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Stone Free
Season 3; first aired in U.S. on October 27th, 2001

In the conclusion to last season's cliffhanger finale, a re-coiffed Tommy and Lori are led to a shady conman named Fong in order to free Merton from Medusa's spell. The cure works, but there is just one drawback: it's also a deadly poison! Oops. The only way for Tommy to get the antidote and save Merton is to battle Fong's depth-perceptionially-challenged champion in a pit fight to the death...

Average rating: 8.03 / 10
(of 30 ratings)

Recent review: Milary -- I agree with Austin when he said it was too rushed. It should have been a two part eposide. However all that aside I still find this to be one of my top favourite eposides. I mean comewho could reist laughing at mertons death videos? My favourite parts was when he was warning TOmmy of the dnagers of fighting fongs champion and when He was trying to make the antidote to cure himself. "Iocain has a wicked after tast" is one of my fav lines from that one.
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References: Return of the Jedi, Star Wars - Episode 1: The Phantom Menace

Characters in this episode:
Lori Baxter
Tommy Dawkins
Merton Dingle

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