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    12-18-2010  6:40 PM  
 May 10, 2002
Hey dudes! So my lap top of 4 years finally crapped out on me a couple days ago. Which I was expecting so I backed up all my stuff on hard drives and I have a brand new mac mini that I bought over the summer. BUT the camera I have is dumb and was made for only pcs. I can play the videos on my mac but they look shitty. I've been trying to find a good convert so I can convert the mpegs to movs or whatever but all of the ones I have tried don't seem to work/read the file. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good one I could try. Thanks!
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    1-03-2011  6:59 AM  
 Oct. 2, 2008
have you asking good video converter huh?

try adobe premiere 6.0
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