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    4-27-2018  1:43 PM  
 Dec. 13, 2000
Man, posting here is retro af! I sometimes forget this place is here, and today is a day of boredom for me. I'm at work, I should be changing stored procedure calls on class files, but I'm instead bringing up the past. So much has changed for me over the past... holy shit 17 years! This year, I will have been a member of this forum for half of my life. I joined this site when I was a junior in high school, now my friends have kids that are starting high school. I feel so old now at 35.

Looking back on some of the old posts, it's hard to believe that's me posting. Ah my young adult personality, forever enshrined on this forum... at least for now.

I've gone from IT technician to software development, so it's been quite a ride! I'm in a much happier place in my life now than I was for most of my 20's and the first part of my 30's. There have been tragedies and wonders, new friends, lost friends, coming to terms with myself... Just so many things.

The biggest life-changing event was losing my mom back in 2014, then my uncle, then my dog, then my best friend. It seems that as you get older, dealing with death becomes more of a reality than when you are young. Every one of us here that have posted have struggled in our lives as some point, or are still struggling to this day.

There are a lot of you that I wish I could talk to again, but I have no way of reaching you. I know people from this forum look on here every now and then, sometimes once a year or once every 2-4 years, but hopefully I can reach out to you guys and see how you are doing. Even those I wasn't so nice to, as I'm sure we've all matured and leveled out over the years. It would be interesting to see what everyone is up to now, and see what curve balls life threw at you guys on your journey.

I don't have facebook or social media, but my e-mail is Feel free to say hi!

Hugs for everyone
    6-23-2018  4:16 PM  
 Jul. 17, 2000
Hey, I'm in software development too! Not that you'd know it from this site, which has gone essentially untouched for I don't even know how many years. In a way, Big Wolf really did change my life. I had two extremely easy classes to finish in a college summer session, the campus was basically deserted, nothing was going on, all of my friends were back home, so I passed the time by teaching myself how to make a database-driven website. That's still what I'm doing all these years later, for USA TODAY. (I'm not typing it in all-caps for dramatic effect. It's in the style guide. It's drilled into my brain.)

It's bizarre thinking that Big Wolf's twentieth (!) anniversary is less than a year away, and if this site were a person, it'd legally be an adult next month. I started this site when I was 21, and I turn 40 in November.

I'm married now. We'll celebrate our fourth anniversary in September. We just built a house (or, well, we paid people to build it. You know what I mean!), and we've been here since January. I have a proper home theater at long last (5.1.4, although we wired for 7.2.6 if I get squirrelly.). I've been reunited with a roomful of instruments I don't actually know how to play -- everything from a bank of Moog synthesizers to a theremin to an accordion to the weirdest, most unusable effect pedals the world over. No kids, probably ever, but we're looking at getting a Cavalier King Charles spaniel sometime next year. I work with my wife, which is awesome, even though everyone always assumes it's some waking nightmare whenever they first hear about it.

I don't have a lot of jaw-droppingly amazing stories to tell. I was flown out to L.A. as a featured panelist at a He-Man and the Masters of the Universe convention last year, and I started writing a column about ridiculous movies streaming on Netflix/Amazon Video for High-Def Digest, but other than that...? I'm pretty boring, but I'm happy.
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