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Everybody Fang Chung Tonight

Was anyone upset over the fact that MErton can't ever seem to keep a girlfriend? Oh merton I would stick by your side. This eposode was both funny and sad however I found some parts to be a bit stale. (7/10)
· by Milary; posted March 18th, 2009

this website is brillient (10/10)
· by matthew51; posted June 26th, 2006

Loved it, but I love almost every episode...But it was soo cool. (10/10)
· by Merton_rox6; posted September 20th, 2005

It's was very good!!! I loke it very much. Danny Smith and Brandon Quinn are so hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttt oh my god !! (8/10)
· by Catgreen; posted July 23rd, 2004

One of the earlier reviewers to this episode complained that, at the end of the show, Cassandra the vampire had a reflection when she didn't have one before. I would therefore like to provide a theory for why her reflection became visible in this scene: Basically, a vampire's lack of reflection has something to do with his or her aura. If a vampire goes a certain length of time without blood, this aura will become weakened, thus causing his or her reflection to become visible. In Cassandra's case, it had been a while since she had her last dose of werewolf blood, and so her aura must have weakened to this point thus causing her to regain a reflection. Ta-Da! Having cleared that up, my rating for this episode is a perfect ten. It had comedy, romance, serious moments, a great fight scene, character development, and a sequel episode (i.e., "Thanks"). What more could a BWOC fan ask for? If there's ever to be a fourth season of the show, I hope Cassandra will return and that Merton will find some way of reversing her vampirism so that they can be together. Perhaps Maxwell Fong (from "Stone Free") could use his knowledge of the dark arts to resurrect the vampire who transformed her so that she can stake him herself and return to normal. (10/10)
· by Ray; posted January 17th, 2004

I thought this episode was great. Tommy (or should I say Osmodious) was adorable as a Goth- love the wig! I'm glad Merton got a girlfriend, but why oh why could she stay for more than 1 episode? The "I vant to suck your blood" line made me laugh. All in all a great episode. (9/10)
· by Little_Gothic; posted September 22nd, 2002

This has to be one of the best episodes ever! It was so funny to see Tommy dressed up as a goth!! And it was so funny when he was hosting Goth Beat and talking about Dude Where's my Car! I love how Tommy tells Lori "I'm gonna go use the little wolves' room." I found that very funny. (10/10)
· by VampireGurlNikki; posted August 21st, 2002

Tommy looks soooooo good as a goth. Why is it that when Tommy was a "goth" he wears makeup but Merton doesn't? (10/10)
· by amy blue; posted August 14th, 2002

I really liked this episode. esp. the part whjere merton nand the other 2 vampries confront tommy and lori in the school. Merton looks good in black, and even though he didn't look it he felt evil. (10/10)
· by kero42; posted July 15th, 2002

Very good episode. One of my favorites. There are a lot of funny one-liners in this episode. "So long speed stick!" lol. Without a doubt, i give it a 10. (10/10)
· by Court; posted June 19th, 2002

Oh. My. God. Tommy wearing makeup and Merton as a vampire? Have I died and gone to heaven!? Seriously though, I really like this episode. It was very funny and I loved Cassandra. The ending was really cool also, and I'm glad Merton didn't have to kill his girlfriend. That's always a plus. (10/10)
· by Lena; posted June 19th, 2002

This episode made me laugh on this one specially when merton was to "fly" that was awesome terrific episode! (10/10)
· by Light_Sullen; posted May 29th, 2002

This episode has been the best one I've seen so far. Merton as a vampire was totally hot. He can suck me anytime. lol I loved the part where Cassandra finds his 'weapons' and he has this water gun full of garlic water and squirts it into his mouth, saying something about being thirsty and garlic being good for him. And then asking if Cassandra had an altoid. lol Tommy as a goth was way cool. He looked so hot with the black lipstick on. I felt real bad about Cassandra having to leave though. She's by far the best girlfriend he's ever had. I really hope they bring her back for a future episode, but we won't know till they air it. ::sigh:: Merton looked so sad at the end, looking at the polaroids of him and Cassandra. This episode was real good. (10/10)
· by QsMistress23; posted March 26th, 2002

i like how Tommy took absolutely no convincing to get into goth drag. the idea just pops into Merton's head and BAM! we have Asmodius Dawkins, complete with eyeliner, lipstick and nailpolish... and only Merton could convert to kobi..kobai..kobayesk.. vampirism and still be uncouth. (9/10)
· by JMDingle; posted March 12th, 2002

This is totally 1 of my fav's!!! It was to cool when Merton was a vampire but the syndicate beat everything. I don't know how anyone could sit through that and not laugh!(unless your a werewolf syndicate member's friend) But it was defenately a good episode,If I could,I'd give it 100/10. Well thats my two cents. Next time I'll bring more change. (10/10)
· by wereduck; posted January 29th, 2002

I thought this epie was so awesome but still hasn't beat Being Tommy Dawkins yet!! But the part where she goes to the syndicate that was brilliant!!!!!! I gave this a 9.5 but I gave it a ten for the heck of it!!! and cause there is no 9.5 (10/10)
· by Austin; posted January 24th, 2002

This episode rocked!! I hope Cassandra comes back later in the season!! Tommy trying to be a goth was the most harlarious part!! hehe :P (10/10)
· by Katgurl600; posted January 12th, 2002

This episode rocked!! I hope Cassandra comes back later in the season!! Tommy trying to be a goth was the most harlarious part!! hehe :P
· by Katgurl600; posted January 12th, 2002

i really liked this episode. But did you notice that at the begining when mertin got bit him and the other vamps had no reflection, and at the end when his girlfriend escaped she had a reflection. if it wasn't for this i would give it a 10 (9/10)
· by werewolfjr; posted January 7th, 2002

it was my favorite episode i hope cassandra returns in the future (10/10)
· by werewolftravis; posted December 24th, 2001

i think this episode is the funniest sesion**spelling**3 one, (10/10)
· by samantha_ellis; posted December 15th, 2001

That was a "super cool" episode! Merton was soooo cute in a vampire and Tommy was hilarious in a goth! There were a lot of funny parts, like when Merton had difficulties to pronounce words with his fangs. Everybody fang chung tonight rocks!!! P.S. I like that episode's title! (9/10)
· by LORIBAXTER; posted December 14th, 2001

Very good episode. I like the scene when Merton try to fly in vampire, it was funny. (10/10)
· by Anna_151; posted December 11th, 2001

i thought it was really good! cassandra and merton were so cute! tommy was hot as usual...lori just scared me...and it wuz sad at the end...but funny, too...tommys goth look amused me
· by tommyschick4eva; posted December 3rd, 2001

I really enjoyed this episode. It's one of my all time favorites. I really liked Tommy's goth look. It was sooo funny! (10/10)
· by kittygirl; posted December 3rd, 2001

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