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The Boy Who Tried Wolf

An earlier reviewer of this episode offered an explanation for why Merton became an evil werewolf, whereas Tommy remains good. I'd now like to offer my own explanation, which I think makes far more sense: For starters, back in the "Bookmobile" episode, it was made clear that Merton really wanted to be a werewolf, whereas as Tommy did not. In this current Season 3 episode, Merton's werewolf-ism made him popular with the girls and allowed him to fend off bullies. So, it's perfectly understandable that he wanted to stay that way. Tommy, on the other hand, never had bully-problems and was already popular with girls prior to his werewolf days. As a result, his greatest fear was that he'd become unpopular if people learned his secret. (This, of course, is why he wanted the werewolf-ism gone). Hence, it would appear that the desire to be a werewolf is what makes a person evil, whereas the desire to NOT be a werewolf causes the person to remain good. Support for this may seen with Evil Lori's desire to continuing transforming in "Manchurian Werewolf" or the evil Mr. Dunleavy's love for lycanthropy in "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow." If Merton had no problems with bullies and didn't need werewolf-ism to be popular with girls, then I seriously doubt he would have become evil. Yet, regardless of this perfectly rational explanation for why Merton went evil, I was still disappointed that it happened. I would have much preferred to see Merton overcome the evil urges and remain good, thus allowing him and Tommy to become a crime-fighting werewolf duo.
· by Ray; posted January 27th, 2004

I liked it and I did get a good laugh at Danny's bad make-up. Over all it was okay not my fave epi though. Lol when Tommy says "How do we know he's good?" and there is Merton laying on the ground sucking his thumb!!!! Go evil Merton! (9/10)
· by Stars; posted August 22nd, 2002

Merton just doesn't play well as a werewolf. Lori and Tommy are much better werewolfs. (7/10)
· by amy blue; posted August 21st, 2002

Well, this is my fave episdode, but there are some things that I don't like about it. I mean, girls don't do what the girls at Pleasentville High do. The only thing wrong with the show is the bad face on girls. I would not escort a guy around the halls for anything. Lori, however, is a wonderful balance that really keeps me from saying that the show is sexist. (9/10)
· by lucelombra; posted July 8th, 2002

this is definatly one of my favorite episodes! besides for mertons BAD makeup and the stupid sub-plot (dont get me started on that) i give it a 10! i mean, merton+evil=HILARIOUS!!! (10/10)
· by Court; posted June 17th, 2002

Ok first things first...Merton's make-up was horible! But all and all it was a great episode! Merton was hailrous (sp?)! But i was kinda bummed out when Merton had to turn evil...:( (10/10)
· by merton_is_hott; posted June 11th, 2002

Evil Merton. All that needs to be said. (7/10)
· by BeautifulGarbage; posted May 15th, 2002

Pretty good episode! I loved the hairy chest thing when Merton says "Oh as if you don't love it!" That was a kodak! LOL! (9/10)
· by NewOrleansGurl; posted April 27th, 2002

This episode was okay. The only things going for this episode was Evil!Merton, which I loved seeing. Merton as someone evil is just too hard to ignore. ::drools onto keyboard:: The second was the cute bonding between him and Tommy. That was just slash worthy. I loved how Merton became all confident and stuff when he turned and loved when he growled at the hunter. I agree though, that hunter subplot was just stupid. Whoever writes these things needs to use more imagination or go more deeper into the story arc. (5/10)
· by QsMistress23; posted March 26th, 2002

Merton needs to be slapped around for this stupid stunt. What maniacally worped trickery. This is not the 1st time he turned on Tommy. Tommy should kick his pale hiney just once to teach him a lesson. But just once cause Merton helped save Tommy's hairy wolf butt quite a few times too. (9/10)
· by dingle-berry; posted March 20th, 2002

This episode was great! The whole Merton being evil thing was kind of cool. I would have never thought of him being the evil type. Ok, I'm just going to add my theory on how all werewolves are evil except for Tommy. I think that it is what the werewolf is thinking when the bitee gets bit. See, Tommy didn't even know that he bit Merton and Lori and they both turned evil. Also, the evil werewolf Syndacate don't care really who they are bitting. When Mr. Dunleevy (I'm not sure how to spell his name) bit Tommy though it was just out of fun and Mr. Dunleevy wanted Tommy to be evil. (10/10)
· by Selestina; posted March 16th, 2002

Okay I have 3 things to say(that's weird huh its seems like I do everything in 3's lately). Anyway for the first thing Why has lori become less than a sub-par stacy. In all seriousness people a dental hygenists assistant is something that is just too hard to imagine lori as. Second when did the creatirs of this show hear of all of us posters dreams of seeing merton as a werewolf and turned him into a bad make-up job. And finally why isn't Tommy evil seriously Lori goes wolf evil, Merton evil. Yet in the end tommy somehow escapes this whole evil heritage why. But now for the episode inspired yes Merton was a very good werewolf except for the evil thing. Finally the ending blew it would have made a smooth two part episode. Imagine Merton bites Lori and they becomae an evil pair leaving Tommy alone for his first time ever to find a cure. Also what if merton stayed wolfy would it have been big wolves on campus? so many questions (7/10)
· by 3D; posted March 15th, 2002

This is the best episode! i missed the last 10 min did merton turn back??? i hope he did cuz his werewolf makup sux so much! (10/10)
· by BigWolf+Buffy=Ev; posted March 15th, 2002

Is it just me or did Merton look like a bad version of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine?
· by MoonbeamDancer; posted March 12th, 2002

werewolf or not, i would never, EVER let any of my friends do dental work on me... before merton had to go and turn all evil (mmm..evil merton), the boys hanging out as wolf buddies was so precious. merton's chest toupee was just nasty though. i'm not normally anal retentive at all when it comes to BWOC, but why did werewolfism make merton's chest hairy and not tommy's...? (9/10)
· by JMDingle; posted March 12th, 2002

Not the greatest episode of the season, but definately fun none the less. I loved seeing Merton in the werewolf make-up and seeing him as a sexy, evil confident guy was great. The only thing that bugged me was the monster hunter sub-plot. It was really subpar and out of place in my opinion. The episode could've gotten along very well without it. (8/10)
· by killerklown; posted March 11th, 2002

i didnt particulary like this episode...i agree--the monster-hunter guy was quite unbelievable...and the whole merton being evil thing doesnt really strike me...i love his quirky-ness better :) (6/10)
· by WereCat; posted March 11th, 2002

Alrighty, this one wasn't the best of episodes, but it was still good. The only thing that took away from the story was the Monster hunter guy, who was completely unbelieveable. He desperately needed to "get with the times" and not look/act so viking-ish. It just didn't fit with the flow of the storyline. If he had been a government guy sent to cover up the werewolf claims, that would have made a little more sense, but this guy was just annoying. Otherwise, the little howling session was cute, and Merton was a rather cool werewolf (except for that little evil problem, and totally ruining his smooth lines by adding stupid comments at the end), but his makeup could have used some work. (8/10)
· by crunkette; posted March 10th, 2002

He, He. This was great. I never would have pictured Merton evil. I don't know why, I just wouldn't have. Yet, this is the second time he's been evil this season (ie. Fang Chung) This was a very well written episode and I liked the incorperation of things from the last season. I also liked Tommy and Merton hanging out as werewolf buddies. (9/10)
· by Becca_B; posted March 10th, 2002

It was a great episode! Great acting by Danny to make Merton evil. To quote Merton refering to the 1994 version of Frankenstein, "Don't bother to scream!" (10/10)
· by the Joker hahaha; posted March 10th, 2002