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    7-22-2018  1:11 AM  
 Jul. 6, 2010

Decided to spend a few days getting this in order. I hope you all enjoy.

Download Here - My DVD Releases
Download Here - English - CHIPPER
Download Here - French Dub - Low Quality
Download Here - French Dub - High Quality
Download Here - Russian Dub
Download Here - Random Encodes
Download Here - English - Scary Terri Episode - Fixed Audio. The quality isn't great, but it works as a temporary replacement for CHIPPER'S encode, which has audio issues.


- The french dubbed HQ episodes are actually really good quality, some are far better than CHIPPER's encodes.
- If we have a good muxer in the community, they could take the audio from the fixed Scary Terri episode that I have provided, and mux it with the French HQ episode. That would be extremely helpful, as I'm not so great with the process.
- I was unable to locate the old dewknight encodes (not even 100% sure if those were sourced from CHIPPER's or not), so if dewknight himself, or anybody else would like to share them, that would be awesome.

If anybody has anything else that I could add, whether it be some Jetix encodes, or even German releases, I'm sure the community would greatly appreciate it. Also, if you can, please import these into your own MEGA accounts, to preserve the files for the future, thanks!
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    7-25-2018  7:04 PM  
 Jul. 17, 2018
Thank you for sharing, i will be looking into muxing a few episodes to the french HQ versions and i may have some episodes to share soon if i get anywhere!
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