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I Dream Of Becky

becky was very solid in this one (8/10)
· by ricky93; posted April 4th, 2009

I'd just like to say that Becky is the oldest 14-year-old I've ever seen. And she's not the strongest actress, so centering an episode around not the greatest. And aside from having an annoying villain and a somewhat lame plot, there were some funny lines in here, at least. "It's shoddy service like this that gives the black market a bad name!" And of course, "you have brought shame to the house of Dingle...more shame than I've already brought upon it.." (6/10)
· by Cavernism; posted June 18th, 2007

Pretty good, but that genie does indeed get on your nerves a few times. I know Robin Williams, but you, sir, are no Robin Williams. But some of the lines in here and that werewolf baby were extremely funny. By the end, it's all pretty pleasing (though I'm not sure about the "genie in the locker and purse" thing, but it's just a teenie inconvinience). (7/10)
· by BigOnBWOC405; posted July 4th, 2004

I like this ep cause Tommy pays alot of attention to Becky. and then in the end when Tommy is holding her(lifting) and I was kinda like,"poor Tommy, Becky's always been kinda chunky, and now they are making him carry her?"
· by Malon16; posted January 31st, 2004

A question that has been asked in regards to this episode is "How could the bottle have been in Becky's locker and in her purse at the same time?" The answer is simple: It wasn't. It is most probable that some time passed between the scene where Merton and Lori found the bottle in Becky's locker (and left it there) and the following scene where the bottle was in Becky's purse. Most certainly, Becky came to her locker after Merton and Lori left and she picked it up then. As for my thoughts on the rest of the episode, I thought it was good because it had some funny lines and because (like in "Scary Terri") we got to see how loyal and protective Merton is of his baby sister. As for the Genie, I can see why some reviewers said that they found him annoying, but what were they expecting? Robin Williams? (8/10)
· by Ray; posted January 17th, 2004

this is my favorite episode i think becky is really funny and cool she should have asked to be with tommy for ever though they would make a cute couple! the genie was really annoying though. it was funnt how mertin could'nt get near becky (10/10)
· by wolfgrrl; posted May 16th, 2003

I find this episode VERY amusing. I mean, "useless" antique bottle. DUH!! It's gotta be a genie!! And it was SO funny when Merton's like "This gives the black market such a bad name!" Hahahahaa.. Mertons dream was TOO funny!! And how come Lori's the only one to notice that Mertons being dragged backwards everytime he comes near Tommy?? (9/10)
· by VampireGurlNikki; posted August 21st, 2002

Le sigh. My only comment is poor Becky. She too got stuck with "the Beckster" as a nickname. At least it's not "Beckaroni." I guess I have to bear the weight of that name alone. (5/10)
· by bekquai; posted August 19th, 2002

Becky is so lucky. I would have wished a lot more than just a kiss. And like he said he didn't even use tongue. (10/10)
· by amy blue; posted August 14th, 2002

I liked this for some reason i mean his best friends little sister what a classic.But becky could have wished for more than a kiss like a date or something more (8/10)
· by Cosgrove; posted August 10th, 2002

I liked this episode. I lol at merton's dream! "Meet your uncle Merton!" And it was funny when Merton found out that Tommy and Becky kissed. Or should I say, when Becky kissed Tommy. lol. (8/10)
· by Court; posted July 28th, 2002

I really loved this episode specially when merton was on the ground coughing about when Becky kissed Tommy cool episode! (10/10)
· by Light_Sullen; posted May 29th, 2002

i didn't like it. at all. i thought the idea was could, they just did it all wrong (1/10)
· by RyanStiles217; posted April 10th, 2002

I have one question: Why? The genie was annoying as hell. Becky wished for some dumb sh*t. I liked Merton's big brother protective streak though. Always good to know even though him and his sister don't get along he still tries to protect her 'virtue'. lol The thing with Tommy and Becky with the baby stroller was just silly. Other than that, the writers need to be b*tch slapped for writing such drivel. Tsk. I coulda done better and I'm a slash writer. ~shakes head~ Overall, the scenes with the tasty trio were good. (3/10)
· by QsMistress23; posted April 7th, 2002

Personally, I hated this episode. I think it was a way to make the Tommy/Becky shippers (yuck!) happy and the rest of us sick. It had few redeeming qualities, mostly Merton's lines and the baby wolf in the stroller, but that's about it. (3/10)
· by killerklown; posted March 29th, 2002

Okay, so i wont waste valuable space complaining about the genie. i will, however, point out the following priceless line(s), uttered after tommy comes to the horrifying realisation that he is attracted to "the beckster"-- Tommy: "So what do I do now?" Merton: "Go to confession, you dirty dirty wolf!" (8/10)
· by JMDingle; posted February 16th, 2002

The episode was o.k. The genie looked like an insane asylum escape-e who painted himself purple and while going shopping,only visited halloween costume warehouses. So as you can tell, I'm not much on this epie. But other than the mentaly retarded genie,I liked it. (6/10)
· by wereduck; posted January 29th, 2002

I liked the eposide but the first two wishes were really stupid, and the geine got on my nerves! (7/10)
· by Katgurl600; posted December 27th, 2001

That was a great episode! The baby werewolf joke was hilarious and Merton who was trying to take care of his little sis was too cute!The genie was a little bit annoying though... (8/10)
· by LORIBAXTER; posted December 14th, 2001

Can we say "Cheesy"???? (7/10)
· by crunkette; posted December 10th, 2001

NOOOOOOOO! becky will never have timmy! he is....MINE! the episode could have been better... (5/10)
· by tommyschick4eva; posted December 3rd, 2001

This episode could have been better, but most of this seasons episodes could be better, execpt "Fang Chung", it met my expectations. The "We didn't use tongue," line made me do a spit take. One of the few redeeming qualities of this episode. The Christina reference was one of the nonredeeming qualities. Becky looks a little to old to still be a freshman, doesn't she? (6/10)
· by Rorshack; posted December 1st, 2001

I have to say I liked this one, it was better than all the others except for "Everybody Fang Chung tonight" So far those have been the only well, interesting episodes since season 3 started. The little baby wolf in the stroller was HILARIOUS! it kinda freaked me out though! LOL I liked this episode a lot. "Hey Merton, wanna try out that Rhino love juice..." (8/10)
· by Loup; posted November 29th, 2001

Uggg, it was nice to see another new episode, but I just thought this one was all together boring and pointless (4/10)
· by Jdogs; posted November 22nd, 2001

Not bad. The first 2 wishes were a waste. The last wish was really good but I ask for Tommy to like me forever! (9/10)
· by NewOrleansGurl; posted November 20th, 2001

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