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Very Pale Rider
Season 3; first aired in U.S. on January 19th, 2002

Merton's favorite role-playing game has a direct influence on another dimension, whose inhabitants turn to him to slay the mighty Shederak. Finding his skills as Lord Thunarr woefully inadequate, Merton turns to Tommy for some lycanthropy-fueled assistance, though his buddy's not quite as interested in duking it out as he once was.

Average rating: 8.63 / 10
(of 17 ratings)

Recent review: same_mistake -- I love this episode, almost PURELY on the grounds that you get to see Merton playing Warhammer. Well of course it's not CALLED Warhammer on the show, but you know it was the same concept. It was annoying to see Merton not get any credit from smiting the monster, but hey, I think it's just part of his chracter, that he never gets respect. (And the secret Rabid Danny Smith Fan Girl in me screams with outrage).
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References: Gandhi, The Waterboy

Characters in this episode:
Lori Baxter
Dean Dawkins
Tommy Dawkins
Merton Dingle
Tim Eckert

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