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    2-24-2009  12:38 PM  
 Feb. 23, 2009
except for a minour kerfuffle-now sorted out, i hope (looks around menacingly) this is a very lovely site and i'm having a blast. perhaps not the 'get out and do something' social interaction' my sister is trying to push me back into, but at least i don't have my nose in a book, right?

but, i have a question, deary. i have a photo of myself that i'd like to use as an avatar, but i cannot sus your system (i'm vaguely techno stupid. if it's a hands on art supply, i'm your girl, but this level is a little beyond me and when in doubt ask the expert) you have my email addy in my profile, so feel free to 'e' me and i'll happily let you see it so it can be posted. and i found that drawing i did of merton a while ago and be happy to post that too (need to scan it...note to self) but the same problem/confusion applies.

thank ye dear. keep up he good work!
stay out of any trouble you can't talk your way out of!
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