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Play It Again,Samurai
Season 3; first aired in U.S. on February 8th, 2002

Merton falls for a Japanese girl that has recently begun frequenting the Factory, and despite her claims that they are too different, Merton manages to steal a kiss. This sets into motion a rather nasty chain of events, and a notoriously jealous thousand year old samurai prince vows to destroy Merton. Usually he'd turn to Tommy for help, but he's too busy pulling community service at the Hungry Bucket.

Average rating: 9.16 / 10
(of 21 ratings)

Recent review: NewOrleansGurl -- I liked this one alot! I loved the out takes! Come on down to the hungry buck-buck-bucket! I liked the part where Merton is yelling so everyone can hear them! FINITO! SPILTSVILLE! NO MORE LOVE! LOLOLOLOL!
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Characters in this episode:
Lori Baxter
Tommy Dawkins
Merton Dingle

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