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Everybody Fang Chung Tonight

This is totally 1 of my fav's!!! It was to cool when Merton was a vampire but the syndicate beat everything. I don't know how anyone could sit through that and not laugh!(unless your a werewolf syndicate member's friend) But it was defenately a good episode,If I could,I'd give it 100/10. Well thats my two cents. Next time I'll bring more change. (10/10)
· by wereduck; posted January 29th, 2002

I Dream Of Becky

The episode was o.k. The genie looked like an insane asylum escape-e who painted himself purple and while going shopping,only visited halloween costume warehouses. So as you can tell, I'm not much on this epie. But other than the mentaly retarded genie,I liked it. (6/10)
· by wereduck; posted January 29th, 2002

She Will Rock You She Will

I HATE MEDUSA,I HATE MEDUSA,I HATE MEDUSA,I HATE MEDUSA..... Not much on this epie. I only give it this high cuz Merton finally gets a kiss(Lucky Lori) ....I HATE MEDUSA,I HATE MEDUSA, I HATE MEDUSA.... (8/10)
· by wereduck; posted January 28th, 2002

Stone Free

It's pretty cool, not one of my fav's but I give it a 10 'cuz my man, Merton**sigh** is finally free! (10/10)
· by wereduck; posted January 28th, 2002

The Sum Of All Fears

It can't be over. Not when it was just startin' to get good. I don't believe it.Even though we'll have reruns, I... miss....Lori.....Tommy......and...and..I WANT MERTON BACK!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! (10/10)
· by wereduck; posted May 11th, 2002