the big wolf forum...You should be on SNL!

BonBon318> Danny: "The City Drive"?!? You mean you didn't like the "Flying Canadian-Allstars" or "Super D"?


Dannys_lil_gurl> *takes a bite out of her taco*
Danny--WHo was your fave person to work with in the movie??

hitorifiamma> it okay if I ask this? I mean..this chat is supposed to be about The Bail..but...

Danny, I've heard you like Weezer. What's your favorite album?

And whatever you do, don't grow a beard ever.

(inside joke. just laugh)


cataline> APRIL! Danny loves Yoda as much as we do!! lol

crunkette> Go Yoda!

Oh yes, and for those in the inside joke department: Danny? Never ever ever grow a beard.

Danny&Brandon> Hey, Bartlby. Mr Show is awesome. I just got the DVD yesterday!

David the Joker> Danny-Who is your favorite director and what do you look for in a director?

captainhair> Whee!! Good, then he won't be impaled with the DOD...not that I'd ever impale poor Danny with it.


MERToN10277> Danny, I totally agree YODA ROCKS! "Mm, the dark force, I sense." Heh heh.

Loup_Garou> Everyone loves Yoda he kicks major ... BUTT!!!

Noryndor> You'll impale Merton but not Danny?

Panou> His favorite Director is Carl of course )

captainhair> I said arse! Ha!


Danny&Brandon> Hmmm...other interests besides acting and music. Girls and...girls.

cataline> Danny, what do you think is the best thing about the acting business?

David the Joker> C3P0 reminds me of Merton always running scared

Rickycat100> Having fun guys?


captainhair> I don't think Danny deserves that kind of...punishment. Merton does.

I'm bad...evil even. Poor Danny, we're maiming his character and he has no idea..


Loup_Garou> Hey Danny (LOL I'm sorry, your fingers are gonna be very tired after tonight) How is Aimeé? What is she working on now?

MertonJDingle> I wish I had a question..but..I don't..sooooo...I'll just sit here

BonBon318> hey misty, are you refering to river's new look? if so, i'd have to agree, he's starting to look like grizzly adams...


raejae> Danny I want to let you know that the whole Cast of Big Wolf are like role models to me!

crunkette> Yeah but C3-PO doesn't have the awsome hair.

MoonieSmith> girls...too confusing..and i'm a girl....

Bartleby> I just wanted to let you know that I'm 25, I have a BA in English Literature...and I think Big Wolf is the best thing on TV.

Age, education, etc do not matter at all, of course, but I wanted you to know that it is a great show for all ages and I can't imagine anybody not finding enjoyment from it.


Donald W. Pfeffer

Danny&Brandon> Weezer's Pinkerton album is their best. The new stuff is kind of dissapointing. Anybody like Jimmy Eat World?

Noryndor> Yeah, don't tell him about the forum slash, there was something about Merton in there too, right? Oops....

hitorifiamma> *dances around*

*sings* Rivers is a lumberjack, doo-dah, doo-dah, Rivers is a lumberjack, oh, doo-dah day..

Yeah, I'm reffering to Rivers, heehee.


Phoenix057> Hey Danny, when writing music, what inspires your lyrics? or...where do you usually write your lyrics? (sorry, i'm running out of good questions!!)

Boxcar_Racer> I luv Jimmy Eat World! They're awesome

David the Joker> The Middle is a good song by JimmyEat!

cataline> April don't torture Danny by making him wonder what the heck we're talking about...the DOD that is....

captainhair> I've only heard one song of thiers on the radio. Can't remember which one. I know I like it though...guess I'm gonna have to buy the album huh?

~~April...wants a smoke...don't want to leave room...

raejae> I LOVE JIMMY EAT WORLD!!!!!!

Loup_Garou> Shhhhh! Noryndor! Danny doesn't need to be scarred the first 30 minutes of this "chat" LOL

hitorifiamma> Yes, I was really disappointed with the Green album. And Pinkerton is definetly the best (even though Rivers hates it..).


Danny&Brandon> Was there a rumor that Aimee and I split?

Boxcar_Racer> I like the song Praise Chorus best

Noryndor> *Is feeling ignored, her question hasn't been answered and she has to leave soon. Cry*

Adam> Haven't listened too much to Jimmy Eat World, but I did just buy the solo debut from Anna Waronker (formerly of that dog.).

Phoenix057> I like Jimmy Eat World...their last single was a good one...Danny, what other bands do you listen to?

crunkette> BonBon318, the beard thing has a huge story behind it, but yes, Rivers has a part in it.

*shudders* Please Danny... no beards in the future.

We might just have to find out where you live and shave it off in your sleep *shifty eyes*

Boxcar_Racer> Did u and Aimee split?

David the Joker> we would never make any rumors about you Danny!

Rickycat100> Danny! Brando! Quick! RUN RUN FOR YOUR LIFES slash has takin this world over and there has been alot of BWOC slash :| Before its to laaaaaaate!


Loup_Garou> I don't believe so Danny... Last I heard you two were lovey dovy and everything was fine! hehe

captainhair> You're taking all the fun out of our inside jokes! Yikes, its a good thing Forum Slash IV isn't posted yet. I don't think I want Danny to be scarred for life.

Speaking of fan fiction, do either of you guys read any of it?


hitorifiamma> I love Jimmy Eat World.


MoonieSmith> about that amiee thing i think it was just about the long distance stuff...

~*~Mary Ann~*~> I just got here. lol What did I miss?

Dannys_lil_gurl> K...(lol) So many people are waiting for Brandon... Danny... What is your favorite Tv show??? And how many seasons wher eyou signed for for BWOC???

Phoenix057> Danny, are you really superstitious? do you believe in werewolves? haha

Danny&Brandon> Carl Goldstein's genius inspires my lyrics.

Loup_Garou> *suck up*

captainhair> There was a thing on here yesterday that you were having a televised wedding on April 19th 2003. It would be amusing to me if that were true.


David the Joker> Danny-What was your favorite prop in Merton's liar?

Boxcar_Racer> Danny do you miss Merton?

Dannys_lil_gurl> Danny--- Are you and Merton Alot alike, and from you experiance, is the werewolf make up as hoibal as i have heard???

Danny&Brandon> Favorite show? Three's Company. Period.

MoonieSmith> brown nose much??? j/k lol

Rickycat100> Ooooooh loup! *fwap*

Don't mind him, hes on Pain killers


Danny do you miss Merton?

I do...

Loup_Garou> I watch that show every night! On nick at nite at 3 am!

Good choice Danny! LOL

cataline> Omigosh, I thought I was the only person who actually watched Three's Company! Yay! I'm not alone!

hitorifiamma> wooh! I love Three's Company!

And Cheers...


werewolftravis> DANNY: Did you have more fun on Big Wolf on Campus or on the Bail

captainhair> I much prefer Get Smart or I Love Lucy.

Cheers is good too.


Danny&Brandon> Favorite Prop in the lair? Brandon.

Rickycat100> Danny, one more time, do you have MSN messanger? It would be cool to chat.


BonBon318> rivers hates pinkerton because now everyone knows the pain he went through at the time and there's no way of making it personal again. too bad, so sad. it's still my favorite album. that and river's live band before =w=.


raejae> Get Smart is funny!

David the Joker> 3's company had a lot of physical comedy that Danny and Brandon use!

Loup_Garou> Can't get enough of Susanne Somers, even if it was in the 70's

cataline> Gotta admit though, I Love Lucy is pretty good too...

crunkette> O.O

*staples mouth shut*

Noryndor> If my one question were answered, all my questions have been answered forever..

Favorite Prop in the lair? Brandon

Oh for Jen to be here at this very moment...

Is it a coincidence that Hot One from Velvet Goldmine just came on? I think not!


Favorite Prop in the lair? Brandon

OMG!!! Danny, you TRULY do NOT know how funny that is....*waits for giggles and grunts and whispers of slashiness...*

MERToN10277> Danny, will your band be playing or have you played ay any small clubs before?

Noryndor> Shut up April, I just turned that off so I could come here and not get my question answered!

Sorry, I'm not bugging over it, I'm just very impatient.

Loup_Garou> *who's Noryndor again?* LOL

Danny can't answer everything, he would get an aneurysm if he had to answer everything! hehe I know I am close to one just keeping up with the posts!

Boxcar_Racer> Danny, do you like Yoo-Hoo?

captainhair> Slash!!!

Whee!! I shall make full use of that! Nah, I'm kidding. I don't do RL slash.


~*~Mary Ann~*~> Somebody has probably already asked this question, but what do you guys plan to do now that you have finished the movie?

raejae> Nobody answers my questions either!!!*sniff*

Danny&Brandon> Hey, Adam Tyner! Haven't heard A Waronker's new album yet, but she's playing LA soon and I'm going.

cataline> *laughs at the prop joke* haha

MoonieSmith> danny do you have a stalker?? if not i'm available! lol

MertonJDingle> What's going on? ~hides in corner~ So confused..MTV Movie Awards..O.o..
Danny: What's your favorite color?

LynniePooh> What was your favorite thing about working in Englewood?

cataline> SHHH!! Loup you'll jinx him!

David the Joker> Danny--Are you ever going to be on Saturday Night Live?---You would be great on that show!

Danny&Brandon> Hey, Noryndor. Missed your question. What was it?

werewolftravis> Danny: Are you still dayeing Aimee

Loup_Garou> BWAA!!!

Noryndor> Thank you! It was "is the interview with you at real?"

BonBon318> favorite thing about working in englewood was probably when he got to leave. i'm joking. i have much love for my town. but it was pretty chilly that time of year.


captainhair> Loup? Is this your brain? What have I told you about letting it out to play? You know that's not allowed!



Panou> My favorite thing about working in Englewood was that it was so quiet and relaxing except for when the public found out where we were filming and then it was crazy but cool. One day we had 80 or 90 screaming fans.

Danny&Brandon> Yes, Moonie. Please send your pic and resume to

hitorifiamma> 'bweee!' not 'bwaa'.


MoonieSmith> lol omg

Loup_Garou> LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adam> Hope you enjoy the show! I like Anna's album (a lot of it reminded me of the more rocking songs on Veruca Salt's American Thighs), but it's not quite the pop perfection of Retreat From The Sun.

What can we look forward from you and Brandon after The Bail, Danny?

captainhair> A hint of sarcasm from Danny? *phony French accent* I luv it!


Boxcar_Racer> hahaha

~*~Mary Ann~*~> only 80 or 90 screaming fans? lol j/k ^_^

David the Joker> Danny---Are you ever going update website?

Bartleby> Danny, what was it like working with Marky Mark in the Big Hit? Did you get to meet Avery Brooks?

Danny&Brandon> Moonie. I've done a bunch of online interviews. I don't know if that one is real or not; I'd have to read it. If it's funny, it's me!

Dannys_lil_gurl> Danny is your real E-mail address ???

crunkette> Yeah! That's the ultimate question! When is your website going to be updated?

captainhair> I think I'm just gonna place this here and go play.

~~April..yes, I'm whoring...leave me alone!

cataline> Ok, I live in a town of about 1500 people...and when out-of-towners tell me what a quiet town I live in, I wonder how they like my town because it is awfully BORING! haha

Danny&Brandon> Mark W is a great guy. Really really cool to work with.

Noryndor> hehe, thanks... Sorry I was impatient, but I have to go bye bye!

Loup_Garou> April! you rock! Marry me!

Rickycat100> Sigh, Danny and Brandon MUST be getting swamped lol, I'm going to ask this ONE more time for the sake if Danny sees thi *ahem*

DO you have MSN messenger? If not, you should! YOu DO have a Hotmail account and all.

Panou> Bart did you know that Danny and I both worked on The BigHit I did stunts for the movie

Loup_Garou> aww, bye Noryndor!

Danny&Brandon> Yes, my address is, but it will be changing soon. I'll let y'all know.

MoonieSmith> so danny what's it like to have so many people think you're sooo funny and super hot?

Dannys_lil_gurl> Real E-mail Adress

captainhair> Whee!! I'm there! You know I've just got to get a little site action in on this...because, well, I wouldn't be April if I didn't.


Danny&Brandon> By the way, thank you all for everything. You are all sweet and cool and great and stinky.

David the Joker> Brandon---How long did it take for the wolf makeup to be put on? and who is your favorite actor?

Bartleby> Did you cally him Marky MArk and sing "Good Vibrations" behind his back?

Seriously were the best on in that movie. You kept me in stiches.

Well..the chicks were hot too.

Bart did you know that Danny and I both worked on The BigHit I did stunts for the movie

Panou! That is awesome! It really is a small world, huh?

MoonieSmith> STINKY!!!???

cataline> Thanks for the compliment, Danny! 'Twas the greatest...haha

Danny&Brandon> Crunkette: New website soon. Gonna be really cool.

crunkette> Stinky..

hitorifiamma> stinky...bwehehehehe...


captainhair> Well, I am rather stinky right being about 85 and all...


crunkette> Whoo! *dances*

Danny&Brandon> Rickycat: No MSN messenger. Sorry.

Loup_Garou> I think that is Danny's word.... He said Brandon was stinky in one of his interviews! LOL

Bartleby> I did not know that, Panou. For whom did you do stunts?

Did YOU get to meet Avery Brooks?

Dannys_lil_gurl> AWWWW tankies. What is it like to have so many people love you??? It must be cool.

David the Joker> did you know?

captainhair> Kinda like me and the DOD, eh?


Phoenix057> Hey Danny, if you could be anywhere else right now, besides this chat room (and why would you want to?), where would you be?

cataline> That's true Loup!

MoonieSmith> he'd be eating a burger!

captainhair> I'd find it nerve wracking if so many people fell over for me...oh wait, they do!


~*~Mary Ann~*~> Hey Brandon do you have an e-mail address? If not you should really get one. It would be neat to be able to e-mail all three of you...cuz Danny & Amiee have an e-mail address.

I think that is Danny's word.... He said Brandon was stinky in one of his interviews! LOL

This interview! YEEE!


15.)Are you "freaky" in real life?

DS: Yes. I am "freaky" and Brandon is "stinky". Oh dear Lord, that boy is
going to bruise me. I'm a lot like Merton and I think that behaviour is
normal. So, if that makes me "freaky", well, by the sweet hammer of Thor,
"freaky" I am!

Dannys_lil_gurl> Danny-- do you plan on keeping your hair black??? its a good look for you

David the Joker> Danny-If you were on a island and could only bring 3 things what would they be?

Rickycat100> this place is swamped theres just WAY TO MANY PEOPLE POSTING! Lol. Well if you were ever interested e-mails Yes Im rying to get you 2 to e-mail me, I'm low lol.


MERToN10277> Danny, do you have an aol, AIM or yahoo messenger screen name?

Panou> Bart it was Avery Brooks that I did stunts for, and yes he is a very cool guy, we hung out for a couple of days and I asked him all about being on Deep Space 9

Phoenix057>'s already been about an hour....time goes by fast

Loup_Garou> Ah, Aimeé.... She's my second fav on BWOC.... I still have to say Jessica Welch is extremely HOT!

Ok, enough of that.

werewolftravis> Danny: Oh yeah new site. I cant wait

captainhair> Heh. The only Trek I couldn't get into...I'm more of a Next Gen/Voyager fan myself.


Bartleby> Avery Brooks is the man. Who's the coolest actor you've met, Panou?

cataline> Ok, my clicking finger is turning purple and is becoming numb with pain from flipping from page to page to page...[insert more ramblings]

Dannys_lil_gurl> Black is a good hair color fo you... it seems to fit your personality...I hope you dont plan on changing it too soon...

Danny&Brandon> Brandon's on his way. Not here yet. I know you all love him more than me.

MertonJDingle> ~shoos everyone away so she can ask Danny a question~
Okay. Here be my question:
~hugs Danny and never lets go~ Mine. ~shoos other poeple away~ Shoo. Mine.
Even though that isn't a question..

Panou> Danny is the coolest actor I have met, HE ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

captainhair> No way, Brent Spiner is by far better. Actually, I think John De Lancie has the only complaint in my book.


Noryndor> Not true Danny... I love you more!

MoonieSmith> Danny do you have light eyelashes with your red hair? cause my red head friends had light lashes and yours look dark...

Bartleby> Good answer, Panou. You're a smart guy.

Dannys_lil_gurl> Well As Brandon Is Hott you so very cute!!

David the Joker> Danny your the best comedian! Brandon is just a man in wolf's clothing!

Loup_Garou> LOL @ DANNY!

If I were you, I'd milk my popularity too!

Trust me, about 2/3 of the girls on this forum think you are "HOTT STUFF!"

crunkette> *shakes head* Lia Lia Lia...

cataline> No way! You're the best Danny! Hehe...enough of the buttering up...

hitorifiamma> bwahahahaha...Lia..


Bartleby> Are there any heroes of yours that you haven't gotten to meet yet? Still living, of course.

captainhair> I'm just here listening to Like A Prayer...techno version. lol.


werewolftravis> Hey Danny are you and Aimee still dateing

Loup_Garou> It will be cool to finally talk to Brandon online, he doesn't do that many interviews for some reason.

David the Joker> Danny would never let a beutiful girl like Aimee go!

Danny&Brandon> Hey, Lia. You're sweet!

Loup_Garou> I'd slap him if he did!

Dannys_lil_gurl> I think hes Cute, not Hott. no that dosnt discribe Danny all that well... (Sorry Danny)And also do you plan on keeping your hair black?? because it gives you your

Jordan_Dawkins> Danny---Did you ever happen to read an e-mail from a gal asking you to take her to prom? If so...that was me!

~*~Mary Ann~*~> Don't worry Danny all of us at the forum love you!

Danny&Brandon> Celebs to meet? David Bowie.

Rickycat100> Danny we dont hate you



Ok, that was a little....different.

Loup_Garou> Jordon! LOL

David the Joker> Darn it! Danny didn't call me funny!

captainhair> Er, since its slowed down a bit (kinda) I'll ask again:

Have either of you ever read any of the fan fiction that's posted out there? Any thoughts if you have?


Phoenix057> have you had any time to read any good books lately?

Celebs to meet? David Bowie.

Hell yeah! BOWIE RULES! I love you Danny... *sigh*

werewolftravis> Danny: You are so lucky to have her she is so
cute (Don't hit me Danny)

crunkette> Oh man, I hope not April

BonBon318> hey Danny, quick question. whe you were in englewood, do you remember a girl wearing a "Connie" shirt passing you a pink piece of paper? it had band names on it that me and my brother had made up while standing in the cold. i'd like to know if you remember because that piece of paper was actually my year long pass in one of my classes. mucho trouble because of that but it was well worth it. haha. sorry, that wasn't short...



captainhair> Danny, you've raised higher on my list now that you've mentioned Bowie. Ziggy Stardust days or recent days?


Danny&Brandon> Hey, Jordan. When's you're prom. I'm there.

MoonieSmith> sure take her to the prom....

Danny&Brandon> Whoops. Grammatical error. "When is your prom"?

Noryndor> OK, I really have to leave now... Bye everyone

cataline> Danny, do you like the fact that we LOVE to raise your self-esteem points?

hitorifiamma> *falls over laughing*


Oh man, I hope not April

Me either or else I'd have alot of explaining to do to both Danny and Brandon for maiming thier characters in such a way.


MERToN10277> Danny, er, i was told to tell you: ZIGGY STARDUST AND THE SPIDERS FROM MARS. ?????

Jordan_Dawkins> HAHA @ Loup! Thanks, I didn't realize how funny that sounded!...

David the Joker> Danny and Parou---If you could bring three things to an island what would they be?



Loup_Garou> April, I think you got some splainin to do!

Panou> bye Noyr

BonBon318> Panuo: You will always be lovingly remembered as McNally, hehe. What was is like working with Dan Clarke again? Do you guys travel in packs or something???


captainhair> *innocent look* I don't know what you're talking about...


Dannys_lil_gurl> Danny--- witch season of big wolf on campus was your fave??? and what was it like having to play a gothic person... hey its a step up in away.....

cataline> We know THAT innocent look April...

captainhair> You know, these are the times when I would give anything to be you Loup. You can at least light one in the house, lol.


Danny&Brandon> Hey, Bon Bon. Yes, I clearly remember you. Thanks for the band name suggestions. It's so cool to talk to you again! How are you? I thought it was really cool of you to write up that list. Do you like the name "The City Drive"? That's what I've decided on.

Bartleby> Danny, does Brandon ever try to steal Aimee away from you?

Panou> 3 things to an island for me would be

BigScreen TV
DVD Player
and as may friends as could sneak in my suitcases

werewolftravis> Hey Danny could you answer this one Which was one funner Big wolf on campus or The Bail

captainhair> Do I have to whap you with the DOD? I guess I do, don't I?


cataline> DVD PLAYER YEAH! Could not live without that...

Rickycat100> Well It was a BLAST seeing all of this and talking! I know im lowering my self esteem but I have none E-mail me! Ahahahaha !

Ok I'm going to sleep G'night all!


Phoenix057> how did you come up with the name "the city drive"?

LynniePooh> While we're on the topic of remembering you remember three girls (Christie, Lyndsay and "Gypsy") that visited the set a couple of times? I think we were bugging you with all the pics we were taking.

crunkette> Wait a second... DVD player with no DVDs?

You know, these are the times when I would give anything to be you Loup. You can at least light one in the house, lol.

Are you "pleased" April??? You'll just have to wait and go outside later on! BWA! HAHA!

Jordan_Dawkins> Danny----

*tears well in eyes* My prom was May 18th....and I never went!!! *sobs*

Hey...I graduated last night and my Grad. Party is on June 15th...WANNA GO TO THAT?!

Adam> Is 'The City Drive' a reference to the curiously named road in Orange, CA?

Are you going to be tackling music next, or are you focusing on making the audition rounds for movies and television?

Dannys_lil_gurl> Danny---Did you act with Megan Fallows??? Im named after her in Anne of grean Gables, thats why my names Anne. I just wandering because i reconized her from on of the shows... have you ever seen Anne of green Gables?

captainhair> And Justin gets molested on his way out as April dances to Eurythmics.


Panou> Hi Bon, thanks playing McNally was fun and it was just by chance that Danny Clark and I worked together again, it was thanks to Carl the Director, he was also our lead Director on 6th Grade Alien

David the Joker> Danny--If they made an action figure of Merton what action feature would he have?

captainhair> Easy. Wetting his pants and grabbing hold of the Tommy doll.


Dannys_lil_gurl> Megan fallows...

raejae> *gasp*your the guy from 6th grade alien!cool!

Hi Bon, thanks playing McNally was fun and it was just by chance that Danny Clark and I worked together again, it was thanks to Carl the Director, he was also our lead Director on 6th Grade Alien

That was YOU??? In the purple suit???? I NEVER KNEW!

cataline> Ok, I CAN NOT compete with these creative questions! (ex: David the Joker)

Danny&Brandon> Holy cow Mr. Tyner! Nice call! How do you know The City Drive in Orange County??????

MoonieSmith> danny do you think you'kll ever come back here to see what's going on after you leave tonight?

MertonJDingle> Don't you understand, Jordan? He's MINE. ~hisses and growls~
~waits for someone to slap her (preferably NOT April or Loup)~

crunkette> I knew I recognised you from somewhere!

captainhair> DOD!!



Dannys_lil_gurl> Danny--- i wish that people would love you more than Brandon, not that brandon isnt cool... dont get me wrong...

MoonieSmith> merton danny's not just yours...share


Danny--If they made an action figure of Merton what action feature would he have?

What about that sword thingy that he used to destroy the Gelatinous-Cube-O'-DOOOM in Very Pale Rider?

The Gelatinous-Cube-O'-DOOOM is my favorite villain.


crunkette> *slaps Lia/Gollum*

There... happy?

Loup_Garou> Brandon is awesome! He was the WOLFMAN!

You just can't beat that!

Dannys_lil_gurl> Danny--- In the Oz play how old were you???

Adam> Sorta following up on the Megan Follows comment: Silver Bullet was released on DVD last week. For those who aren't familiar, Megan and Corey Haim star as siblings who duke it out with an evil werewolf. Both of them popped up on Big Wolf as villains, duking it out with a good werewolf.


I love everyone.

I want to marry Danny...maybe....yea....And Jordan Dawkins!


Panou> Hi Raejae, yes thats me bodygaurd to the Alien

Danny&Brandon> I could die a happy man if there were a Merton action figure.

David the Joker> Panou--What do you like better comedy or drama?

raejae> cool

MoonieSmith> danny how was it working with Corey feldman? i total love his music....what did you think of him and stuff

Holy cow Mr. Tyner! Nice call! How do you know The City Drive in Orange County??????

Lucky guess.

captainhair> Gentle Giant Productions anyone? They make great action figures. So does Todd McFarlane...


werewolftravis> Danny what is your favorite movie

Bartleby> Are there any Big Wolf Ate My Balls webpages?

Dannys_lil_gurl> yes Adam i remeber that!!! im a fan of Megan Fallows mostly because if it wernt for Anne Of Green Gables i would have my Name,

captainhair> Nope.


Loup_Garou> What in the WORLD? Big wolf ate my balls?

Um, no.... *is scared now*

Danny&Brandon> Seriously Adam T: Do you have family or friends in Orange? PS - I'm going to see Sloan on June 26 in LA!

crunkette> Oh good. I'm not the only one...

cataline> ??

captainhair> Why do I all of a sudden think of AC/DC?


David the Joker> Danny- Have you ever thought about doing voice-over work on cartoons?

Jordan_Dawkins> G'night Justin! I'll marry you!

Panou> Hey David, for me its comedy that I like better, but hey there is nothing wrong with getting to kiss a cute girl in a Drama

Dannys_lil_gurl> Danny--- Do you Think it would be neet if they made a BWOC movie??? I do.

captainhair> Danny/Panou: Famliar with Eddie Izzard? If so, what do you think of his comedy style?


werewolftravis> What about a Big Wolf cartoon

Danny&Brandon> I WISH they would make a BWOC movie! Someday, maybe...

MoonieSmith> I LOVE EDDIE IZZARD!!!!!!

BonBon318> Danny:I'm doing great. When it's nine/ten at night, on an unusually cold evening in March, I believe, it's amazing the stuff you can come up with. I like the name "The City Drive", it sounds like it would have an interesting story behind it or something of that nature. Ok, I'm sorry, but you just made my night by saying you remembered me, as 12y/o-at-an-NYSNC-concert that sounds


Adam> Enjoy the Sloan show! They passed by this way a few weeks back, but I was too lazy to make the drive to Atlanta. Maybe I'll wait until they're touring behind a stronger album.

Nope, no friends or family in Orange. I'm just kind of skilled at quickly doing research.

MertonJDingle> Doesn't someone have a Merton doll? ShowitShowit!
Danny is MINE! Sangy is gonna be SO mad she missed this..Hm..
Hay, if there's anyone FAMOUS out there..~winkwinknudgenudgehinthint~ I know a devoted fan who would love to get an email from someone FAMOUS..~winkwinknudgenudgehinthint~ (It's not me, don't worry..)
Pleeeeeasssee...EMAil her, I'm BEGGING YOU! ~drops to her knees~ Look. I'm begging. BEGGING! ~grovelgrovel~ I don't care what the email is about..just..gah..~grovelgrovel~

cataline> I would definitely spend 4 of my dollars to see a BWOC movie!

MoonieSmith> Eddie is the best british tran in the world!!!!

Dannys_lil_gurl> I think Danny has learned that i am very anoying...Plz forgive me Danny....i ask to many questions.... Still waiting for an answer for Megan Follows....

captainhair> Yea, like the Xena and Hercules cartoon. I'm proud (re: ashamed) to say that I own that. And its not because of Renee O'Connor. Nope. Not at all...


raejae> Okay Danny don't answer if you don't want and if you don't like the question let me know.
When did you and Aimee get together?Like was it during Big Wolf or whatever whenever!!

Jordan_Dawkins> Danny----

*tears well in eyes* My prom was May 18th....and I never went!!! *sobs*

Hey...I graduated last night and my Grad. Party is on June 15th...WANNA GO TO THAT?!

werewolftravis> Danny I'm not tring to be mean but why wont you answer me

David the Joker> Danny and Panou--Have you seen Spider-Man? and if there is one of Spidey's power's that you could have what would they be?

crunkette> Yeah, Lia's right. Sangy would love an email. That would totally make her day.

(And annoy the heck out of "Pel". Heh heh...)

hitorifiamma> bwahahaha...Pel...

yeah, Sangy would love an email. She deserves it too. *nodnod*


cataline> Danny--

What do you enjoy most about the actin business?

captainhair> Anyone up for Nightmare Before Christmas? I'd like to see a complete CGI version of that. Hey! Maybe I'll do that for my animation final...


David the Joker> It's great to see Adam Tyner and Danny Smith still good friends!

Dannys_lil_gurl> I need forgiven ill be scared for life to think that Danny hates me cuz im anoying....

Panou> David, for me it would be climbing up walls as a spidey power

Danny&Brandon> I met Aimee (pronounced M.A.) a few years before BWOC. Ain't she cute!

Phoenix057> Spiderman or Star Wars? Pepsi or Coke? cats or dogs?

I'm running out of questions! :-( I'm sorry, i'll try to think of some interesting questions in the next decade or so...



Danny, what was the most embarrassing
thing that ever happened to you *that you can
share on public forum, hehe*

Danny&Brandon> Sorry Werewolftravis. What's your question?

captainhair> Hehhe...I knew you'd come through Loup! lol


Dannys_lil_gurl> Forgiven by a star.... set me free...

BonBon318> Oh and Danny, I still have you on tape scratching at my leg before you signed my shirt. That's always funny to watch, haha.


LynniePooh> Hey Danny...when you guys were filming in Englewood, do you remember three girls (Christie, Lyndsay and "Gypsy") that came to the set a couple times and who took a lot of pics?

Loup_Garou> @ April

werewolftravis> Danny: What is your favorite movie

captainhair> You know you love me. Everybody loves me. I'm just that special.


raejae> Kinda hard for me to answer cause I'm a girl but another question!If it's already been ansered or asked well I missed cause I went to get sundaes from DQ!
What was your fave season and episode of Big Wolf?

cataline> Ok now I feel bad...I've always pronounced A-Mee not M-A...well don't that just beat all? I've never heard it like that...Whoops!

Danny&Brandon> Phoenix: Star Wars, Coke, Big fat BULLDOGS!

David the Joker> Danny and Panou---Would you ever want to be directed by Sam Raimi?

BonBon318> Gypsy?!? Gypsy as in Shaina! Is that you Shaina??


LynniePooh> Of course!

Jordan_Dawkins> watch me be annoying!!


*tears well in eyes* My prom was May 18th....and I never went!!! *sobs*

Hey...I graduated last night and my Grad. Party is on June 15th...WANNA GO TO THAT?!

Loup_Garou> OMG! Jordon!

Danny&Brandon> WTravis: Fave movie? Oh man....that's too hard. Umm...

LynniePooh> your message wrong. I meant that i was talking about Shaina. Me, my sister, and Shaina went to the set together a couple of times.

BonBon318> Awesome! Welcome Shaina! Oops, ah ok. Were you with Shaina on set at Englewood Drugs, her brother was there too.


werewolftravis> Danny: Witch was more funner Big WOlf Or The Bail

Dannys_lil_gurl> Danny-- Have you ever thought about having your own show??? or is music your main thing??? Also is Aimee Nice in person, she seems like it.

captainhair> Sam Raimi rocks my socks. He's here in PA now working on the new Evil Dead flick with Brucy babe...I think anyway, lol.


cataline> No, I think I'm the most annoying because my posts are coming up about 2 pages later than the original I'm WAY behind...

David the Joker> Danny- What country to you like better Old Canada or U.S of A?

Danny&Brandon> Hey, Lynnie: Yeah, I remember you girls! How are you? Which one are you?

Dannys_lil_gurl> Wich way did you like your hair better??? blonde or black??? and will you keep it black?

hitorifiamma> you like Spongebob Squarepants or Invader ZIM?


Danny&Brandon> The hair is black right now.

Jordan_Dawkins> Well, Loup, I'll keep posting it till I get an answer! You have to be persistent in this crazy world!

Kuzco_Chik> Oh my gosh I leave this chat for an hour and I'm sooo confused. Well, anyway, hi everyone. How's it going? My one question (that's probably been asked before) is: Is there any approximate date for The Bail to come out or are we still just saying summer 2002? Thanks.

captainhair> Spongebob is the best. Without a doubt. Yes, I'm a geek.


hitorifiamma> *nod*

Spongebob rocks my socks.


Loup_Garou> Jordan, was it a question?

Phoenix057> Hey Danny, have you ever traveled someplace really cool, like Europe or anywhere? I'm going to England in a couple weeks :-)

Dannys_lil_gurl> DANNY---Hey... jesse Sage is so lucky to meet you!!! is there anyway that i can get an autographed pic of you anytime soon???

David the Joker> Danny- If your hand got possessed would you cut it off like in Evil Dead II?

LynniePooh> This is Lyndsay (with Christie right next to me.) Do you still have the picture we gave to you? We're all doing good. We're hoping that you guys will come back here for a screening of the movie!

Kuzco_Chik> he he, I'm wearing a Spongebob shirt right now

crunkette> Go Spongebob!

werewolftravis> Danny: Are you going to have a album out soon.

Loup_Garou> Oh yeah, Danny... Where in the world is Brandon??


Jordan_Dawkins> Yeah, Loup...SEE!


*tears well in eyes* My prom was May 18th....and I never went!!! *sobs*

Hey...I graduated last night and my Grad. Party is on June 15th...WANNA GO TO THAT?!

captainhair> Danny...wanna come to the Grand Caymans with me in April 2003?

I'll be legal. *wink wink*

Ah, I'm terrible...Loup, save me from myself!


Danny&Brandon> Hair: Black.

Danny&Brandon> Grand Caymans? I'm there!!!

Loup_Garou> Yes you are! You got out the


raejae> Wheres Brandon?

David the Joker> Danny--Are you a fan of Spider-Man, Beatles or Phil Hartman?

Dannys_lil_gurl> Danny--Are you sure Brandons Comming?? seems sort of late now...

captainhair> What a nice 21st that would be. Loup, you up for it?


werewolftravis> Will you have a album soon

Danny&Brandon> Hey, Lindsay & Christie. I'll definitely come back to Florida. Probably next January for the film festival.

MERToN10277> Danny: Is New York really one of your favorite cities?? Do you plan on comming back for a visit?

Loup_Garou> Sure am! Let me get to work on saving for a plane ticket

raejae> I'm gonna eat ice cream for breakfast tommorow!

Danny&Brandon> Phil Hartman is God.

captainhair> Heheh..

Danny: Osbournes or no?


Loup_Garou> Good, make a stop at Orlando FL so I can have your John Hancock! LOL

I Aslo work at Universal Studios Danny, want free comp tickets???

BonBon318> Danny: No way! The one in Sarasota? I helped out there last year.


MoonieSmith> danny would you ever do like an HBO half hour comedy show?

captainhair> Only if you send some to me Loup.


crunkette> Oh yeah! I just remembered!

Danny, my brother was Merton last Halloween!!

I had pictures and posted them months ago, but unfortunately I deleted them completely off my computer.

Darnit... if only I had known...

LynniePooh> You will have to come visit us!

cataline> Danny, what do you enjoy most about the acting business?

Jordan_Dawkins> I like to be obnoxious! *flips hair with a fake valley girl giggle* I loovve-it!...


*tears well in eyes* My prom was May 18th....and I never went!!! *sobs*

Hey...I graduated last night and my Grad. Party is on June 15th...WANNA GO TO THAT?!

P.S. Want me to post my address!?

raejae> Danny do you like Avril Lavigne?More importantly do you think Avril Lavigne is hot!

werewolftravis> Danny I was Merton Last Halloween too

Loup_Garou> Jordon e-mail that Stalker e-mail address!

David the Joker> Danny---If you could be a Simpsons character which one would you be?

Danny&Brandon> Of course The Osbournes rule, but it's too bad that MY Ozzy is now America's Ozzy. I've loved him since I was 5.

Dannys_lil_gurl> *SOBS* Nothing ever happens in butler!!!! fil somthing here

Loup_Garou> April, you are gonna come visit me at work when you come down to FL right?

captainhair> Hey, I grew up on Ozzy too. My dad used to make me listen to Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd. Now its just second nature.

Are we just bricks in the wall?


captainhair> If I can scrape up the extra gravy. Depends on how were going down to Miami. My aunt wants to drive, I want to fly. No way am I driving 20 hrs.


cataline> I think so April...

Hey, I grew up on Ozzy too. My dad used to make me listen to Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd. Now its just second nature.

Are we just bricks in the wall?

My stepdad did the same thing to me!

Dannys_lil_gurl> Danny--- on question Do you like N'Sync??? out of N'sync, backstreet boys, and nelly who do you like the most??? or like at all...

crunkette> I have this gigantic feeling he's not a pop fan...

Jordan_Dawkins> IDEA! *grins while clicking on the stalker address* Muahahahahaaa.... (yes, yes...I KNOW it was a joke...but hey, DANNY!!!!!)


*tears well in eyes* My prom was May 18th....and I never went!!! *sobs*

Hey...I graduated last night and my Grad. Party is on June 15th...WANNA GO TO THAT?!

P.S. Want me to post my address!?

captainhair> I think Brandon's more of the N'Sync fan...he just seems that way to me


Justin> Is anyone still here? My mom was extremely late picking me up from Open Mic Night.

Phoenix057> or do you think boy bands are really lizard-type aliens, like from BWOC?

Loup_Garou> That was what I was going to post April! LOL

David the Joker> Danny---If you could be a Simpsons character which one would you be?

Dannys_lil_gurl> DANNY is brandon comming....its sad he must have forgoten....

captainhair> Panou/Danny: What did you think of the Planet of the Apes remake? Did Tim Burton add something to it or did he totally butcher a classic?


cataline> Yeah, April you probably think that from watching his moves on N'Sipid...hehe

MERToN10277> Hey, Danny, do they still have The Labrynth up there in Montreal? Heard it was awesome.

Loup_Garou> JUSTIN!!!! Impales him with April's


raejae> I'm still here!I could see boybands being alien lizards!

Panou> How many people are from Englewood Florida
where we filmed this movie?

Kuzco_Chik> April, I just want to say that Tim Burton is the BEST!!!

Loup_Garou> I think they all took a break.... fingers gettin tired boys? hehe

Dannys_lil_gurl> Danny---do you like BWOC as much as every one else dose?

captainhair> Unfortunately, not me. I hail from Chocolatetown USA...Hershey PA. Want some chocolate?


David the Joker> Panou---Since Danny like Phil Hartman? Do you like Saturday Night Live?

cataline> I was wondering why I was getting less dizzy!

LynniePooh> Me and Christie are from Englewood! Christie worked in the office for the movie.


Loup_Garou> I'm from Orlando FL, about 3 hours from there (5 hours if you count traffic on I-4)

Phoenix057> how many people WISHED they lived in Florida?...ME!

c's grl> Hi! Is Danny still here? Carl? Panou? the elusive Brandon/

MoonieSmith> i live in boring PA where nothing happens

Loup_Garou> Not me! I wish I lived in Colorado!

Jordan_Dawkins> *starting to wonder if Danny is just ingnoring me, or if Aimee is looking over his shoulder*


*tears well in eyes* My prom was May 18th....and I never went!!! *sobs*

Hey...I graduated last night and my Grad. Party is on June 15th...WANNA GO TO THAT?!

P.S. Want me to post my address!?

cataline> Ok, I'm from somewhere no one's ever heard of!

Dannys_lil_gurl> Do you remeber A 12 year old girl???

Panou> April, as for the Apes remake, it will never be as good as the original

captainhair> Tim Burton is one of my all time favorite directors, with Sam Raimi coming a close second. I'd be honored if some day I'd ever get to have a chat with him. I love his visual style.


Justin> All folks from the production - Could you do this again in a chat room? All this refreshing is a tad annoying.

Loup_Garou> I wish Aimeé were here!

BonBon318> I'm from Englewood.


werewolftravis> I live in boring WEst Virginia where nothing EVER happens

David the Joker> Sam Raimi is my favorite director followed by Ron Howard!

Panou> David, SNL is a good show but again it was funnier a few years ago, it's hard to come up woth new material.

Dannys_lil_gurl> Danny....
he was buried in the magical snow from the magical blizard, but when the magical sno melted magical monkeys came and took him away to never never land where he met peter pan who taught him how to fly...

hitorifiamma> I live under a rock in southern Texas.

Nothing ever happens.

My computer is my best friend...


Loup_Garou> Everything Happens in Orlando... Sometimes you just want to get away from it all.

April, as for the Apes remake, it will never be as good as the original

True, you loose the shock value that the orignial had, but I think Burton's twist ending is a fun idea. I dunno, I'm the only one in my family who liked it...

Ok, what about Lord of the Rings. Did they massacare the book or do you think they did a decent job of bringing one of the greatest trilogies of all time to the big screen?


Kuzco_Chik> I have to say that my favorite Burton movie is the Nightmare Before Christmas. Mainly for visual effects and because I just love it. Anybody else like it?

cataline> OK, you wanna talk boring? Do any people in your town get excited when someone gets their house painted? Hehe it's true! That happens here...

BonBon318> That's what everyone says about Englewood. The motto was, "All the old folks move to Florida, their parents move to Englewood" or something like that. I guess we just got lucky.


Dannys_lil_gurl> Danny must have gotten lost.... Danny need directions....???

hitorifiamma> Nobody ever even paints their houses down here. That's why it's so boring.


Jordan_Dawkins> Danny...If you can't come, or just don't want to, just say so!


*tears well in eyes* My prom was May 18th....and I never went!!! *sobs*

Hey...I graduated last night and my Grad. Party is on June 15th...WANNA GO TO THAT?!

P.S. Want me to post my address!?

David the Joker> Danny: this is goodbye, someday I hope to meet you, well my last question is Do you think Merton J. Dingle is going to be a living legand like the Fonz from Happy Days? Thanks for making me laugh! hahahaha!

raejae> ok if anyones here hi

captainhair> Love it. Especially the special edition DVD. You get to see his early short Vincent. Just absoulutely brilliant. I wish I had that much directing talent. Unfortunately, I'm more of an animator. Its a curse sometimes.

I also love Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow and Ed Wood.


cataline> hail from south Texas too?

4444> April had a good question earlier: Do you ever read any of the BWOC fanfiction?
By the way, I'm from South Dakota

Loup_Garou> Nightmare before Christmas has some of the BEST music on it! *I've got the movie and the sound track* *preens*

hitorifiamma> *nod*


Kuzco_Chik> Gotta love Edward. I always wanted him to do my shrubbery.

Danny&Brandon> Hey guys, I have to get going right now, but it was fun chatting and hopefully I'll talk you all again soon! Love, Danny

cataline> *shakes head*

sure is boring down here huh?

Phoenix057> Hey Danny, my friend really wants to be a director, and he is awesome at it, he recieved some college funding for his last movie...want to be in his next movie ;-)

captainhair> *whaps loup* I've yet to find the soundtrack for a reasonable price.


MERToN10277> Yoo- hoo? DANNY?! *pause* Where is Danny? The world may never know... *dundundun* *x-files music plays in the background*

Loup_Garou> Awww! Bye Danny

Dannys_lil_gurl> Danny-- I am going to E-mail you. My E-mail is PLZ reply.. i have been waiting for like a year for you to reply to a mail i have sent... will you try to reply????

Danny&Brandon> Good timing! Brandon just got here! I love you guys, really.

hitorifiamma> yes indeedy. it's amazing how you can be an hour from the beach and still be so pale...


Justin> The Apes remake ending was ripped off from a Kevin Smith comic book. Okay, not really, but I remember Burton saying "I don't read anything written by Kevin Smith."

Gee, not even that Superman Lives script you were set to direct?

captainhair> See ya later Danny, this was fun, even if my finger is sore.


Loup_Garou> WOOHOO!!! Brandon is here for the beating!!!

MoonieSmith> love ya danny! hi brandon/!

Phoenix057> Bye Danny! love ya!

cataline> Buh-bye Danny!


LynniePooh> bye danny!

raejae> Bye,it was awsome to talk to you too and good luck in the future with acting and music and tell Brandon and Aimee a girl on the bail forum says good luck with their future in acting or whatever so bye!

Kuzco_Chik> I bought the NMBC soundtrack at Disneyland when they did Haunted Mansion Holidays and it has been in my stero since then. (That was like Dec. I think)

David the Joker> Panou---thanks alot for answering my questions! I will get all my friends to see the Bail! Good luck in the future. And always remember Laughter is the Closest Distance Between Two People! If I ever direct a movie I will try to get you as one of the main leads!--What do you like the most about your character?

Danny&Brandon> hello there!!! brandons in the house

captainhair> Ok, now its time to beat Brandon. C'mere Brandon, you're not getting away that easy!


MoonieSmith> hi brandon!

Loup_Garou> *Cheers* *does the wave*


Jordan_Dawkins> Oh yeah! MY FAN FIC IS THE BEST!! J/K My pen name on is Sarah Lane Dingle...check out my stories...My next ones will be better...I realize, when I look at my old ones, that I could go back and revamp them, but I dunno if I should...I mean, that's just how I wrote then (they're a lot better then I'm making them out to be...)but I could make them better...hmmm...what do you guys think?...

cataline> Hey Brandon!

Phoenix057> HI BRANDON!!! how's life?

LynniePooh> Hi Brandon!!

Loup_Garou> LOL @ April

hitorifiamma> wooh! Hi Brandon!


raejae> woo!
*dances around then turns red cause she never dances*

Adam> Hey Brandon!

Aside from The Bail (obviously), what other projects do you have lined up?

By the way, the episodes of The Nightmare Room you were in are going to be released on DVD in August, in case you hadn't heard (or sifted through the 500+ messages posted here earlier).

werewolftravis> Hi Brandon. What was funner Big Wolf or The Bail ?

Dannys_lil_gurl> Brandon Can you answer this because i have to leavin like two mintues...

What was it like to have to were all that Werewolf make up?? And also Can you say Bye Anne??? because well... just because

Loup_Garou> yes, I'm interested in knowing what you'll be doing next

captainhair> I know I have to rework on my series. They're horribly Mary-Sueish.

Speaking of fic, Brandon, have either you or Danny (or any of the cast really) ever read any of the fan fiction that's floating around out there? If so, any thoughts on it?


Justin> Hey Brandon, what exactly did the werewolf makeup feel like? I know you despised it...

MERToN10277> HEY HEY BRANDON! How fun was being in The Bail? I can't wait to see it!

raejae> Brandon my friend Erin says that your hot but you probably shouldn't care cause she likes everyone and is only 11!

David the Joker> Brandon--How long did it take you to get in the wolf makeup? and how do you liked working with Jack (Dean Dawkins)?

hitorifiamma> *whimpersob* my ZIM eppie timed out...

I mean.... *ahem*


BonBon318> Adios Danny, it was good chatting with you again.
Welcome Brandon, I hope you don't get too scared too fast. And I hope the computer can refresh fast enough for you as well.


Kuzco_Chik> hey Brandon, what's happenin'? How's it goin'?
Why have I forgotten how to use "g" on the end of all of my words?

Danny&Brandon> hey guys how ya doing? It's great to hear from every one!!!
so is everybody exited to see the nmovie the bail? We had agreat time shooting it

Phoenix057> Hey Brandon, do you have any good nicknames?

Dannys_lil_gurl> SOBS i must go ...... brandon PLZ ANSWER MY LAST QUESTION.

~*~Mary Ann~*~> Hey Brandon! ^_^

MERToN10277> cant wait to see it!! gonna be the first one in line

Phoenix057> I can't wait to see "The Bail"! My two favorite guys once again! Do you miss Big Wolf on Campus?

Loup_Garou> Yes! I am very excited about seeing this movie! Sounds great. Did you have a good time here in FL?

captainhair> DOD!!

*whap* Just had to do that to Brandon because I impaled Danny a few times. Didn't want him to feel left out, ya know...


werewolftravis> We all cant wait to see it Brandon. Do you have a fan email address

Justin> Yeah, I'm excited. Say, can I get a screener coming my way? For reviewing purposes of course.

cataline> Brandon--Which scene did you have the most fun shooting in The Bail?

Dannys_lil_gurl> I am so very exited... But i have to go in like 0 minutes...

hitorifiamma> *crosses fingers and hopes The Bail will be coming to a theatre near her*


captainhair> I don't know if I'll be able to see it, but if its available here I definately will.


Loup_Garou> Poor Brandon... he gets the same abuse Danny did!

Kuzco_Chik> Ahhh I'm going to have to. Darn, I feel like I just got here. Well, this has been so much fun for the past half hour of my life. Bye Brandon, I just want to say I thin kyou are on of the greatest actors EVER!! See ya all later (probably on the BWOC message Board)

~*~Mary Ann~*~> Yeah, do you have a e-mail? It would be kewl to e-mail you.

Jordan_Dawkins> YOU KNOW WHAT?! F**K BEANS! Wow...I am SO sorry...


BRANDON! Since Danny is avoiding me...would you like to come to my Grad. Party? It's June 15th...since Danny missed my prom, you know I e-mailed him and then asked him about it tonight...well, I told him it was May 18th, to late obviously, and well he avoided my Q about the would YOU come?!

captainhair> Justin, you're terrible you know that? lol

Of course you know I'd be mooching a copy off of you anyway, so I shouldn't be talking.


Justin> Also, will the film get a wide distribution or just be select cities?

raejae> Brandon do you like any bands like Sum 41 or Blink 182?

Dannys_lil_gurl> Well Brandon, im sorry i couldnt ask to many questions but it went on hoo
plz say bye to me..
P.S it would put me to rest.


*whap* Just had to do that to Brandon because I impaled Danny a few times. Didn't want him to feel left out, ya know...

Yup, impalings go for ALL new members... even actors! you can not get away from Aprils DOD

Phoenix057> So, Brandon, where are you at this very moment? You are in L.A., correct?

captainhair> Darn skippy.

Wait, did I just say that? I think I might have to impale myself now. I blame the lack of nicotine in my system!


Dannys_lil_gurl> Brandon what is it like to work with Danny for so many years???

MERToN10277> Brandon, what do you plan on doing now since you're done with The Bail?

MertonJDingle> You have NO idea how LONG I have waited to get this page to load..10 minutes, actually..maybe 15..Anyway, I'm only going to ask this once (again) and I really want you famous people to pay attention to it:
I have this friend, she goes by the alibi (heh) Sanguinary. She's 17, and she's the best friend a girl could have. She couldn't make it here tonight, and it would really make her millenium if someone famous (pointedly Danny/Brandon..) EMailed her. ~drops to her knees~ I am *BEGGING* you. On my knees begging for gosh darn mercy. Please, PLEASE, email her:
Thanks, everyone. Have to go - It's past my bedtime. ^.~

raejae> Brandon are you shy?Could you please answer my question.

~*~Mary Ann~*~> So Brandon what do you think you'll do now that making The Bail is over?

Loup_Garou> Bare with Brandon you guys, I'd imagine he doesn't use the computer that often, so his typing is a little slow! Don't be offended if he doesn't answer you right away.

Danny&Brandon> my favorite scene in da movie was the night club scene, we got to dance around and act like gooffy

Phoenix057> Besides learning to be loud, crazy, and screaming on set...what else has Danny taught you during all those years with him on the set of BWOC and "The Bail"?

raejae> Lol.Sorry Brandon

crunkette> Yeah yeah yeah! Please! Sangy would love an email from one of you guys!

captainhair> I must bow down to the greatness that is a cable modem. Takes me what, 2 seconds to refresh this page. Even with all the traffic. Whee!


cataline> Yeah, I would love it if I could dance around and act crazy without everyone pointing and laughing...

Dannys_lil_gurl> Very Evil.....
Brandon If you could E-mail me it would mean alot. I am making a web page and i would love to do an interveiw. my E-mial Address is PLZ i need your help!!!

Loup_Garou> yup, same here! Gotta love broadband!

raejae> Okay I'm asking you lots of questions cause you ROCK!
Do like Aimee?

Loup_Garou> April, get on MSN...

David the Joker> Brandon--How long did it take you to get in the wolf makeup? and how do you liked working with Jack (Dean Dawkins)?

werewolftravis> Are you and Danny good friends off set

captainhair> I must say, those suits are pretty cool. I want to steal those shoes Danny's wearing and that suit you were wearing.

Oh, and how much fake tanner were you guys wearing? Yikes!


David the Joker> Did Panou leave?

Danny&Brandon> no fake tanner!

Dannys_lil_gurl> Brandon!!!!!! PLZ ANSWER:
The bail is alot like your other shows and movie???? And can you E-mail me to help me with an interview i need for my site???

BonBon318> Brandon: The day you guys were filming at the mobile home park, what was that song that you and Danny kept on rehearsing? It was in my head for days afterwards.

Panou: I still love ya kid. I feel that you are being neglected know, but I just wanted you to know that someone still cared I *heart* McNally. Haha, I can't believe you guys didn't know that it was the same guy.


Phoenix057> So...what's up everybody? we need to get a good topic of discussion going...

raejae> BRANDON!!!I stayed up 40 minutes past my bedtime to talk to you and your not saying anything to me!!!

captainhair> Yikes. That's a really weird tan you guys have got going on there. Must be that FL sun.


Danny&Brandon> turkey is good, but breakfast is better?

Panou> David, Im still here laughing at Brandons responses

Dannys_lil_gurl> Brandon--Do you think you could help me out???

Loup_Garou> I should know that the FL sun makes your skin RED not tan! LOL

Phoenix057> Brandon...what was the last movie you saw at the theaters? star wars? spiderman?

David the Joker> I think Brandon is shocked at all these questions

MERToN10277> Brandon, what is more difficult: doing a movie, or a TV series? which one is more fun?

raejae> I'm eating ice cream for breakfast tommorow!

werewolftravis> Are you dating anyone ( My sis wants to know) is that to personal

cataline> Yay! Panou is still here! Someone else who is famous to talk to!

captainhair> I fling poo!!


Dannys_lil_gurl> BRANDON!

Danny&Brandon> Star Wars. I really liked it.

LynniePooh> Well, I'm gonna get going. Good night Brandon! Good night Panou!

~*~Mary Ann~*~> Turkey? breakfast? Did I miss something? lol

Phoenix057> great topic of discussion brandon...

breakfast is better (?!)

David the Joker> Panou did you like want I wrote about you?

raejae> Do you like disappointing 11 year olds?

Panou> Thanks Bon, your the best

Dannys_lil_gurl> Brandon, could you help me???? pLz im desprite my borther is going to kick me off and i nee and answer

Jordan_Dawkins> So...

BRANDON! Since Danny is avoiding me...would you like to come to my Grad. Party? It's June 15th...since Danny missed my prom, you know I e-mailed him and then asked him about it tonight...well, I told him it was May 18th, to late obviously, and well he avoided my Q about the would YOU come?! I confusing much?

Danny&Brandon> It was different, because acting for the big screen and being another character was challenging

Loup_Garou> Poor Brandon, you guys C'mon! Be patient!

captainhair> I usually eat pizza or hot wings for breakfast. I'm in college, its all I can do to get myself to the microwave in the morning.

Or out of bed for that matter.


angeldust> wow, i almost missed the chat. i got home late. for brandon and danny: i love big wolf on campus, are you guys anything like your characters...minus the wolf part of course

Panou> bye Lynnie, thanks for being here

Loup_Garou> I'll bet! Are you going to be doing any more shows or movies in the near future?

Dannys_lil_gurl> Ok well i have to go!!!! Bye Brandon. Bye Panue.... PLZ if you get a chance...E-amil me@

Danny&Brandon> I'm fixing my house in LA

cataline> lol I agree with Loup...stop bombarding him with questions! hehe...

David the Joker> Panou and Brandon-----Thanks for answering my questions! I gotta sleep! Good luck in the future, I know you guys will do great!---Bye hahahaha!

Danny&Brandon> I would love to come to your grad party, but I'm busy.

I'm fixing my house in LA

I feel you're pain. I'm getting ready to soon move outta this house and into a new apartment...with 4 other girls. Catch your interest?

Not YOU Loup!



Phoenix057> First of all, sorry you are being completely bombarded with all these crazy questions!

Who is your favorite super hero? :-)

And do you like TV or movies better? (somebody probably already asked that...sorry!)

werewolftravis> Hey Guys I have to go. If you have a chance email me at

Panou> David yes I did, lol thanks

Danny&Brandon> I hope to keep working for a long time to come

crunkette> Loup!!

Loup_Garou> April, you sparked my interest! I feel left out now!

captainhair> Well, we can always make exceptions.



Danny&Brandon> Brandon's is Spiderman

Loup_Garou> That reminds me of a Fic I read recently.... hmm, I can't remember which though...

MERToN10277> okay well im goin now *yawn* very tired. Sayonara!

cataline> That was a long cough April!

Jordan_Dawkins> *snorts a laugh* BITE ME LOUP!

Loup_Garou> Hey Brandon, do you ever visit the forum at

captainhair> I'm taking it the cast never read any fics...specifically OURS. I don't think they'd speak to us after what I did to Merton and Tommy in "Chocolate Kisses".


bailthemovie> Hi everyone and thanks for being a part of the live question and answer chat, we will try to do it again real soon. Thank you Danny, Brandon and Carl.

Loup_Garou> BWAAAA! Jordan! LOL

April, you'll scare them away!!!

Danny&Brandon> Thanks for dropping in and supporting us The Bail

All the best Danny and Brandon

raejae> It's over already?!

MERToN10277> hehe. thanks everyone for answering my questions! it was awesome talking to you! bye

crunkette> Signing off now... *wave* Bye All!

captainhair> Don't I scare everyone?

Ok, who's saving this thread quick? lol


BonBon318> Hey Panou, this is going to sound strange but, were you ever on Animorphs? For some reason, my brain is placing you as part of that show, maybe not a main part, but did you ever play a part in that show?


bailthemovie> Hi everyone and thanks for being a part of the live question and answer chat, we will try to do it again real soon. Thank you Danny, Brandon and Carl and Panou.

cataline> Anytime...thanks for joining us Panou and Brandon!

Justin> Hey Danny, you should bring Danny Grand Prix to Fairmont. I'm not sure if there's any paying gigs around here, but you can play at the Book N Bean and get free drinks or at our weekly MCPARC gatherings for absolutely nothing. My band, Internet Sex, could open for you.

*pulls head from clouds*

Where was I?

Phoenix057> Thanks for answering so many questions!!!

Loup_Garou> Bye Brandon, bye Panou! You guys Rock!

bailthemovie> Hi everyone and thanks for being a part of the live question and answer chat, we will try to do it again real soon. Thank you Danny, Brandon and Carl and Panou.

Jordan_Dawkins> Bye youz guyz!! I love you Danny & Brandon. You're truly the best in my book!

~*~Mary Ann~*~> Thanks for doing this chat! All of us fans really appreciate it!

raejae> DANNY thanx for answering my question!Brandon you still rock but wow i wish you could've answered everyones questions bye and good luck with future projects!I would say that to Aimee too but she's not here so let her know I say good luck!

captainhair> Yea, it was fun despite the lack of a chatroom.


Panou> Bon, yes I did do some episodes of Animorphs

captainhair> *snores* Sleep. Good. Must pack for tomorrow. Heh. Still have to do dishes...smoke comes first.

Night all!!


BonBon318> Haha, I knew it! Ok, well, my night's been spent. Bye Danny, Panou, and Brandon. Thanks for coming in and chatting with us.


Panou> Thanks everyone for being here, take care and bye for now, feel free to keep sending us fanmail we love it