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Everybody Fang Chung Tonight

The best episode so far. (8/10)
· by Rorshack; posted December 1st, 2001

I loved this epsiode. It's about time Merton got a girlfriend..even though she turned out to be a blood sucky vampire..not theres anything wrong with that, that is hehe*sweatdrop*But I thought Tommy being a goth was kinda offenace to any Tommy fans out there. He's better as the jock type boy. It was an alround good episode. Tammy:What no explainion of the whole epsiode Becky? Becky:Naw I don't want to scare them..*fixes her spike hair* Tammy;...she is soo sad..go vampires (9/10)
· by Blackcat57; posted November 30th, 2001

It was such was a great episode! It had erything!!! Romance (Kasandra and Merton Awww) Action (Vampires) Humour (Ozmodious Dawkins, Gothic Tommy) and the end was really sad. I think Kasandra should come back. All in all, it was my favourite episode. YAY VAMPIRES!!!!!! (10/10)
· by MertonsGirl; posted November 24th, 2001

I love how Tommy in the new episodes always points his finger like a gun and makes a clicking sound...........and then makes a stupid jock laugh sound after. What up wit that Tommy lol it is halarious though. Also love the name Osmodious........just love it! it was funny when Tommy was like Blade rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then he mumbled rolling his eyes up I love that movie. Then when he met the other vampire at the trash dumpster and said his little pick up line and then she left and he said Yep..... I still got it in a uppety way. OMG almost forgot it was funny when tommy was so interested in the game Merton was talking to the vamps and they were talking about Anne Rice and when they asked Tommy who he perfers he said- na I like it pork fried. Halarious! (9/10)
· by Cupcake20; posted November 22nd, 2001

SO FUNNY! Tommy was funny as Osmodius! Dude where's my car? Blade ROCKS! What can I say? It was good! (10/10)
· by NewOrleansGurl; posted November 20th, 2001

That episode is the BEST one yet! The girls where so cool, n nice, n...vampires! Merton being a vampire himself really put some more action! ..But I wanted him 2 b a vampire 4ever...I don't know about you, but I like him better like that! (10/10)
· by missfreebush; posted November 19th, 2001

This episode in my opinion has been one of the best thus far. I really hope that Cassandra will be back for another episode. But I guess we'll just have to see. I also have to say I think Tommy was really hot as Osmodius. :) (10/10)
· by Becca_B; posted November 18th, 2001

Wasnt that great. Merton and his girlfriend were cute though, but the episode didnt have enough of Tommy, Merton and Lori together. Its more fun when their characters interact together. I dont know it just didnt like it too much. (5/10)
· by Seether169; posted November 17th, 2001

Best one yet. It was much more believable then a certain other viallain we know... **coughcoughStormFrontcoughcough**. Quick question: Why does Merton get even hotter when he's evil?? (Gotta love those fangs) (10/10)
· by crunkette; posted November 17th, 2001

this was o.k. but i was sad for merton. also laures hair was sooo much better last seson. see looks to preppy. p.s. merton is so sexy (8/10)
· by mertons_babe; posted November 17th, 2001

Two words: Goth Tommy. Worth every point. If it weren't for the fact that I never give tens, this ep would probably merit one. (9/10)
· by ExitStageLeft; posted November 16th, 2001

Definately one of my favs. This makes the 3rd 10 I've given out. I'm going soft.... I just could hold in a loud laugh when I saw Tommy as a goth! (8/10)
· by Loup; posted November 16th, 2001

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