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    2-18-2011  2:07 AM  
 Dildo Of Doom
 Feb. 14, 2002
idk it's been almost a month since there was a post in this part of the forum. How's everyone doing?
    2-18-2011  11:32 PM  
 Bodacious Ta Ta
 Jul. 15, 2002
My entire household has the flu. The end.

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    2-19-2011  12:35 AM  
 May 10, 2002
Boo Flu! I haven't been sick. Actually doing pretty good! Chicago was smashed with some massive snow a couple weeks ago which was kinda cool, I guess, but it's all melted now and the city is back to normal. Other than that, meh, same ole same ole.
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    2-19-2011  4:57 PM  
 Oct. 2, 2008
last monday (valentines day ) i was in emegercy. thats enough for this month. at least for me...
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    3-02-2011  10:40 PM  
 Jun. 5, 2002
Hi Nory! It's about the same here.
Graduating college 'n such.
How you beeen?
britta * " ` .
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