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Baby On Board

Worst fucking episode EVER. pray for the return of WCW (1/10)
· by ricky93; posted April 4th, 2009

As I already stated in my review for "N'Sipid," I don't think space aliens fit well into this show's hall of villains. Also, a lot of weird stuff as happened to Merton over the course of this series, but getting pregnant was just too much. (There's something very disturbing about the thought of a pregnant male). And since when does Tommy hit on old women? Or any women for that matter? That was so out of character for him. I'll give the episode 3 points because Lori looked particularly pretty, but that's it. (3/10)
· by Ray; posted January 27th, 2004

I saw the episode for myself and I was just amazed with the storline! I was killing myself lauging with glee when the Alien, played by Vampire High's Ilona Elkin touched Merton's Forehead, kinda like E.T. did with Elliot! The part when she asked Merton..."Are you familliar with the movie Aliens?" I was like...Haahahahahahahaaa! The part with the alien bursting out of Merton's stomach...Dude, please switch the creature from the episode to a chest burster from Aliens! That would be so cool! After all, it was so funny! Keep on Rockin, Tyner and all you dudes out there who love Big wolf! from-Mike Meier, Founder of Meier Studios! (10/10)
· by Mikey Brat; posted April 3rd, 2003

One of my fav episodes so far! I thought Tommy was really funny in this one, the way he was so concerned about Merton, and I liked the bit where Merton was like 'She touched my forehead! Then I did a laaaaaa awwwww!!!' Yeah I'm weird but that cracked me up! (8/10)
· by clare; posted August 9th, 2002

I loved it alot! It's my favorite episode. I love the pickle in tartar sauce, that is very funny. I like when Merton says "Can you say Papa Merton?" If I told you everything I loved I'd be here forever! (10/10)
· by Stars; posted July 1st, 2002

I thought that this episode was reeally good! But the part where Merton had the baby was disturbing...but oh well! This one was very funny too! I especially (sp?) like the high five part! Did anyone notice the baby's hair? (10/10)
· by merton_is_hott; posted June 11th, 2002

Not that good. It was just disturbing! And why was Tommy hitting on the dean? First of all she's alot older than him, looks old enough to be his mom and second of all, she's not that attractive! This episode was just weird... (6/10)
· by NewOrleansGurl; posted April 27th, 2002

I didn't really like it at all. It was kind of corny. The alien baby was obviously fake, and it was really gross when it came out. It was just weird when Tommy hit on the dean. (5/10)
· by diamond dragon; posted April 22nd, 2002

Man! I must bee some type of freak cuz now this is my FAVE ep. Did you all notice the baby's hair? I would have to say that my fave part is when Merton was eatting like mad crazy! Lol. I gave it a 10 (10/10)
· by LilyGirl; posted April 17th, 2002

Weird. Really weird. Disturbing, too, yet nonetheless intriquing. Something about pregnant guys is *not right*. I kinda liked it, though. What was the deal with Merton's shirt? Anyone else thought it was particularly wretched? (7/10)
· by xayeide; posted March 24th, 2002

Ah, hillarity. this ep had some great writing in all honesty. yeah, there were some minor discrepencies, but hey- i don't watch the show to pick at the details. BWOC always comes through with the physical comedy, awesome scripts, and cough*eyecandy*cough. i will question wardrobe this time however. what was up with merton's shirt? oh yeah, and the alien mom reminded my weird ass of Marilyn Manson. (9/10)
· by JMDingle; posted March 6th, 2002

I must be some sort of freak because I loved every moment of this episode. The whole concept sounds like something I'd write (and did!). What, are the writers drilling holes in my head and peeking in when I'm sleeping? ANYway, this episode knocked down Stone Free as my fav ep this season. (9/10)
· by killerklown; posted March 6th, 2002

Thought episode was cute. Liked how the alien had Merton's hair!! (10/10)
· by Gemma50; posted March 4th, 2002

All i got to say is that the BWOC series could of done without this epi.(also that alien mom just freaks me out) (3/10)
· by NJwolf; posted March 3rd, 2002

1) God that must have been the most disturbing episode yet. 2)The best ~~> Tommy: "I'm not high fiving a pregnant guy..." 3)Did anyone (of those of you who saw it) notice that the baby alien had Merton's hair??? 4)Funny...Lori's house looks exactly like Tommy's... 5)And yes, it was rather strange that an alien ripped from Merton's stomach, leaving a gaping hole and he just stood up and continued living like nothing had happened... (8/10)
· by crunkette; posted March 3rd, 2002

Before the episode aired, I never got my hopes up for something great. The subject matter did not seem to be all that highly interesting. But once I witnessed "Baby on Board", I quickly changed my mind. This was one of the funniest Big Wolf episodes ever. The movie reference was great, and nothing will ever beat the looks on all the character's faces when the baby popped out of Merton's stomach. (9/10)
· by earth_worm_jim; posted March 3rd, 2002

Probably the most horrible episode I've seen in recent memory. Brandon, Danny, and Aimee didn't really do anything specifically wrong, it was just a painfully unfunny script. (3/10)
· by Matt; posted March 3rd, 2002

I don't even know what to say about this episode except EWWWW!!! That was probably something I never needed to see. Did the pregnant Merton remind anyone else of the episode "Pleased to Eat you"? Maybe it was just me. I felt so bad for Lori through out. I can't believe Tommy kept hitting on the dean. All and all I'm still realing from shock caused by this episode. (9/10)
· by Becca_B; posted March 3rd, 2002

This was a great episode! The movie references was great! The whole anti-gravity fight was super! (10/10)
· by the Joker hahaha; posted March 3rd, 2002